Strypes: Our goal is to invest in every type of talent


Strypes: Our goal is to invest in every type of talent

From a few passionate IT enthusiasts to more than 580 employees in 14 years. How did our partners from Strypes achieve such growth? We won't spoil it all in the introductory part, but it has to do something with their investment in talent and the Nearsurance model of work. We discussed all the exciting details with Todor Marinov, CEO, and Nina Boyazdhieva, People Operations Manager.

photo of the strypes team, a telerik academy alpha partner

It all started with an idea and a conversation in 2008 between Koen van Wijk and Atanas Filchev, the current Chief Operating Officer of Strypes Group. The Dutch programmer envisioned a new business model - an agile company that always excels at the customer's expectations, and he found the perfect place for it! 

Strypes started with a few passionate IT enthusiasts working in an attic in Sofia and kept growing. Today, it has more than 580 employees in offices in Sofia, Varna, Burgas and Eindhoven (Netherlands), and since 2015 it's been part of the ICT Group. 

And now, it's also part of the Telerik Academy partner network because of the importance of well-prepared junior talent.

Area of work and what is Nearsurance?

Strypes has over 450 successful projects for clients such as ASML, Lely, Viasat Group, GreenFlux, and AVROS Group, among others.

The company offers software solutions in various industries, including high-tech, smart agriculture, transport and logistics. The services offered are Digital Transformation, Smart Application Development, Consultancy, DevOps, Remote Diagnostics, Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance and Software Modularity.

photo of todor marinov, ceo of strypes, a telerik academy alpha partners

It's a dynamic industry, but according to Todor Marinov, Chief Executive Officer of Strypes, there is one constant thing that brings the business forward - creating more added value for the customers.

"Although some things might change and demand can reduce, when we create enough business impact for the customers, we will move forward," he added. 

And Strypes has its own term and work model for this. It's called Nearsurance.

"We take end-to-end project responsibility for our customers and use an approach which combines the benefits of nearshoring and quality assurance. We execute all our projects remotely from Bulgaria alongside a local presence at their offices (outsource managers)," explained Todor Marinov.

"We develop the best talent."

This is the motto Strypes follows, shared Todor Marinov, adding that the company's goal is to "invest in every type of talent."

team photo, strypes, a telerik academy alpha partner

He explained that the labour market is very challenging, and it's hard to find the right person with the right attitude. The company has a solution:

"We need to contribute to the community and take as much responsibility for our environment. Our goal is to develop those people for at least 5 years in the company - this means that we should be able to have a personal development for them for 5 years - things to learn, courses to visit."

Partnering with Telerik Academy

photo of nina boyadzhieva, people operations manager at strypes, a telerik academy alpha partners"Telerik Academy enables IT education in Bulgaria, and we at Strypes are strong supporters of the Bulgarian IT community, so the partnership came up as a natural one for both parties," explained Nina Boyadzhieva, People Operations Manager at Strypes.

"We are just on the doorsteps of this collaboration and believe that together with Telerik Academy as a leading educational organization for IT professionals in Bulgaria, we can build a strong and mutually beneficial partnership in the long run!" she added.

What's next for Strypes? Here's the answer from Todor Marinov

"We have started the right initiatives and the suitable projects. We believe this will help us go through turbulent times and will help us become a more mature organization.

Our goal is to deliver more complete value propositions to our customers and become experts in the industries we operate in - high-tech, smart agriculture, Transport and Logistics. This, of course, means - exciting and challenging projects for our employees - not only the youngsters but also the seniors and architects."
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