Unlocking Job Success: How Enhancv Empowers Telerik Academy Graduates


Unlocking Job Success: How Enhancv Empowers Telerik Academy Graduates


Crafting a professional CV is crucial in today’s competitive job market, as it serves as the first impression potential employers have of a candidate. A well-designed CV not only highlights one's skills and experiences but also sets them apart from other applicants.

To shed light on the importance of creating an effective CV and how we partner with Enhancv to assist Telerik Academy Alpha graduates in doing so after 6 months of intensive programming training, we spoke with the co-founder of Enhancv - Volen Vulkov. 


Please, introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi! I’m the co-founder of Enhancv, the platform helping job seekers build effective CVs. In short, I'm a software engineer, currently on a mission to help people confidently express who they are through their CVs. I’ve also been part of Telerik Academy in the past, where I’ve learned a lot not only about the IT world, but also how to get into it. Looking at this from a perspective, I can say the time at the Academy was crucial to bringing Enhancv to life.

Enhancv is a really easy-to-use CV builder that's free for Telerik Academy students. One of the best parts is that it lets mentors and coaches track CV progress, make changes, and give feedback.

Our graduates get access to Enhancv to build their CVs — tell us a bit about the main advantages they benefit from.

Telerik Academy graduates receive access to Enhancv's premium product as part of their education package. This is particularly valuable because we understand how challenging it can be to create a CV and how stressful the job application process can be. Even if the graduates choose not to use Enhancv, we hope they consider the important questions and fields in our platform which prompt them when creating their CVs.

In short, Enhancv offers a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making the CV-building process straightforward and user-friendly. Yet more importantly, Enhancv is equipped with advanced algorithms that help users start with the content of their CVs and then enhance it to perfection. In addition, Enhancv provides thousands of detailed CV guides with examples, covering various industries and job roles. We also offer hundreds of variations of CV and resume templates, allowing Telerik Academy's graduates to choose the design that best suits their personal style and professional needs.

These features ensure that they can confidently create CVs that effectively showcase their skills and experiences, increasing their chances of landing their desired jobs. Finally, Enhancv makes it easy to interact with bootcamp career coaches, which helps further improve your CV's messaging.

Can you provide any data that demonstrates how using Enhancv to create an exceptional CV impacts a candidate's response rate from employers?

Absolutely! First, the data from our users indicates that creating a well-crafted CV significantly impacts response rates from employers. When users spend time on their CVs, prompted by Enhancv's guided questions—such as identifying their key achievements, understanding their career goals, and articulating their strengths—they not only improve their CVs but also gain deeper insights into their professional value.

Our analytics show that users who engage with Enhancv to clearly define and showcase their skills and accomplishments see up to a 50% higher response rate from potential employers. However, our research also reveals that even when the response rate is lower, the success rate of actually getting the job is higher. This is because users develop a clearer understanding of what they want, what they are good at, and how to present themselves effectively.

This clarity and self-awareness benefit users beyond just the CV. It prepares them for later stages of the recruitment process, enabling them to confidently communicate their strengths and fit for the role during interviews. Enhancv thus helps job seekers present their best selves, both on paper and in person, ultimately increasing their chances of landing the right job.

What are the absolute must-have elements to include in a CV?

When crafting your CV, it’s essential to first sit down and think before you start writing. Consider these key questions:

1. Who is this CV for, and what does this employer want to see in it? 

2. What’s my experience? (Hint: Experience isn’t limited to “paid” experience.) 

3. What are the numbers that can support my achievements? (Everyone has something tangible to support their claims.)

With these points in mind, especially as a career changer or someone training to upskill, there are a few must-have elements to include. Start with a strong summary or objective that highlights your goals and what you bring to the table. Make sure to list your technical skills clearly, as these are crucial in the programming field. Include detailed descriptions of your relevant projects and any practical experience, like internships or freelance work. Don't forget to showcase your education, certifications, and any bootcamp or specialized training you’ve completed. Lastly, add a section for any notable achievements that make you stand out.

A lot of people tend to include too much detail, what should generally be avoided when building a CV?

I’d say prioritizing relevance is key. Yet, when building a CV, it's important to remember that there shouldn't be 100% strict rules. In some cases, you might need to include a lot of details, while in others, brevity is key. 

The best approach is to put yourself in the shoes of the reader. Consider what they want to read and how easily they can find this information on your CV. Ensure that the most important information is prominently placed at the top, even if you want to include more details and make your CV longer. If you feel strongly about presenting more details, you can always send both a shorter and a longer version of your CV.

Many less experienced job seekers think a longer CV means a better one, but that's not true.

Additionally, it’s a valuable skill to convey the most important information with just a few words (not everyone can do it!). Employers appreciate conciseness and clarity most of the time as it shows that you spend quite a time on your CV and you also possess an ability to communicate effectively.

Based on your experience, how can someone with no prior IT experience stand out with their CV when applying for a junior role? Can their prior experience be of any help?

First, it's important to understand that you can't hide your lack of IT experience, and most importantly, your potential employer knows that you don't have IT skills. They're not looking for IT skills in this case. 

What employers are usually looking for includes your passion for the field, your willingness to learn new things and challenge yourself, your ability to work in a team, your loyalty to certain causes, and similar traits. 

The answers to these questions can help employers understand how you might behave and grow within their company. So, think about these aspects and present them in the most tangible way possible. Highlight your enthusiasm for IT, provide examples of your ability to learn and adapt, showcase your teamwork skills, and demonstrate your commitment to any projects or causes you've been involved in. 

By focusing on these qualities (but again, make them tangible, with clear numbers!), you can effectively convey your potential to succeed in a junior IT role despite your lack of direct experience.

What’s your advice on including projects in a candidate’s CV when applying for junior roles? What’s the best way to do so?

My advice is to pick the most relevant projects that highlight your abilities and achievements. Describe each project briefly, focusing on what you did, the technologies you used, and the results you achieved. Again, make sure to quantify your impact, such as mentioning any improvements in performance or user engagement. Also, link to any live projects or code repositories if possible, so employers can see your work firsthand. 

How important is it to incorporate keywords and phrases from the job description into your CV to optimize its relevance to a particular position? 

It’s very important.

First, tailoring your CV puts you in the mindset of applying for this specific job. You understand what this company is about and what they want, and if invited for an interview, you'd feel much more confident.

Second, even by changing just the name of your CV and the colors to be tailored to a specific employer, think about it: this employer would recognize your passion for wanting to start working there. It's a subtle yet effective way to show your enthusiasm and commitment to the role and the company.

Finally, many companies use applicant tracking systems to filter CVs and only a number of applications reach human eyes (even if they don’t use such systems, hiring managers look for those keywords). When they do, including keywords ensures your CV gets noticed. Tailoring your CV this way shows that you’ve read the job description carefully and understand what the employer is looking for. It also highlights your relevant skills and experiences, making it clear why you’re a great fit for the role. It’s the best strategy if you want to increase your chances of getting through the initial screening and landing an interview.

What’s your take on cover letters? Can you give some tips around what to include in them for junior IT job applicants? Is the use of ChatGPT and similar tools appropriate?

Cover letters are crucial for junior applicants. They give you a chance to show your personality and explain why you're excited about the role. In your cover letter, start by introducing yourself and mentioning the job you're applying for. Talk about why you're interested in the position and the company to show you've done your research. Highlight your relevant skills and experiences, like projects or coursework, that match the job description. If you're switching careers, emphasize transferable skills from your past experiences. Wrap it up by reiterating your interest in the role and inviting them to contact you for an interview.

As for using ChatGPT and similar tools, it's totally fine as long as you use them to enhance and personalize your cover letter. These tools can help you brainstorm ideas and polish your language, but make sure the final letter reflects your own voice and experiences.

With AI entering almost every area of our lives, how do you think it will affect the hiring process in the future?

AI is changing the hiring process and will only become more influential in the future. It will streamline tasks like sorting through CVs and scheduling interviews, making recruitment faster and more efficient.

First, having AI means it's much easier to enhance your CV with tangible results and, more importantly, ensure it's error-free. Moreover, it's now simpler to tailor your CV to specific employers. You can utilize technology to quickly write tailored emails, cover letters, and other documents. Employers nowadays expect much more in terms of CVs compared to time before AI.

Saying this, for job seekers, understanding how AI tools work can be a significant advantage. Knowing how ATS filters CVs and using the right keywords will help you optimize your applications.

However, it’s more important than ever to add a personal touch to your applications. Reflecting your own voice and personal branding in your CV and cover letter helps you connect with employers on a human level, something AI can't replicate. So, showcasing your unique experiences, personality, and passion will make a big difference.

Finally, keep in mind that the market has become much more competitive. With AI, it's easier to create a CV, at least as a very good starting point. Therefore, it's crucial to stand out by demonstrating your unique value and fit for the role.I think staying adaptable and open to learning new technologies is crucial, as the tools and strategies used in hiring will continue to evolve.


Creating a standout CV is a vital step in securing your dream job in a competitive job market. With the tools and insights from Enhancv, Telerik Academy Alpha graduates are well-equipped to succeed. Check out our open programs and start your journey towards a rewarding IT career. After graduation you will not only have outstanding tech skills, but you will also be able to confidently showcase them to potential employers.



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