Data Engineer Q&A: Yulian Bogdanov, The World Bank


Data Engineer Q&A: Yulian Bogdanov, The World Bank


Yulian Bogdanov has 10+ years of expertise in the fields of data architecture and analytics. Currently, he is leading the development data engineering team at The World Bank. He has also acted as a data architect and team lead for major multinational corporations, playing a pivotal role in shaping their data landscapes. This year he’s joining the upcoming Upskill Data Engineer program as a guest-lecturer. Read below to learn more about his experience in the field. 


What was your first data-related job?

My first job was as a Reporting Specialist at Coca-Cola Hellenic. Over the years, my career path took me through various positions such as BI Developer, and later BI/Data Engineering Lead and Data Architect at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Coca-Cola Company, and The World Bank. Currently, I serve as the Product Owner & Lead Data Architect at The World Bank, where I lead a team responsible for data implementation for various products within the organization. 

Can you share some work examples?

My team uses the latest industry technologies to provide modern capabilities for collecting, managing, and storing one of the largest collections of development data in the world, with over 500 million views and downloads. 

What's your biggest success in the field so far? What are you most proud of?

I am happy that over the past decade, I have had the opportunity to participate in building several large data teams in Bulgaria for leading international companies and organizations. Each of these teams played a key role in successfully integrating innovative approaches and implementing the latest data processing technologies within their respective organizations. This only reinforces the potential, high level of professionalism, and work ethic in our country. 

What are you going to teach in Upskill Data Engineer?

In the Upskill Data Engineer program, I will introduce the students to the fundamentals of Databricks. This topic is particularly interesting to me because it introduces learners to the depths of a continuously evolving platform that covers the entire data lifecycle. 

The upcoming Upskill Data Engineer program is not something you want to miss if you’re looking to grow in your Data career. Ready for the next career step? Apply now! 



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