EGT Digital: It pays off to invest resources in junior IT talents


Alexander Botov, EGT Digital: It pays off to invest time and resources in junior IT talents

We are delighted to introduce one of our partners to you - EGT Digital.

The company is the next innovative unit of Euro Games Technology Group, one of the fastest-growing enterprises in the iGaming industry with a global network of offices in 25 countries and headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

To learn more about EGT Digital’s history, product, services and future, we talked to its CEO Alexander Botov. With more than 20 years of experience in the software business, his management and organizational skills are EGT Digital’s driving force on the way to becoming a leading company in a very competitive and fast-moving environment. 

Alexander Botov, EGT Digital Ceo, Telerik Academy partner

“In EGT Digital, we combine our passion for gaming with technological innovation and focus on building an iGaming platform that delivers a smooth business experience to our partners and gathers players around the ultimate betting entertainment,” explained Alexander Botov. 

EGT Digital is still a young company that grows quickly. Can you share more about what you’ve achieved since your launch? 

Our biggest pride is our team. In our short operating period, we managed to attract proven professionals, ambitious experts and innovative minds that look in the same direction as we do. Soon, the results of our work will be available but for now, let us just say we have big things coming.   

Do you still hire talent in BG under COVID? 

Yes. We still hire people, and we don't have any plans to stop doing so. Our team is constantly expanding due to our growth ambition. Of course, COVID changed many things, but we have taken the needed precautions and measures to create a safe work environment for everybody. We have flexible home office options, which are in line with our politics to encourage a hybrid schedule according to the needs of our talents. The world is changing, and so are we.  

Why do you invest in junior talent? 

At the center of our company are the people who want to progress, evolve, and grow – people who stay “hungry”. That is why we want to continue gathering the best local talents and give them the opportunity to aim higher and achieve more. We are not afraid to invest time and resources in junior talent because we know it pays off. EGT Digital is a place where we all grow together.  

Why did you choose Telerik Academy as your partner to that end? 

We share common values, especially when it comes to investing in newcomers and people who want to learn. We believe that Telerik Academy creates professionals who have a similar worldview as ours – they are ambitious, curious, and most of all – they want to develop their talents and skills here, in Bulgaria. There is no better place to look for people like that than in Telerik Academy!  

What is your vision for the future? What's next for EGT Digital? 

In the long run, we want to establish ourselves as one of the leaders in our industry, to be the ones who set the trends and drive the others forward. And we want to do this side by side with creative young people who are ready to dive into a constantly changing and growing industry. It may sound too ambitious, but we know we can do it and that process has already started. 

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