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Become a Full-Stack
Digital Marketing


The most transformative journey of your professional life

Created by practitioners for practitioners, Upskill Digital Marketing will help you turn into a highly valued 360-degree marketing pro.

  • To enroll, you need to have 1+ years of experience in marketing or another relevant field
  • Packed with real-world projects and ready-to-use frameworks, it’ll help you stand out from the crowd and advance your career. Fast
  • Upon graduation, you’ll be able to make strategic data-driven decisions using key digital marketing tools, while seeing the bigger picture
Program duration

3 months. You can combine the program with your job or studies


Monday - Wednesday (6:30-9:30 pm). 
2 to 3 times/week. Start: March 14, 2022 


6-9+ hrs/week plus additional time for self-prep and assignments. You’ll have 2 weeks of vacation


For your safety, it will be held online. Keeping everything else unchanged


Conducted in Bulgarian, but all learning materials are in English

Career webinar

Eager to learn more? Register for our free webinar on January 11


learning experience

1The most holistic Digital Marketing program For 10+ years, we’ve been perfecting our programs with a fanatic focus on quality and practical experience. So you can supercharge your career in 3 months vs. years with other courses.
2Unique learning experience At par with the leading international programs, minus the impressive price tag. Our holistic program reinvigorates online training. It is meticulously crafted and paced to keep you constantly engaged and to accelerate your progress.
3Instantly transferable skills Work on real-world projects provided by companies that pave the way in digital marketing. Gain knowledge and skills that are transferable across different career levels and industries.
4Learning from the best Get access to some of Bulgaria’s best experts and brightest minds, who share real-life experience and know-how and become your mentors. Guiding you every step of the way.
5Strong professional networkWork in groups with ambitious like-minded professionals, where you learn from each other, and expand your knowledge and skills. A powerful network that will boost your career.
6Investment in yourself Set yourself apart both inside your company and in the job market. Our alumni share the program pays for itself many times over with the opportunities it creates.

100% success, 100% confidence

years experience
consider their Telerik Academy 
education a good investment in 
their professional development
confidence in the value of the 
program and its impact on the 
life of the students

The role of the Digital Marketer

With all companies moving online, Digital Marketers are even more in-demand and crucial for business success.


Digital Marketers are in charge of growing the company’s online presence, masterfully using SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email and Mobile marketing and more.

They analyze digital marketing data and use the insights to develop successful digital strategies, reach their audiences and drive results.

Digital Marketing allows for a data-driven approach, eliminating guesswork, improving decision making and increasing ROI.

They can come from various backgrounds: tech, creative, or business and are among the most highly sought-after professionals worldwide.


Is this for me? Yes, if you're
  • Traditional marketer, or business owner
  • Expert in sales, advertising, employer branding, social media, or another adjacent role
  • Digital Marketer and want to stand out in your current job
  • Company looking to upskill your employees. Get in touch
Do I need previous experience?

You need to have at least 1+ years of relevant experience. 

If you're working in digital marketing, this program will help you achieve your goals with a strategic holistic approach and stay ahead of the curve.

And if you are rather new to the field, you’ll benefit from immersive training and gain precious real-world experience.

    How can I apply?
  1. Submit your online application
  2. Pass an online test on digital marketing fundamentals
  3. Some candidates might also be invited to attend an interview


  • nov
  • dec
  • jan
  • feb
  • mar
  • Nov 17 - Feb 20 | Submit application form and portfolio
  • Jan 11
    Register for our
    Career Webinar
  • Nov 17 - Feb 20 | Take
    online digital marketing test
  • Mar 14 - Jun 15 |
    Study at Telerik Academy Upskill
Important dates
  • Nov 17 - Feb 20 | Submit application form and portfolio
  • Jan 11 | Register for our Career Webinar
  • Nov 17 - Feb 20 | Take online digital marketing test
  • Mar 14 - Jun 15 | Study at Telerik Academy Upskill
Program details

Тhe Upskill program at a glance

  • Hands-on
  • Tailored learning
  • Learning online
    from anywhere
  • Two-week trial
  • Built to fit
    your schedule

Hands-on training


Every new topic is paired with hands-on assignments, discussions and projects guided by our trainers. The culmination - you’ll develop a complete digital marketing strategy for a real business case and present it in front of your trainers and fellow learners.

Tailored learning experience


Class sizes are up to 35-45 people for the best possible learning experience. Our trainers become your mentors - track your progress, provide feedback and individual support and guide you all the way through.

Learning online from anywhere


Enjoy an unparalleled program from the comfort of your home. We transitioned every aspect online to keep the same renowned high quality, engaging experience and hands-on training.

Two-week trial period


Be 100% confident this is the right training for you, with our thorough candidate selection and two-week trial period. If you drop out in the first two weeks after the program starts, you won’t pay any tuition. Simple as that.

Built to fit your schedule


With classes two nights a week, you can balance work or other responsibilities with this Upskill program. Perfectly fitting your busy schedule.

Validated by the industry


Meticulously designed curriculum

Crafted in collaboration with the business, our Upskill Digital Marketing program equips you with the skills companies demand.
  • 01Weeks 1-2
  • 02Weeks 3-4
  • 03Weeks 5-8
  • 04Weeks 9-10
  • 05Weeks 11-12
  • 06Weeks 13-14
  • 07Graduation

Buyer persona, positioning and customer journey

  • Learn how to create a buying persona profile for B2B and B2C and product positioning
  • Practice how to create a customer journey map, visualizing what your customers go through when they interact with your website and brand
  • Use it as a powerful diagnostic tool to identify points of friction in the customer journey

Marketing and campaign funnels

  • Learn to confidently create funnels for your business and campaigns, measuring the right KPIs

SEO fundamentals and keyword research

  • Master the SEO basics so that you can make decisions based on data, not assumptions
  • Learn how Google ranks websites and how to create 360-degree keyword research, cluster keywords and identify topics

Access to leading tools

  • Get free access to leading tools and software such as Ahrefs, Surfer and Microsoft Office365 during the program

Content SEO

  • Find out how to take a data-driven approach to content creation – which are the keywords with which users search for products like yours, which websites get the largest organic search share, and where your website stands in the competitive landscape online - on- and off-page SEO

Content marketing strategy, planning

  • Start creating content marketing strategies and plans, leveraging what you've learned so far


  • One week free of classes to unwind. You'll be able to further strengthen your skills through team assignments

Content marketing strategy, planning & delivery

  • Discover how to create and distribute content that drives results and how to measure its success
  • Dive into content creation for websites, landing pages, blogs and social media, as well as all major format types: text, video, images and audio

Analyzing data

  • Learn how to use Google Analytics and read advanced reports to measure the success of everything you do
  • Start accessing data with confidence and reading it correctly. This will make you better at what you do and provide solid arguments when pitching an idea or developing a hypothesis

Technical SEO

  • Learn which are the main technical SEO KPIs that you need to monitor for your website


  • One week free of classes to unwind. You'll be able to further strengthen your skills through team assignments

Digital advertising: Google Ads

  • Learn how to use Google Ads to appear in front of an audience actively searching for a product or service like yours
  • We’ll cover all major campaign types: search, shopping, display, apps and YouTube campaigns
  • Dive into advanced topics such as bidding, automation, conversions and keywords/audience research

Digital advertising: Social Media Ads

  • Learn how to leverage social media for digital advertising reaching a highly targeted audience
  • Understand when and how to use Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and LinkedIn ads and their different formats according to your campaign goals

Email marketing & lead generation

  • Learn when and how to use the true power of email marketing and how to create automation email nurtures in Mailchimp
  • Together, we’ll dissect the anatomy of a lead generation campaign and will connect the dots between all the topics covered in the program: from funnel and assets creation, through landing page and sign-up form creation to email nurture, setting KPIs and reporting the campaign results

Putting it all together

  • By now, you'll be able to analyze a company’s digital marketing state of affairs, identify strategic priorities for growth and tactics with measurable KPIs to achieve the goals
  • Plus, you’ll learn how to visualize complex data in simple and easy to understand graphics using Google Data Studio
  • Finally, you’ll develop a complete digital marketing strategy for a real business case and present it in front of your trainers and fellow learners


Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the Upskills Digital Marketing program.

You will receive a Telerik Academy certificate – widely recognized by employers in Bulgaria.

Your team

Leading industry
experts – your trainers

Learn from the best. You'll be trained by leading practitioners eager to share their know-how and experience.


Chris Velev
Chris Velev
Contributed to the success of:
VIP Security, Nadezhda Hospital, Imagga, RobiCam
Chris has solid experience in SEO and PPC. Together with his team at DigiMentals, he is crafting performance strategies to grow e-commerce businesses and scale them profitably. His passion is auditing with a focus on technical and content SEO that can positively impact organic traffic.


Ina Toncheva
Ina Toncheva
The Indigitals
Contributed to the success of:
Telerik, Progress, Chaos, VMware
Ina has a long history of communicating and driving tech products growth in digital environment for companies like Telerik, Progress and Chaos. Her specialties are marketing strategy, content, product and growth marketing. Ina teaches digital marketing to marketers and creatives.
Paulina Tsolova
Paulina Tsolova
Director Demand Generation,
Contributed to the success of:
Telerik, Progress, Ogilvy Public Relations
Paulina has 10 years of experience in different B2B marketing areas, including product positioning and messaging, content marketing, digital campaign management and running the Demand Generation team for a high-velocity business. Her biggest interest is finding weak spots in the marketing funnel and coming up with creative solutions to increase sales.
Stanislav Dimitrov
Stanislav Dimitrov
Founder & Managing Director
Contributed to the success of:
Fox Sports, Amcor, Douglas, Metro, Happy, A1
Stanislav is a PPC veteran with 16 years of professional experience in paid advertising for clients from all over the globe, ranging from startups and nonprofits to Fortune500 companies. Together with his teams in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and Sydney, Australia, he helps companies grow though intelligent PPC marketing across Google, Microsoft and Amazon. 
Velin Penev
Velin Penev
Director Digital Marketing,
Contributed to the success of:
Mobimex Group, Premier Tours
Velin has 15 years of experience in digital marketing, including SEO, PPC, CRO, eCommerce and web analytics. He builds and monitors the high-level digital marketing strategy and roadmaps at Chaos and leads the internal team. He also pays close attention to health metrics such as leads, online sales and return on investment.
Hristo Radichev
Hristo Radichev
Country Manager,
Mediapost Hit Mail
Contributed to the success of:
Bosch, Bayer, Kaufland, Raiffeisenbank
Hristo has a solid background in email marketing, marketing automation, databases, CRO and loyalty programs. He manages the Bulgarian office of MediaPost Hit Mail, which runs digital marketing campaigns in 9 European countries. He’s a frequent speaker at industry events and founder of Balkan eCommerce.
Nikola Georgiev
Nikola Georgiev
Kvaba Interactive
Contributed to the success of:
Coca-Cola, VW, IKEA, Viber, Samsung
Nikola is an IT expert with 10 years of experience in the fields of digital education, games and AR/VR. He is the founder of Kvaba Interactive - a b2b company offering IT services for the digital marketing. His passion is making things playable.
Simeon Dosev
Simeon Dosev
Team Lead Marketing Operations,
Contributed to the success of:, Chaos
Simeon has a wide range of interests, including digital analytics, SEO, CRO and solid experience in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Data Studio. At Chaos he leads the Marketing Operations team that is responsible for the digital marketing technology and processes, as well as the web analytics and reporting framework. 
Ivelin Trifonov
Ivelin Trifonov
Account Executive
Mediapost Hit Mail
Contributed to the success of:
DSK Bank, Bioderma, Bosch, Ceresit
Ivelin’s focus is copywriting and email marketing. He’s handling Mediapost Hit Mail Bulgaria email marketing campaigns for Bulgarian and international companies. Ivelin is proficient with Mailchimp and three other email marketing platforms.
Antonia Bozhkova
Antonia Bozhkova
VP Marketing, Resolute Software & Co-founder, The Indigitals
Contributed to the success of:
Telerik, Progress, SessionStack
Antonia has a track record in bringing multiple software products and services to market, owning and optimizing the buyer’s journey from the top of the funnel to product onboarding and customer success, and pivoting products to gain a competitive edge and respond to marketing changes. Empathy is the most crucial marketing skill!
Bilyana Bibons
Bilyana Slaveykova
Content Creator, Influencer
Contributed to the success of:
Go Guide, Facing The Sun
After a career as a journalist and editor-in-chief in fashion and lifestyle outlets, Bibons saw the disconnect between brands, comms professionals and the media and started a PR firm to address the issue. In the process, she ended up with a strong personal brand and social media following. These days she’s focused on the topic of creating digital content and strategies for sustainable growth.
Alumni Success

Meet our alumni

Our graduates excel in their Digital Marketing careers.  

Telerik Academy gave me a well-structured approach to handling modern marketing problems and equipped me with the right tools to do so. The program not only answers the question of How but also Why something is done in that particular way, encouraging critical thinking.

georgi mateevKalina Ikonomova
from no digital marketing experience to a CRM Marketing Specialist at Chaos
Read Kalina’s story

The Upskill Digital Marketing training helped me connect the bits and pieces of the previous knowledge I had, and it did it in a holistic “full-blooded” way. Each lecture felt like it was a new course in itself, fitting perfectly in the program.

georgi mateevPetra Lazarova
Product Marketing Content Development Specialist at Progress
Read Petra's story

A job in the marketing industry never gets boring because things change non-stop. I joined the program because it provides you with the knowledge of Digital Marketing Pros with 10+ years of experience for just 3 months. It was honestly the best thing I could do to enhance my career.

georgi mateevYoanna Antova Content Strategist at Hop Online
Read Yoanna's story
Apply now

Tuition model

Joining Telerik Academy could be your single most important professional decision.

Pay in installments

BGN 135/month

for 24 months*
with a bank partner

Apply now

Pay in full

BGN 3,000

full tuition upfront

Apply now

Terms tailored
to your needs

  • Tuition fee can be paid by either You or Your Employer upfront.
  • Opportunity to pay in installments with a loan from a bank, partner of Telerik Academy - Allianz.
  • Deferred payment over 12-24 months’ period.
  • Drop-out with no consequences up to 2 weeks of the program start.

*Illustrative installment payment method. Different terms may apply based on borrowers’ credit score and creditworthiness as well as the bank’s current offering.


Do I need any previous marketing experience?

The program is designed for both seasoned marketers and professionals from other fields who have at least 1+ years of marketing experience.

Whether you are a traditional or a digital marketer, a business owner, or you work in sales, advertising, employer branding, social media, or another role with relevant experience, this program will equip you with in-depth understanding and practical experience to help you stand out in the digital marketing field and advance your career.

Can I choose between online and onsite training?

Due to COVID-19, the program will be held online. While we transitioned the program online, we kept everything else unchanged: same high-quality training, engaging learning experience and 100% focus on practice.

Please note that attendance is key to our students’ successful graduation. Participants must attend all classes. Up to 3 days of absence are allowed, plus the program has 2 one-week vacations.

How much does the training cost?

The tuition fee for Telerik Academy Upskill Digital Marketing is BGN 3,000.

The fee could be either covered by you or your employer. In both cases, the fee is paid via bank transfer prior to the program start.

Another tuition fee option is to pay in installments with a loan from a bank, partner of Telerik Academy. You can benefit from a deferred payment over a 12-24 months’ period.

What does the online digital marketing test include?

The test aims to assess your general knowledge across 4 domains: Marketing Fundamentals, Data and Analytics, SEO, Social Media and General Marketing, and consists of 40 closed-ended questions. You’ll have 40 minutes to do the test.

What is the candidate selection process for the program?

We use a holistic review process when evaluating applicants for admission.

The final selection of candidates is not based on a simple formula of grades and test scores. Instead, we consider a variety of factors: application documents, test results, personal motivation for applying, etc. Some candidates might also be invited to attend an interview to additionally discuss motivation and aspirations.

What is the length/cadence of the program? Can I balance it with work or studies?
To get the most out of the program, you’ll need to immerse yourself in it for 3 months. To recharge your batteries, you’ll have 2 weeks of vacation. With classes up to 3 nights a week, this most holistic hands-on digital marketing program makes it possible to also balance work or other responsibilities.
What does “two-week trial period” mean?
If you drop out of the program within the trial period, which is the first 2 weeks of the program, you won't pay any tuition.
Does Telerik Academy help alumni find new jobs after successful graduation?
As this is an Upskill program, it isn’t geared towards connecting learners and businesses. But the skills and experience you gain will help you excel in your career and/or find a new job, just like it helped our alumni reach their career goals.

Have other questions?

Check out our FAQ or visit the Forum

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