Beyond the Buzz - AI in the Workplace - today and tomorrow

Beyond the Buzz: 
AI in the Workplace

Today and tomorrow

Are you ready for AI?

In the past year, the introduction of ChatGPT marked a significant milestone, making AI more accessible and generating considerable excitement. However, we aim to delve deeper beneath the surface to uncover the real impact of AI in the workplace and discern future trends.

Individual Usage of AI Tools

Despite uncertainties among professionals and decision-makers, our survey reveals that 73% of individuals incorporate Large Language Models (LLMs) into their weekly routines. These users are motivated by various factors:

  • Efficiency and productivity: 80% seek improvements in efficiency and productivity.

  • Competitive edge: 40% want a competitive edge in their work.

  • Cost reduction: 33% consider AI tools for potential cost reduction

Those who use these tools frequently estimate an average time savings of 4.39 hours per week.


Organizational Perspective

However, at the organizational level, managers acknowledge the need to address key concerns before widespread implementation, indicating the significant potential of AI tools. Nonetheless, there is still no clear consensus on the widespread adoption of AI at the organizational level.

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