Let's talk future of learning with our COO, Dimitar Petkov


Let's talk future of learning with our COO, Dimitar Petkov

This year started with exciting news for us – we introduced our Chief Operating Officer (COO), Dimitar Petkov! Today, you will meet him too and learn some cool things from and about him.


But first – here's how we got there.

If you've been following Telerik Academy's journey, you know that we've come a long way since becoming an independent company back in 2017. As the tech landscape continues to evolve, so does the demand for retraining and upskilling, not just in Bulgaria but globally. That's where our new role of Chief Operating Officer steps in!

Dimitar Petkov took on this challenging position at the beginning of the year, and wow, he has been making waves ever since!

Dimitar joined our team of superhumans back in 2021 as our financial business partner. The following year (2022) was more than successful for us – we had a revenue growth of 22% and a 315% increase in profit compared to the previous year (2021). Our rapid development is a testament to the success of our Alpha and Upskill students and enables us to look confidently ahead, paving the way for a bold new chapter in our journey.

So, what's coming next?

We spoke with Dimitar about the Telerik Academy's future, the role of AI in tech education, and the importance of staying ahead in the dynamic tech landscape.

Let's dive in!

Tell us about your background and previous experience in leadership roles.

I have done some industry hopping throughout my career, from manufacturing parts for planes, railroad cars and dairy products to banking and insurance, consulting and now talent creation. The leadership roles I have taken have taught me that making mistakes is better than doing nothing, and that it is ok to change your opinion or decision when new information is presented. I’ve also learned that the hardest thing for a leader is to balance team members and ensure that everyone has the best conditions to perform based on their innate abilities and predilections.

What attracted you to Telerik Academy in the first place?

The mission. I have always believed in lifelong learning (although it was not called that 15 years ago), and I never imagined that I would have a lifetime job. I imagine everyone will have a career change in their lives, especially now that people are willing to work longer, and retirement is optional. To me, Telerik Academy is the embodiment of a career change catalyst and a home for lifelong learning.

How do you envision the tech industry's future in terms of talent, and what role do you see Telerik Academy playing in that future?

Tech talent has always had to learn and evolve. Utilizing new tools is a requirement for career growth. This is truer now than ever with the AI revolution. However, the most critical prerequisite to grow and flourish in IT is to have stable roots. Telerik Academy's role is to prepare talent who knows how to learn and has a solid foundation. In the distant future, Telerik Academy could expand its offering of career start/reskill programs in more disciplines.

With the increasing demand for tech skills, how can coding bootcamps like Telerik Academy continue to evolve and meet the needs of aspiring developers?

It is simple – we must grow. The market for tech skills is only expected to go up, we should scale with it. When there is demand, there will be supply. Telerik Academy is very well positioned to be among the world's top talent builders. Coding is the foreign language of our time - the additional skill that opens doors for you, and those who possess it will be well-positioned to grow and prosper.

What strategies do you believe are essential for staying ahead in a rapidly changing tech landscape and ensuring we remain competitive? 

There is rampant speculation that LLM (large language models) will change the way we teach, learn and create. To stay ahead we should concentrate on producing quality talent and ensure that they quicky transition to their new career. This is easier said than done, but our dedication to embracing innovative technologies and continuously evolving our programs gives us a great head start.

What is the role of AI in the future of tech-ed education?

The future of tech education will undoubtedly undergo significant change, with AI playing a crucial role. However, while AI may augment the learning experience, it is not an automation technology. The differentiator between good and great developers will continue to be a strong foundational knowledge.

A little bit different, but we asked all our colleagues in their interviews. One curious fact about you, Dimitar.

I love learning how the human body works, down to the biochemical reactions. There is something special about how chemistry and biology are intertwined and it’s fascinating how little we know about the processes that control our body and mind. 

What was the last book you read, and what's the best thing about it?

I recently finished reading "The Girl who lived twice," the sixth book in the Millenium series. I read for entertainment and tend to binge-read entire book series. The best thing about this book is that it's a real page-turner!

With Dimitar Petkov as our Chief Operating Officer, we stand on the brink of an exciting and transformative era.

As the demand for tech skills surges, our commitment to making an impact and inspiring a lifelong passion for technologies and learning will undoubtedly shape the future of tech education.

With visionary leaders at the helm, Telerik Academy's impact on the tech industry in Bulgaria and beyond is poised to reach new heights. As the world witnesses the unfolding of this extraordinary journey, we can't help but be excited the positive disruptions and opportunities that lie ahead.

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