Connecting top tech talent with amazing jobs in IT


Connecting top tech talent with amazing jobs in IT


Telerik Academy Alpha is an in-depth practical training for a successful career start in IT. Our number one goal with every Alpha program and cohort is to prepare our students to land their first jobs in IT and help leading tech companies grow and scale by sourcing master junior talent.

Today, we are happy to welcome Coca-Cola, Upnetix, Haemimont and HedgeServ to our partner network. We’re also continuing our robust partnership with Tick42, Grafixoft, Progress, Fourth and Bright Consulting. They will be expanding their teams and are looking for fresh new talent, motivated to constantly learn and excel.

Great opportunities for our students

With 10 years of experience in grooming IT talent, we’ve meticulously studied different training techniques and methodologies, continuously upgrading and augmenting our programs. As a result, Telerik Academy Alpha was born – a hands-on interactive training and environment mirroring the real-world work setup.

Through on-going practical assignments and a final project provided by our partners, our students attain the skills and experience companies demand. They also build solid portfolios to showcase when applying for a job.

Telerik Academy Alpha
Photo Credit: David MirovTelerik Academy student

Great talent for tech companies

Partners share our students begin contributing to the success of their teams much faster compared to other junior specialists, sometimes within the very first weeks on the job. From the most sought-after tech skills and industry-vetted practical experience, to augmented soft skills and a lifelong-learning mindset – our alumni have it all.

Perfect match

The Telerik Academy Alpha programs also create multiple touchpoints for students to meet and interact with our partners. We organize onsite presentations as well as open house visits at the partners’ offices to facilitate the process and create all prerequisites needed for the perfect match. This way our students get to know the companies, their culture and teams better and ultimately find a job and environment to flourish in and contribute to for the long run.  

Here’s what our new partners share about joining our strong network of 60+ tech companies who invest in the training of junior talent and the sustainable growth of the industry.

Jeko Petrov, Director EMEA IT Development Center, Coca-Cola: “We feel very fortunate to partner with Telerik Academy! I believe that together we can help our IT community to grow as we have the right formula to inspire, educate and provoke talent. Telerik Academy is the pioneer in quality tech education while we are one of the most loved brands in the world on an exciting digital transformation journey. The combination of solid education and the right environment to grow professionally both in IT and business context is a proven formula for personal development and success. The Coca-Cola IT Development Center in Sofia exposes tech students to a variety of career opportunities in different functions giving them a global platform to realize their ideas. We are looking forward to a continued collaboration with Telerik Academy, building the bright talents that will play a key role in our future.”

Radoslav Gaydarski, CEO, Upnetix: “Upnetix is part of the largest enterprises in South-Eastern Europe, specialized in the design and development of state-of-the-art software solutions. We help our customers implement cutting edge technology and transform their departments into a highly efficient business operation, allowing them to gain key advantage on their competitors. It was a natural choice to continue our valuable partnership with Telerik Academy, having behind us a number of success stories of incredibly talented academy graduates joining our family. Working alongside with top performing, passionate and forward-thinking engineers inspires us to give our best every day, reaching our utmost potential in the fastest way possible.”

Jim Kimball, Sr. Managing Director. HedgeServ: “HedgeServ is a part of the Sofia technical community since we opened our local office in 2012. We have grown to over 60 people, covering a broad set of technology disciplines. Our teams in Sofia build and operate the products that have made our company a global leader in the FinTech industry.  We have ambitious growth plans for our technology hub, so we look for partners who can help us connect with smart, talented people who want to be a part of an expanding, established business. In Telerik Academy, we see an organization that has a track record of giving people the foundation they need to be successful in a technical career. We are excited of the partnership and look forward to working with the students and graduates to help develop their career paths.”

Todor Petrov, Director Software Engineering / Chief Software Architect, Haemimont: “Over the past 5 years, Haemimont transformed its business model and started leveraging some of the most exciting software technologies currently available. We adopted a two-pronged approach, focusing on our partnership with the world’s leading catastrophe risk modeling company RMS and our own child, which turned into the leading Bulgarian supplier of real and fully automated cloud services.

The areas we operate in require engineers who are motivated to create high-quality software that is fast, scales to thousands of machines and provides the reliable and convenient services our customers need and expect. That’s why quality talent is central to us. We're pleased to partner with Telerik Academy and thus invest in the next generation of tech experts and leaders. Together we share a common vision on both how to develop IT professionals and what the right motivation for successful software engineers must be.”

If you are eager to jumpstart your IT career, find out more about our Telerik Academy Alpha programs. If you are a company looking for master junior tech talent, we recommend you go through our business page or contact us directly.

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