“Telerik Academy Alpha C# is created to mirror a real-work environment”


“Telerik Academy Alpha C# is created to mirror a real-work environment”

After spending 8 years working as a lawyer, Borislava Parvanova decided it was time for a career change. And she had something in mind.   

"I started to consider a career switch to programming, as it is an equally thought-provoking and problem-solving profession, but of a different nature," shared Borislava.  

Her new career direction was in the IT sector, and one LinkedIn post set her on the right path leading to it. A post from Telerik Academy about the latest Alpha C# edition.  

After asking a few friends working in the software industry for advice, she knew what to do next to launch her IT career in just 6 months. 

So Borislava applied for Alpha C#.  

What happens next? We'll leave it to her to share more about the journey that led to receiving a job offer only one week after graduating from Telerik Academy Alpha C#.  

If you are curious to find out what it is like to land a job as a Cloud Engineer at CleverPine, keep reading Borislava's story!

Remember - you still have enough time to Telerik Academy Alpha C# by July 30! Use the free self-preparation materials, and you'll be ready for the entrance exam on August 1 and the 6-month training after that. Get ready for your tech career!
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Hi, Borislava, let’s start from the beginning – what were you doing before Telerik Academy? How did you decide that it was time for a change? 

After 8 years of work experience as a lawyer, I decided to make a career change and switch to the IT industry. Just when I took that decision, I came across a LinkedIn post about the latest admission for the program Alpha C#. I was considering a career switch to programming, as it is an equally thought-provoking and problem-solving profession but of a different nature. I went through some beginner courses, and I could see that I liked programming, even though I had barely touched the surface and had no idea what lay beneath. But when I decide that I want to achieve something, I dedicate myself to it entirely and give my best to succeed. 

So, I asked a few friends who had also made a career change through Telerik Academy's programs, and from what I heard, the Alpha program sounded like the right decision. Its organisation, duration and intensity were precisely the challenge and commitment I needed so that my idea to become a developer does not remain just an idea. And it didn't.  

One week after graduating from Telerik Academy Alpha C#, I received my first job offer, and I have been working as a software developer at CleverPine for almost a year. 

What did you learn about yourself during the program Alpha C# that you didn't know before? 

I applied for Alpha C#, clearly understanding that I was going on a path full of challenges. So, from the very first day, I promised myself that I would strive every day to have a little more knowledge than the previous one and to compare myself only with myself. This turned out to be a hard thing to do - mainly because you constantly see the progress of the other students, which, while motivating, can also be daunting sometimes. However, the truth is that there are always things you're good at and others you're not so good at. Thinking about this has helped me a lot. When I looked back at the end of the program, I couldn't believe that I had learned so much compared to what I knew (or didn't know) at the beginning of this journey.  

Another thing I learned during the Academy that we were encouraged to do in the program was that I don't need to know everything and that part of being a developer is to ask questions and not be afraid to ask for help. 

Can you share with us one of the things you achieved after completing the program that you are most proud of? 

I am glad that not only was I able to find a job immediately after graduating from the Academy, but from the very first day of work, I had an excellent foundation to build smoothly on. My other outstanding achievement is that I became part of the Alpha C# mentorship program, and the first students I mentored have already graduated. 

What did you find most valuable in the Alpha C# program? 

The most valuable thing about Telerik Academy is that from the first day, the program Alpha C# is organized in a way that maximally prepares you for the real-work environment. The buddy groups we were split into, the teamwork on real projects, the fact that you don't get everything directly, but you also need to put in a lot of effort by yourself, even the relationships that are built in the program - everything is like a real-work environment, in which the equivalent of work is learning. 

Another important thing for me from this journey is the friendships I built with the people in my buddy group, with whom, going through this adventure together, we became like a family.

Which of the things you learned (besides technical skills) do you apply in your life? 

The soft skills sessions were something exciting and valuable for me. To be honest, I am happy about the attention to these skills in the IT field because, unfortunately, in other industries, in my opinion, the topic is neglected. Most people think that we initially have such skills, but when we get to a topic related to soft skills, we realize that we haven't even thought about some of the things. That's why the topics we discussed during the soft skills sessions, and the way the information was presented to us, including the small group tasks we had, were precious. 

For Borislava, Telerik Academy turns out to be the place where she makes a career change, prepares for the IT industry, learns crucial lessons, acquires valuable skills, and creates new friendships. 

Are you ready to take on your journey to a successful IT career? Then don’t hesitate and apply to Telerik Academy Alpha C#


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