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Designed by seasoned marketing professionals

Become a 360-degree marketing professional. Learn from leading practitioners with global experience. Work on real-world projects provided by companies that pave the way in digital marketing.

Are you ready for the most transformative journey of your professional life?


  • How can I join?

    You need to submit your online application and successfully pass an online test on digital marketing fundamentals.

  • Is this for me?

    Whether you are a traditional or a digital marketer, a business owner, or you work in sales, advertising, employer branding, social media and in another role with relevant experience, this program will equip you with in-depth understanding and practical experience to help you stand out in digital marketing and advance in your career fast.

  • You need to be:

    • A marketing professional with 1+ years of experience
    • Eager to nitro boost your skillset, become a strategic marketing thinker and charge the way in the digital marketing domain


Jul 10 – Aug 11

Submit CV and application form

Jul 10

Attend onsite career event

until Aug 11

Take online digital marketing test

until Aug 11

Take online cognitive test

Sep 9

Program starts

Dec 4

Program ends


Immersive upskill program

You will sharpen your current skills and add new ones to deliver successful end-to-end digital marketing campaigns that drive results, while working on real-world practical projects. By the end of the program you will be able to analyze a company’s digital marketing state of affairs, identify strategic priorities for growth and tactics with measurable KPIs to achieve the goals. You will be operational in the topics covered and will be able to see the bigger picture and stay focused on high-impact projects.

Power skills

20% of the program is dedicated to polishing your soft skills. Our Learning and Development Trainers will help you develop your ability to manage feedback and expectations, ask the right questions, prioritize and stick to your high value activities.

Path to success

During the program you will master key disciplines such as:

  • Marketing strategy and planning. KPIs and reporting
  • Growth marketing, SEO and web analytics
  • Content marketing, optimization and experimentation
  • Digital advertising, email and performance marketing
  • Emerging channels (chatbots; AR/VR)
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Module 1: Marketing Fundamentals (1 week)

Brand and Product Positioning
Customer Journey

Module 2: Growth Marketing (1 week)

Digital Marketing Funnel
Subscription Model Funnel

Module 3: SEO (1 week)

Technical SEO
Content SEO

Module 4: Data and Analytics (1 week)

Google Analytics
Google Data Studio & Google Tag Manager

Module 5: Content Marketing (2 weeks)

Analysis and Planning
Delivering Content Marketing
Landing Page Creation
Social Media Strategy

Module 6: Digital Advertising (1.5 week)

Google Ads: Search & Apps
Google Ads: Display, Video & Discovery
Social Media Advertising

Module 7: Optimization & Experimentation (0.5 weeks)

CRO & A/B Testing
Vacation 1 week

Module 8: Email Marketing (1 week)

Funnel, Copywriting and KPIs
Running Campaigns
Lead Generation Campaigns
Emerging Channels: Chatbots, Viber, AR/VR

Module 9: Campaigns, Strategy and Reporting (1 week)

Data Visualization & Storytelling
Strategy, Planning & Reporting
Project Defence
Project Defense


Certificate of Graduation

Program Details


A minimum of 1+ years of marketing experience is needed in order to apply to the program.


100% onsite participation. Expect an average of 4-6+ hours per week and additional time for self-preparation and teamwork.


The course spans over 12 weeks with classes occurring 2-3 times a week.


Lectures are held Monday-Wednesday from 7 pm until 10 pm at Telerik Academy in Sofia.

Language of instruction

Courses are conducted in Bulgarian, but all learning materials are in English.


Ina Toncheva
Digital Marketing Lead Trainer

The Indigitals

Ina has a long history of communicating and driving tech products growth in digital environment for companies like Telerik, Progress and Chaos Group. Her specialties are marketing strategy, content, product and growth marketing. Ina teaches digital marketing to marketers and creatives.
Paulina Tsolova
Guest Lecturer
Manager, Demand Generation
Paulina has 10 years of experience in different B2B marketing areas, including product positioning and messaging, content marketing, digital campaign management and running the Demand Generation team for a high-velocity business. Her biggest interest is finding weak spots in the marketing funnel and coming up with creative solutions to increase sales.
Ivo Shipochky
Guest Lecturer
Digital Marketing Consultant
Ivo's main digital focus is analytics and advertising. Prior to VertoDigital, he was part of the Digital Marketing team at Telerik and Progress overseeing the global SEM initiatives. His expertise spans across data collection & activation, search advertising and automation. Ask him anything about data visualization and good storytelling using data.
Lily Grozeva
Guest Lecturer
Search Marketing Consultant
Lily is active part of the SEO industry since 2006 with focus on organic visibility for global markets. Her expertise covers technical SEO, organic positioning, traffic analysis, marketing automation, data collection, analytics, and innovative business models. She has worked at Taxback Group, Mag Studio, Telerik and Progress.
Todor Sarakchiev
Guest Lecturer
Co-founder & Entrepreneur
Todor is a serial entrepreneur and experienced marketer with a few e-commerce businesses exits. With the ROImonks team, he is delivering international growth for a multitude of e-commerce businesses facilitating product positioning, data collection infrastructure, marketing strategy, funnels building, paid acquisition, CRO & ROI optimization.
Hristo Radichev
Guest Lecturer
Country Manager
Mediapost Hit Mail
Hristo has a solid background in email marketing, marketing automation, databases, CRO and loyalty programs. He manages the Bulgarian office of MediaPost Hit Mail, which runs digital marketing campaigns in 9 European countries. He’s a frequent speaker at industry events and founder of Balkan eCommerce.
Vladislav Dramaliev
Guest Lecturer
Head of Digital Marketing
Vlad founded, Sofia Crypto Meetup and co-founded the Bulgarian Bitcoin Association. He currently leads æternity's marketing and community engagement efforts. Vlad has background in cryptocurrency crowdfunding and is dedicated to seeing more users, entrepreneurs and developers discover the æternity ecosystem.
Hristian Kambourov
Guest Lecturer
Founder & Chief Conversion Craftsman at Revise Agency
Hristian is on a mission to bring craftsmanship to the digital marketing world. Armed with 15+ years of experience and a unique blend of skills, he helps successful businesses like Vimeo, DigitalOcean, and Typeform run data-driven, systematic, and actionable CRO programs. Obsessively researching, analyzing, and A/B testing every step of the way.
Lilyana Yakimova
Guest Lecturer
Product Owners Team Lead
Lilyana has been part of SiteGround since its creation in 2004. She was the company's Marketing Manager for 10+ years and is now in charge of the Product Owners team. She had played a leading business role in the creation of most of the company interfaces and systems, being actively involved in the goal definition and result evaluation phases of the process.
Vassil Petev
Guest Lecturer
Digital Marketing Consultant
Vassil has over 17 years of product management and marketing experience in the software industry. As part of Telerik, he led a team with strong focus on double-digit growth through thought leadership, demand generation, new product launches, market intelligence, product positioning, and optimizing the marketing funnel.
Nikola Georgiev
Guest Lecturer
Kvaba Interactive
Nikola is an IT expert with 10 years of experience in the fields of digital education, games and AR/VR. He is the founder of Kvaba Interactive - a b2b company offering IT services for the digital marketing. His passion is making things playable.
Ivelin Trifonov
Guest Lecturer
Account Executive
Mediapost Hit Mail
Ivelin’s focus is copywriting and email marketing. He’s handling Mediapost Hit Mail Bulgaria email marketing campaigns for Bulgarian and international companies. Ivelin is proficient with Mailchimp and three other email marketing platforms.

Alumni success

It’s incredible how a single upskill program could help you gain expert-level knowledge, introduce you to talented and caring trainers, provide you with a marketing network of top specialists and let you make great friends while working on real business cases. Telerik Academy’s Digital Marketing program was the best kickstart my marketing career could possibly get.

Teodora_Palikarska_100Teodora Palikarska
Marketing Manager
at Dreamix

Telerik Academy’s Digital Marketing program allowed me to boost my marketing knowledge from the traditional into the digital domain.

In my career, it has helped me to stay up to date with the newest developments in the digital world and taught me to always seek measurable outcomes from all our marketing initiatives.

Venelin_IvanovVenelin Ivanov
Department Manager Customer Activation
at METRO Cash and Carry Bulgaria

    Industry validated

    We’ve built this program in collaboration with experts from leading companies and exponentially growing startups to provide the most comprehensive practical program in Bulgaria.



    Pay in full upfront

    The fee can be covered by either You or Your Employer.

    Pay in installments

    Start up to 3 months after the program ends. Financing provided by a bank partner.

    Full tuition BGN 3,000Installment BGN 135 x 24

    In short:

    • Payment of tuition fee doesn’t start until 3 months after graduation (grace period)
    • Deferred payment over 12-24 months’ period
    • Automatic credit approval with a bank, partner of Telerik Academy
    • Zero risk: Drop-out with no consequences up to 2 weeks of program start

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