Becoming a Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer: Milka’s inspiring journey


Becoming a Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer: Milka’s inspiring journey

“I’ve decided to join the Upskill Salesforce Commerce Cloud program because of the dynamic development of the e-commerce sector and the platform itself,” shared Milka Deneva, a front-end and web designer turned Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) developer, after the 3-month free Upskill program.

Shortly after her graduation, Milka started a new chapter at one of the leading e-commerce companies, powering the program - AIОPSGROUP. She has discovered an environment full of possibilities and a new career path.

photo of milka deneva, a telerik academy upskill salesforce commerce cloud alumni, posing with her certificate and wearing a telerik academy graduate t-shirt

For the program's second edition, our goal is to upskill more people and boost their careers just like Milka - with experience in front-end, JavaScript, OOP, PHP, React, or Node.js. Are you one of them? The training fee is covered by our partnering companies Merkle, AIOPSGROUP, Tryzens, Accenture, C4 Nexus, OSF Digital and ZaUtre. Apply by August 14! 

Now, let's learn more about Milka's inspiring journey! 

Milka, thank you for your time in what we imagine is an important moment of your career growth - joining AIOPSGROUP! How did it all start? 

Thank you! Well, it started a couple of years ago. My goal was to become a developer, so I’ve devoted my full time to achieve it. And I did! 

Before joining the Upskill SFCC program, I worked in web design and development, focusing on React and JavaScript. In my spare time, I also worked in the company, where I’ve made my first steps in development.

What attracted you to the e-commerce sector and the Upskill SFCC program? Did you know about all the opportunities it offers? 

Yes, the e-commerce sector was always an exciting option for me - something in which I had a great interest. Then came the Telerik Academy Upskill SFCC webinar, during which I got answers to all my questions about the opportunities the e-commerce sector offers to developers. So, I decided to continue my development in the industry because of its dynamic and the SFCC platform itself. 

Furthermore, I wanted to try something new and expand my JavaScript skills.

How do you assess your decision to join the program from today's point of view?

Joining the Upskill Salesforce Commerce Cloud program was a move in the right direction. As it turned out, the program was quite interesting, offered me challenges and helped me delve into the subject and gain theoretical and practical knowledge.

How did the program help you expand your technical skills? What do you find most valuable?

It was an intensive program and demanded considerable time for research and reading documentation. Nevertheless, everything was useful, and all the lectures were recorded for later reference. Also, all the lecturers added a lot of additional resources.

But for me, the most valuable part was the continuous feedback from the lecturers and the homework assignments. We could put into practice everything learned through them, thus solidifying our newly-acquired skills.

Were you familiar with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform before the program? What impressed you the most about it from a technical standpoint and career opportunity?

I’d heard of the SFCC platform before the program, but I didn’t know it in detail. I was impressed by all the various solutions it offers through tools such as content slots, page designer, templates, to name a few.

It’s a complex platform with detailed documentation with almost everything you need for work.

You've met your current employer during the Academy - how was the application process after your graduation?

The job interview at AIOPSGROUP was like a meeting between friends. We talked about the technical part and where our work interests and plans for the future lay - mine and those of the company. We liked each other, and everything happened swiftly - I started working at AIOPSGROUP almost immediately!

Thank you for this conversation. We wish you the best of luck, and before we say goodbye, do you have any advice for those who consider Upskill Salesforce Commerce Cloud for their next career step?

Thanks! The Upskill SFCC program is built to offer you everything necessary for the successful completion of the students, regardless of whether they are still junior or more experienced developers. The lecturers are responsive and always ready to support you if you are in a difficult situation.

The program allows you to master practical knowledge and skills and opens new opportunities for professional development in one of the partnering companies.

So, my advice to anyone looking for new career opportunities or just a way to upskill - focus on the program, have fun and all the great results will follow! 

Stand out from the dev crowd with sought-after and future-proof skills. Start working on exciting and challenging e-commerce projects for billion-dollar international brands! 

Join our free Upskill Salesforce Commerce Cloud program by August 14! 

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