ProCredit Bank: Digitalization is an opportunity


ProCredit Bank: Digitalization is an opportunity

We are thrilled to welcome ProCredit Bank into our ever-expanding partner network! Naturally, we were quick to ask our new partners a couple of questions, as the banking sector is becoming increasingly digital, and developers play an essential part in its digital transformation.

And ProCredit Banks is at the forefront of this transformation. The Bank is the first to implement 24-hour zones for self-service and among the first to enable customers to manage their funds entirely online and on their own at any time.

photo of ersoy hasan, head of software development unit, and ilina tomova, senior expert test and quality assurance, from procredit bank a telerik academy alpha partners.
Ersoy Hasan, Head of Software Development Unit, and Ilina Tomova, Senior expert Test and Quality Assurance

Today, just like many others, till not long ago considered a more traditional business, the banking sector is more tech, and AI penetration will bring even more significant changes. That's where the Telerik Academy master junior talent comes into play, especially for companies that believe in developing junior talent. 

Companies like ProCredit Bank.

"We are great believers in junior talent as most of our development colleagues have started with little to no experience," the Bank shared.

Technologies and trends

ProCredit Bank embarked on its digitalization journey with a fundamental question in mind:

"Why must our current and potential customers visit the branch to use our products?"

The answer was evident - many services could be seamlessly offered without requiring customers to enter a physical branch.

With a robust Mobile banking application and streamlined online account and loan application processes, customers gained flexibility and control over their finances and saved valuable time.

Beyond customer convenience, our partners shared the positive impact of digitization on the Bank's internal processes. ProCredit Bank's experts had more time to focus on personalized client experiences tailored to their unique needs by offering various digital services.

But this is just one of the opportunities modern technologies and digitalization can offer. There are others.

"As the 24/7 availability revolutionizes our operations, we continuously assess processes and infrastructure to optimize our services. Compliance with regulatory requirements demands a profound understanding of different technologies and precise planning. Moreover, the ever-expanding business needs drive us towards robust continuous delivery and continuous integration," they elaborated.

photo of the office building of procredit bank, a telerik academy alpha partner
The ProCredit Bank building is the first bank building in Europe that is fully carbon-neutral – zero emissions

ProCredit Bank's dynamic IT team currently comprises over 50 individuals, including developers, QA engineers, and enthusiastic trainees. Most developers specialize in C#, .NET, JavaScript, and "yes, we write SQL as well ", as our partners explained. The Quality Assurance team uses C# and Selenium, Rest Sharp, Dart, and Patrol for mobile testing.

Their work spans a multitude of services for the Bank's clients. They include comprehensive Internet banking, cutting-edge mobile applications, and core systems like Payments, Cards, Accounts, Loans, Reporting, and more.

Junior talent and partnering with Telerik Academy

"When we have a new colleague from Telerik Academy Alpha, we see that they grow faster than the others. So, we believe in the program."

The integration of cutting-edge technologies and the digitalization of all the processes in the Bank opens the need for more tech talent.

"We've been following the Academy's progress through the years, and the programs have matured very well," explained our partners as to how the partnership came to be.

But we also share a common belief about the importance of growing junior talent.

"Currently, we are looking for junior colleagues in QA and Dev positions," revealed ProCredit Bank, and added that they offer different paths for development depending on the experience of the candidates.

One is to start as a junior, while the other - as a trainee (you can apply by sending a CV to

"Our perpetual trainees' programs help people gain experience by working on real projects, but their daily time is more focused on their advancement and self-improvement."

photo of the building of procredit bank, a telerik academy alpha partner

Banking and future technologies

Our journey with ProCredit Bank embodies a shared vision of empowering junior talent, embracing digitalization and pioneering the future of banking. We are excited to witness the impact of our partnership on the financial industry and beyond.

Are you looking to jumpstart your career in IT? Find out more about our Telerik Academy Alpha programs. Are you a company seeking Master Junior talent? Then go through our business page or contact us directly.

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