Career transformation: The inspiring journeys of 2 Alpha C# Alumni


Career transformation: The inspiring journeys of 2 Alpha C# Alumni

At Telerik Academy, we witness the transformative journeys of our graduates every day. People from different backgrounds who turn their dream for an IT career into reality through perseverance, dedication and our comprehensive Alpha programs! Our alumni stories continue to inspire, and today we have another one for you.
Meet Antoaneta Stefanova, a former pastry chef with a burning passion for programming, and Zahary Vaklinov, a humanities graduate who found his true calling in the IT sector. Today they both work in the software industry as developers - Antoaneta at Bede Gaming and Zahary at Amdaris. In this compelling success story, we explore their experiences at Telerik Academy Alpha C# and how their determination led them to their dream jobs in the tech industry.

And we know a way you can do that too – and do it in just 6 months! Imagine yourself next year by this time – a C# developer working on exciting new projects! Here's the shortest path to the IT sector – Alpha C#!

And now, it's time to dive into the story of the people who experienced this program firsthand.

Antoaneta's Path to Programming: From Pastries to Passion

Antoaneta's career took her to Michelin restaurants and distant lands, but her physically demanding job as a pastry chef eventually led her to seek a new direction. Drawn to programming and fueled by her logical thinking skills, she decided to take the plunge into the tech world. With prior exposure to informatics, Antoaneta embarked on a transformative journey at the 6-month Alpha C# program

"When I studied informatics and the programming language Pascal in school, I wasn't really interested. But 10-15 years later, when I started learning coding again, I found that programming was a passion of mine. I decided to take it more seriously, so I applied to Telerik Academy Alpha C#." 


Zahary's Quest for Purpose: From Economics to Code

Zahary's journey began with the idea of pursuing economics and finance, but his heart lay elsewhere. After exploring various humanities subjects, he found himself working with the EU's Erasmus+ program, advising citizens and travelling across Europe. However, he felt the urge to remain in Bulgaria, which aligned with his desire to pursue a career in the IT sector. With encouragement from friends and his brother, a Telerik Academy graduate, Zahary enrolled in the Alpha C# program to explore the vast possibilities of programming.

Preparing for the Alpha C# exam

Zahary's decision to pursue programming came with determination. He self-prepared using our free self-preparation materials, online resources from Microsoft, and open-source sites. Embracing the motivation to learn, he applied for the Alpha C# program, leaving no room for second thoughts.

"One day, I just decided to register at the Telerik Academy website and start using the free self-preparation materials. That's how I got ready for the entrance exam."


Navigating Challenges

Antoaneta faced challenges right from the beginning, taking the entrance exam using Python and getting into the Alpha C# program without prior experience in C#. The journey to grasp the basics in just 10 days was no easy feat, but she embraced the learning curve with support from her colleagues and trainers.

"In the beginning, it was a bit difficult for me, but my colleagues were always there to help me, and the trainers supported me during the whole journey."

The Rewarding Culmination

Completing the 6-month Alpha C# program left Zahary filled with pride. From the basics of console programming to advanced backend, frontend, and database development, he now possesses a solid foundation in programming. Looking back, he reflected on the moments where more effort could have been invested, but the transformative journey left him confident in his ability to navigate challenges. 

"I was proud of the fact that, in such a short period, I realized how it all works. Looking back, during these 6 months, I could have put more effort into some moments. Nevertheless, I managed, and I can say that you don't need to be top performing; you need to be purposeful and willing."

Finding Success in the Tech World: Landing the Dream Jobs

Antoaneta's buddy group project stood out as one of the best during the company presentations. Her talent caught the attention of several companies, part of our partner network, with one extending an offer soon after graduating. The quick success in her job search was a testament to her dedication and newfound skills.

"Our project was selected as one of the two best projects by one of the companies we presented to. After that, they offered me a job which I accepted. It happened pretty quickly for me."

Valuable Lessons and Lifelong Skills

Reflecting on their time at Telerik Academy Alpha C#, both Antoaneta and Zahary found immense value in the solid foundation they acquired. The Academy's emphasis on the latest technologies and practical skills gave them an edge in the competitive tech market. From programming expertise to soft skills like teamwork and emotional intelligence, the journey prepared them for a successful career ahead.

Zahary: "Telerik Academy provides the opportunity to learn what the market needs and searches for in junior talents. It is important to follow the trends that are in the market because, at the end of the day, companies hire those who know how to do what customers are looking for and paying for."

Do you want to change your life and start your journey in the IT industry? The fastest path to becoming an in-demand software developer is waiting for you. Apply for Telerik Academy Alpha C#.


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