From Novice to UX/UI Designer: Niki's Insightful Journey


From Novice to UX/UI Designer: Niki's Insightful Journey

Discover Nikolay Yovkov's journey into UX/UI design who started his career path at a digital agency just 3 years ago. Transitioning to a product-focused role at Scalefocus, Niki's interest in web design evolved into UX/UI. Finding structure and feedback at Telerik Academy's Upskill UX/UI program, he now navigates his dynamic days armed with newfound skills, proving that determination and guidance can transform a novice into a proficient designer.


Please, introduce yourself

I'm Niki and I've been working as a designer for just under three years. My first design job was at a digital agency where I worked with Wordpress. Recently, three months ago, I transitioned to a more product-oriented role at Scalefocus

How did you find your path to UX/UI Design

Niki: For me, things happened very naturally. From a young age, I had an interest in how websites are made and why people make them. In seventh grade, I went to a school that promised to teach me how to make a website. In the last years of school, I invested time in watching tutorials and courses. I attended a lecture and found out that in some places, web designers are no longer called web designers but UX/UI designers. Since then, it has become increasingly interesting to me.

What are the key skills for aspiring UX/UI Designers?

Niki: One skill that can set you apart from others is to know a little about everyone's work on the team. Every designer has to work with programmers, project managers, and other specialists so this knowledge can help you stand out from other design candidates.

Why did you choose Telerik Academy?

Niki: Telerik Academy's program connects you with many different people, providing constant feedback. This development is invaluable and prepares you for the real work environment. The knowledge of agile methodology and different approaches that I acquired during the training, I was able to apply from the first day of my work.

What’s your advice for people considering Upskill UX/UI as a next career step?

Niki: For anyone considering whether to enroll in the program, I would like to share my experience. I myself hesitated for a long time and missed 2 or 3 seasons of the program. The interval from the moment I heard about the program to the moment I enrolled was almost two years. It was a huge mistake because ultimately I regretted not enrolling earlier. If you think UX/UI design is your field and you like it, don't hesitate. Enroll, it's definitely your place.

Don't wait any longer! Apply by July 7 and start with our free pre-course training that will help you polish your portfolio to improve your chances to get into Upskill UX/UI.


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