IIS: We believe in building talent and turning them into professionals


IIS: We believe in building talent and turning them into professionals

"We appreciate junior talent - they are highly motivated, don't fear challenges and bring a new perspective to work," explained Atanas Gavrilov, General Manager of IIS International Information Systems, one of our newest partners.

"We can accompany them on their journey of acquiring such experience in the field of software for e-government, helping them develop as good professionals," he added.

And undoubtedly, IIS has an extensive experience in software development to share - an experience that can speed up the growth of every junior talent. 

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Naturally, we wanted to learn more about IIS - the interesting field it operates in, its future, and junior talent's role in its growth.

Keep reading because we have a compelling story to share!

Rich history and future of growth

With the intriguing mission to support the well-being of society, the company was established in 2000, more than 20 years ago. Ever since then, and together with its partners in Germany, ISS has been developing sustainable software systems that offer online services accessible from anywhere with minimal usage of natural resources.

"The company's business is to provide software for processing administrative services for the state administration and municipalities. Our main market is Germany, where we have over 20 years of successful collaboration with a local software house in Berlin," explained Gavrilov.

Gavrilov took over the company's management two years ago, having an extensive background as a Project Manager, Product Owner and Tech Lead. Currently, his focus is on forming a team that can build upon its position as an established and reliable partner in software development for administrative services.

The growth is also the result of an important milestone for IIS - last year, the company became a member of the AKDB family - one of the five biggest companies driving the digitalization in the German state administration. IIS is joining the AKDB's network, which consists of offices in Germany and, since last year - in the capital of Spain - Madrid.

In this role, IIS will expand its range of products and will contribute to the implementation of major and ambitious projects of AKDB for German cities and municipalities. As the AKDB motto reads, "Niemand muss mehr aufs Amt ", or as it translates - "No one must go to the administrative office anymore".

Something that IIS has been following for years.

"Many municipalities and state institutions in Germany have trusted us and use one or more of our products. For them, we develop software for car registration, issuance of driving licenses, housing subsidies, document management systems, etc.," explained Gavrilov.

Trusted partner

Since its launch in 2000, IIS has constantly been developing software products with its partners in Germany.

"Back in the day with the most applicable technology available - Cobol, and now in the transformation of those very same legacy products to state-of-the-art JAVA-based web applications," explained Gavrilov.

The Bulgarian office have been deeply involved in many migrations for newly acquired customers, which established IIS as a trusted partner to their colleagues from Germany, as Gavrilov explained to us - to such an extent that one time or another, all their products that go to market in Germany have been developed in the IIS office.

"To look at the trust we have maintained with them during all these years is our proudest moment."

As part of the AKDB family, IIS will work on an even broader range of software products. 

"For example, AKDB have been involved in the last federal elections handling the mail vote for more than half of the population of Bavaria. Through an alliance of affiliated companies, the whole scope of IT is covered – from gathering row data through its cloud up to data analysis and AI."

IIS, a telerik academy partner, team

Growing junior IT talent

As a company with over 20 years of experience, IIS has a lot of experienced employees - "people went into a pension while at our company", added Gavrilov with a smile. But the company appreciates the junior talent, as well, because of their motivation, take on challenges and fresh perspective on the work.

And IIS is ready to grow the junior talent into experienced professionals. 

"Our mission is to be socially responsible. We believe opening new workplaces doesn't mean solely moving talents from one company to another but building them up."

In addition to working on big international projects, at IIS, the junior talent will have access to over two decades of experience and knowledge the team has accumulated while working on e-government software.

Partnering with Telerik Academy

"We chose Telerik Academy because of your excellent program, the rigorous application process and the high-quality standards of your trainings."

According to Gavrilov, the students who finish the program are "very well prepared and can get up to speed very quickly".

Trends and vision for the future

IIS operates in a sector going through a massive transformation and implementation of new technologies. The digitalization of administrative services is one of the significant movements because they must be accessible from anywhere. 

"This idea has been around for quite a long time. The pandemic, however, has intensified the importance of being flexible in this respect. Along with that, we must mention the focus on cybersecurity and the modernization of the existing products ", Gavrilov explained.

What's next for IIS? Here's the answer

"Our vision for the future is to cover more aspects of IT in terms of products and technologies and expansions on additional markets. We are at the beginning of an exciting and very ambitious project which we realize together with the newly established office in Madrid.

AKDB has plans to create a minimum of 40 workplaces in Bulgaria alone for the months to come. We have openings for multiple levels of backend and frontend developers, UX/UI Designers, DevOps specialists etc. The first positions to be filled are roles that will integrate with existing teams in Germany. As part of the onboarding process, we envisage some weeks of on-site work with the other team members in our office in Munich. The next step would be to start building entire teams in Bulgaria."

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