Powering businesses through fresh new talent


Powering businesses through fresh new talent


Employees are the backbone of IT companies and their most important asset. Finding the right people to join is crucial to the organizations’ success but may be a daunting task, especially when you have a relatively small talent pool available and an ever-expanding demand for software engineers.

While finding the perfect fit may seem challenging, it certainly isn’t mission impossible. Investing in fresh new talent is the most sustainable way for tech companies to grow and fuel their innovation.

We are a strong proponent of this approach and the positive effect it has on both individual businesses and the IT industry as a whole. More and more organizations looking for software engineers who have both excellent technical and soft skills and carry a life-long learning mindset begin to recognize the need for fresh new talent. We are happy to be partnering with 60+ of the leading tech companies in Bulgaria investing in the training of such specialists and Telerik Academy’s Master Junior Talent.

Today we are welcoming Upnetix, Accenture, Tinqin and Ship.Cars to our partner network. We are also happy to continue our robust collaboration with Gtmhub.

Telerik Academy Alpha Graduation

We asked the companies why they’ve chosen to join forces with Telerik Academy and here is what they had to share about joining our partner network of 60+ tech companies that invest in the training of junior talent and the sustainable growth of the industry:

Dimitar Dimitrov, Advanced App Engineering Associate Manager at Accenture: “Since our fundamental core value is to deliver innovative solutions, we invest in young and motivated talents and create an environment where they can further develop cutting-edge technologies and grow professionally. During the years, Telerik Academy has proven to be the leader in discovering great talents. By establishing a sustainable partnership, those talents will be exposed to a vast amount of opportunities for further growth and that’s exactly in the core of Accenture’s philosophy – to grow our people.”

Hristo Todorov, VP of Digital Transformation at Upnetix: “Since its foundation, Upnetix has always been partnering with academies. This is evident also from the average age within the company (27 years), but mostly from the people who form the backbone of it. Those people were empowered to walk the path from academy graduate to department lead, creating a culture of constant learning, mentoring and challenging the impossible. Thus, the synergy between Telerik Academy upbeat talent pool and Upnetix’s talent development program is poised to succeed and we look at this partnership as a one that is strategic for the company’s future goals.”

Vladimir Kadurin, Principle Software Engineer at Ship.Cars: “Ship.Cars platform consists of several groundbreaking products for the auto logistics universe. To be a disruptor in this highly competitive market, we need to constantly innovate, come up with great ideas and use cutting-edge technologies. That’s why Telerik Academy has become an invaluable partner for us. Our collaboration helps us find students with in-depth knowledge and huge potential who are eager to prove themselves. We encourage proactiveness and value people’s ideas and this is the reason why young developers can thrive with us.”

Jean-Charles Miginiac, CEO at TINQIN: “TINQIN is a constantly growing software development company operating for the French market. The sustainable and long-term business relations with our partners has established TINQIN as a stable factor on the market. Our colleagues are our main inspiration - they are the innovative force behind our clients’ success. We push ourselves to the limits to constantly improve our skills and product through committed and professional teamwork. We at TINQIN are determined to always grow our employees’ careers and skills. The time has come now to make an extra step in this direction, and we chose Telerik Academy for this journey – giving us the pool of junior talents to share knowledge with and to coach them in building their careers at TINQIN.”

Telerik Academy Partner Network

If you are eager to jumpstart your IT career, find out more about our Telerik Academy Alpha programs. If you are a company looking for master junior tech talent, we recommend you go through our business page or contact us directly


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