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An abundance of career opportunities awaits JavaScript developers. Become a pro in the number 1 programming language, according to recent rankings.

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Become a Java developer with 440 hours of technical and soft-skills training, project work and mentorship by some of Bulgaria's leading experts and practitioners.

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C# developers are among the most widely sought after. By mastering C# and .NET, you’ll be on the right track to pursue a career in web, desktop and even mobile app development.

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Learn from industry experts and land a job as a QA engineer in just 6 months. With evening trainings held 2 to 3 times a week, kicking off your career has never been easier.

This can be "You" tomorrow

Joining Telerik Academy will be the single most impactful step in your career start and life, just like it is for our alumni:

Great career jumpstart in 6 months

98% today work in software engineering
100% graduates hired
67% move on to the next level within their first year on the job
60% earn net salaries higher than the average for the IT industry

Better life at the age of 20-35 years

81% are satisfied with their living standard
61% have their own car
35% have their own apartment
50% enjoy frequent vacations and expensive hobbies

Sounds great? Here’s how you do it.


World-class education

Unparalleled experience in tech education and track record of alumni successes.


Practical focus

Teamwork and hands-on projects in close to real work environment.

Faster career start

From basic skills to ninja IT professional in just several months.


Innovative teaching

Goodbye traditional lectures. Hello leading teaching methodologies.


Personalized training

Personalized interactive teaching in small groups. Our trainers are your mentors.


Partner network

Career consultations support you in your job hunt within and beyond our partner network.

IT is the hottest market

  • Thousands of career opportunities
  • 14% annual growth of the industry
  • Highest paid industry
  • Rising wages: 30% over the past 4 years
Career Start BGN 1200 - 2000
1-2 years experience BGN 2000 - 3000
3-4 years experience BGN 3000 - 4000
5+ years experience BGN 4000 - 5000+

Our alumni contribute to the success of many of today’s leading companies

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100% Success, 100% Confidence

Start work
within the industry
Consider their Telerik academy education a good investment in their professional development
Confidence in the value of the program and its impact on the life of the students

Inspiring passion for learning.
Changing lives and businesses.

Telerik Academy is creating a society of life-long learners. It teaches a mindset that is not only of great help when solving complex problems, but also serves as a wonderful motivator to constantly be hunting for and adopting new skills and information. Vasil Dininski
Web Developer
at Amazon Development Center
(Class of 2013)

The time and effort I put into Telerik Academy are among my best investments so far. There is no other tech-ed organization in Bulgaria like the Academy. These are not only my words. I know a lot of expats who came back to Bulgaria and people who quit their jobs or put their university studies on hold to be able to fully dedicate themselves to Telerik Academy. Kalin Kostov
Junior Software Engineer
at Tick42
(Class of 2017)

Some of my best junior software engineers at Uber and Skyscanner come from Telerik Academy. It is always a pleasure to work with their alumni! Alexander Popov
Site Engineering Lead
at Uber

We partner with Telerik Academy because we know their graduates have gone through an extremely demanding program—with high training standards and practice—and have proven themselves to be true technology ninjas. Ivan Rusev
Head of Software
at Experian

Telerik Academy changed my life. At the age of 20, I was already independent and working my dream job! Without the knowledge and experience I gained at Telerik Academy, I wouldn’t have had such a flying start. Kiril Peyanski
Software Engineer
at Progress
(Class of 2017)

Telerik Academy has become a valuable partner for us thanks to its years of experience in training IT talent in Bulgaria. Through our collaboration we connect with students who have in-depth knowledge, high potential, and motivation for building a career in the IT industry. Svetoslav Torbov
Head of Development
at Paysafe

After 10 years of scrutinizing and perfecting its craft it’s no wonder Telerik Academy is the leader in technical education. We are honored to have 15 alumni at Tick42 who are continuously getting unsolicited praise from our clients, and we’ll most definitely continue partnering closely with Telerik Academy. Stoyan Damov
at Tick42

From day one at Telerik Academy Alpha I knew I’ve had made the right choice. The trainers are 100% dedicated to providing students with the best possible education and preparing them to meet and exceed the expectations of their future employers. Rusi Rusev
Junior Front-End Developer
at Gtmhub
(Class of 2018)

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