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1World-class quality For 12+ years, we’ve been perfecting our programs with a fanatic focus on quality and practical experience. So you can supercharge your career in 3 months vs. years with other courses.
2Unique learning experience At par with the leading international programs, minus the impressive price tag. Our holistic programs reinvigorate online training. They are meticulously crafted and paced to keep you constantly engaged and accelerate your progress.
3Instantly transferable skills Packed with real-world projects, our Upskill programs teach practical skills you can immediately apply to your job and drive business results.
4Learning from the best You get access to some of Bulgaria’s best experts and brightest minds, who share real-life experience and know-how and become your mentors. Guiding you every step of the way.
5Strong professional network Work in groups with ambitious like-minded professionals, where you learn from each other, and expand your knowledge and skills. A powerful network that will boost your career.
6Investment in yourself Set yourself apart both inside your company and in the job market. Our alumni share the program pays for itself many times over with the opportunities it creates.
7Built to fit your busy schedule With classes up to 3 nights a week, our Upskill programs allow you to balance your responsibilities without ever dropping the ball at work.

Upskill yourself

91% of hiring decision-makers say upskilling is vital to stay competitive in the job market. Here’s how you do it:


Achieve better resultsBring fresh ideas to the table and implement innovative strategies to empower your team’s success. 

Be flexible Master new skills that will make you resilient to business transformations and ready for new career opportunities. 

Stand out from the crowd Stay ahead of the trends, so that you become more attractive to employers today and tomorrow. 

Ensure future job security Reach new career heights and solidify your position as an indispensable team member by gaining new knowledge and expertise. 

Have more opportunities Upskilling is not only about being better at your current job. It can also help you find a more satisfying and rewarding career path.

Hear it from our alumni
Daniel Dungyov
UX/UI Designer

Telerik Academy Upskill is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You learn the best practices in your domain from industry-recognized gurus. They are your mentors, guiding you on the way to your dream job. You also meet and work with amazing people – your fellow learners, sharing ideas and improving yourselves together.
Petra Lazarova
Product Marketing Content Development Specialist

As a new addition to the Product Marketing team, I had to jump in fast. I had to know more. I had to do tasks I have only read about before. The Digital Marketing program helped me connect the dots. Each lecture felt like it was a new course in itself, yet every lecturer managed to fit so well in the program.
Milena Ivancheva
Marketing Manager

With the help of the Upskill Digital Marketing program, I gained confidence and managed to incorporate new tools and strategies into my work. It made me more valuable to the team and efficient in my day-to-day tasks.
Nikolay Drumev
Product Manager

The program was very comprehensive and conducted in a way that helped me understand the material, even though I had little direct prior experience. It nurtured me to achieve and learn a lot more than I would expect from any course, and most importantly it boosted my career jumpstart as a Product Manager.

    Better skills,
    better opportunities

    Our Upskill alumni excel in many of today’s leading companies.


    100% success, 100% confidence

    years experience
    consider their Telerik Academy 
    education a good investment in 
    their professional development
    confidence in the value of the 
    program and its impact on the 
    life of the students


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