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Learn from Salesforce experts in this free in-depth Upskill program

Gain hands-on tech training and master unique skills. Then, get the chance to work for some leading e-commerce companies and build solutions for multibillion-dollar brands globally.

  • During the program, you'll:
    • Have access to trainers regarded as leaders in the industry who’ll share their experience and knowledge 
    • Learn the concepts and technologies used in complex modern e-commerce shops 
    • Harness the powerful out-of-the-box content and data management features of the SFCC platform
    • Master the use of its custom code customization capabilities to build integrations, extensions, experiences and stunning storefronts able to process millions of orders
  • Upon graduation, you'll be able to build robust back-end services and outstanding front-end customer experience and start a career with one of the program's sponsoring partners.
Program duration

3 months. You can balance the program with your job or studies


2 to 3 evenings/week: Monday, Wednesday, and every other Tuesday (6:30-9:30 pm). Start: Sep 12


3-6 hrs/week and additional 3+ hrs/week for self-prep and assignments. You’ll have 2 weeks of vacation


For your safety, it will be held online. Keeping everything else unchanged.


Conducted in Bulgarian, but all learning materials are in English

Career webinar

Eager to learn more? Watch our free webinar


learning experience

1The most complete Salesforce Commerce Cloud program For 12+ years, we’ve been perfecting our programs with a fanatic focus on quality and practical experience. So you can supercharge your career in 3 months vs. years with other courses.
2Unique learning experience At par with the leading international programs, minus the impressive price tag. Our holistic program reinvigorates online training. It is meticulously crafted and paced to keep you constantly engaged and to accelerate your progress.
3Instantly transferable skills Work on real-world projects in the Salesforce learning environment, master new techniques, tools and frameworks you can immediately apply at your job. Level up your career.
4Learning from the best Get access to some of Bulgaria’s best experts and brightest minds, who share real-life experience and know-how and become your mentors. Guiding you every step of the way.
5Strong professional network Work in groups with ambitious like-minded professionals, where you learn from each other, and expand your knowledge and skills. A powerful network that will boost your career.
6New career in 3 months Get to know the leading Salesforce companies in Bulgaria powering this Upskill program. Become a Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer in just 3 months and seize the opportunity to start a job within this partner network or beyond.

100% success, 100% confidence

years experience
consider their Telerik Academy 
education a good investment in 
their professional development
confidence in the value of the 
program and its impact on the 
life of the students

The role of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer

E-commerce is an 840-billion-dollar industry in Europe alone, growing by 25% in 2021. Today, with more customers moving online, companies must be ready to meet their demands. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform is becoming an undisputed leader in the ever-growing e-commerce segment, and the demand for well-prepared SFCC developers is enormous.


Salesforce Cloud Commerce Developers can create new e-commerce functionalities, helping businesses to stay ahead of the customer.

Compared to other e-commerce platforms, SFCC is highly scalable and offers developers creative freedom to create complex projects of significant scope. It processes $21 billion in sales each year and supports over half a billion individual site visits monthly.

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers help businesses create bespoke e-commerce experiences for their clients. 

There is a global deficit of Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers, which means you’ll have an abundance of job opportunities.


Is this for me? Yes, if you're
  • Front-End or Web Developer, eager to master Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the most versatile e-commerce platform on the market 
  • А university graduate with OOP experience, verifiable student and personal projects and a solid desire to learn with more experienced colleagues
  • Experienced developers, looking for a facilitated transition to a new platform technology offering a plethora of opportunities
Do I need previous experience?

You must have at least 1+ years of experience with JavaScript, PHP, React, or Node.js and good English language skills (B2)

How can I apply?
  1. Submit your online application
  2. Pass an online test on JavaScript and Web Development
  3. Some candidates might also be invited to attend an interview



  • feb
  • mar
  • apr
  • may
  • jun
  • jul
  • aug
  • sep
  • Jan 13 - Aug 31 | Submit CV and application form
  • Feb 8
    our Career Webinar
  • Jan 13 - Aug 31 | Take
    the online test
  • Sep 12 - Dec 21 |
    Study at Telerik Academy Upskill
Important dates
  • Jan 13 - Aug 31 | Submit CV and application form
  • Feb 8 | Attend our Career Webinar
  • Jan 13 - Aug 31 | Take the online test
  • Sep 12 - Dec 12 | Study at Telerik Academy Upskill

 *Dates, timeline and curriculum are subject to updates.

Program details

Тhe Upskill program at a glance

  • Hands-on
  • Tailored learning
  • Learning online
    from anywhere
  • Two-week trial
  • Built to fit
    your schedule

Hands-on training


Every topic is paired with hands-on assignments, discussions, and projects guided by our trainers. The culmination - develop a feature the world has not seen before on Salesforce Commerce Cloud and present it in front of your trainers and fellow learners.

Tailored learning experience


Class sizes are up to 30-35 people for the best possible learning experience. Our trainers become your mentors - track your progress, provide feedback and individual support and guide you all the way through.

Learning online from anywhere


Enjoy an unparalleled program from the comfort of your home. We transitioned every aspect online to keep the same renowned high quality, engaging experience and hands-on training.

Two-week trial period


Be 100% confident this is the right training for you, with our thorough candidate selection and two-week trial period. If you drop out in the first two weeks after the program starts, you won’t pay any tuition**. Simple as that.

Built to fit your schedule


With classes 2-3 nights a week, this Upskill program allows you to balance all your responsibilities. Perfectly fitting your busy schedule.


Meticulously designed curriculum

Crafted in collaboration with the industry, this Upskill Salesforce Commerce Cloud program equips you with the skills companies demand.
  • 01Weeks 1-2
  • 02Weeks 3-5
  • 03Weeks 6-7
  • 04Weeks 8-11
  • 05Weeks 12-13
  • 06Weeks 14-16
  • 07Graduation

Getting Started 

  • Get familiar with the e-Commerce world – concepts, terms, history and future 
  • Have your first glimpse of the Salesforce technology stack and where the Commerce Cloud fits in 
  • Review Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) Architecture, technology and management tools 
  • Cover the basics of JavaScript 

Code and data 

  • Setup your first project environment 
  • Learn about the basic objects in SFCC – products and catalogs. Understand how to manage them, what options exist and how merchants approach these tasks 
  • Start coding – (legacy) Pipeline flows and (modern) JS Controllers


  • One week free of classes to unwind. You’ll be able to further strengthen your skills through team assignments.

Customizing SFCC – Front-End and Back-End 

  • Learn the powerful mechanics to manage site content and drive sales through promotions. Understand how coding impacts out-of-the-box features 
  • Dive into the best practices when coding and customizing the look and feel of the content pages of commerce websites 
  • Learn the ins and outs of the ISML templates and practice how to use them

Data flows and management 

  • Master the powerful integration APIs of SFCC, a major part of the project development in the SFCC world
  • Learn how to retrieve or enter data into the system via OCAPI 
  • Find out more about data flows and related considerations 


  • One week free of classes to unwind. You’ll be able to further strengthen your skills through team assignments.

Localization and platform features

  • Get in control of the SEO aspects of your site
  • Use Page Designer to build easier page management, impressive design and offer a bespoke experience to merchandisers

Career Boost

  • Learn how to impress your future employer by showcasing your CV and portfolio
  • Practice answering common interview questions with confidence

Extending the platform's feature

  • Experience the global reach of SFCC through localization framework 
  • Extend the platform capabilities beyond what Salesforce imagined (and be careful to not step too far away!) 
  • Understand the toolset available to various roles in the SFCC world
  • Learn about in-life operation high-points and struggles 
  • Start developing an end-to-end SFCC project

Accelerate your career 

  • Get an inside look into the leading Salesforce companies in Bulgaria – meet our partner companies 

Final project presentation  

  • Work in your group and with the trainers to practice what you’ve learned and develop a feature the world has not seen before on Salesforce Commerce Cloud 
  • Present your project in front of the trainers and colleagues and showcase the techniques you used 
  • Explain your code and design choices and show the SFCC modules you used to build it 


Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the Upskill SFCC program. 

Upon graduation, you will receive a Telerik Academy certificate – widely recognized in Bulgaria.

Your team

Leading industry
experts – your trainers

Learn from the best. You'll be trained by leading practitioners eager to share their know-how and experience.


Oggie Astardzhiev
Director of Operations,
Contributed to the success of:
eCommera, Dentsu

Oggie has 13 years of hands-on experience with Salesforce Commerce Cloud from the early Demandware days to the contemporary headless approach on the multi-cloud platform. He has been acting in Operations, Incident Management and Platform Optimization roles and has tight connections with the SFCC Support and Administration functions. Oggie's expertise covers SFCC Business Manager, e-Commerce domain excellence, client onboarding and consultancy and continuous improvement of the solutions delivered on top of the SFCC product.


Vladimir Nikolov
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Solution Architect,
C4 Nexus
Contributed to the success of:
Isobar, Dentsu, eCommera
Vladimir has 13 years of Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) project delivery. He has strong expertise in delivering global multi-site and multi-brand solutions in Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Vladimir has delivered a number of re-platforming projects with multiple integrations, custom components, complex front-end user experience, configurable multi-locale features.
Alexander Gaydardzhiev
Co-Founder and Architect,
Contributed to the success of:
Isobar, Tryzens, Westum

Alex is a certified SFCC architect who has been responsible for multiple on-boardings and complex integrations on the platform for the last 7 years. He has extensive experience developing on SFRA and has designed and helped to implement various custom integrations, ranging from payment processors to complete international expansion services. Alex has a Ph.D. in physics, and he loves astronomy and math. 

Krasimir Alipiev
Technical Lead & Trainer,
C4 Nexus
Contributed to the success of:
Isobar, Dentsu, eCommera

Krasi has 15+ years of experience developing different ecommerce solutions. Most of his projects were delivered with the Salesforce B2C platform, in which he is a certified developer and architect. Krasi not only integrates solutions on top of SFCC, but he is also actively contributing to the development of the platform.

Emil Nenov
VP Of Technology,
Contributed to the success of:
eCommera, Westum
Emil has been working with Salesforce Commerce Cloud for the past 11 years, taking the roles of Solution Architect, Team Lead, and developer. Over those years, he has participated in different projects like Puma, Jimmy Choo, Disney, and many more. Emil’s expertise is in SFCC development, performance improvements and security audits, third-party integrations, and platform architecture.
Ivan Dimitrov
SFCC Practice Lead,
Contributed to the success of:
Computer Magazine, RBB
Ivan is a certified SFCC Developer and Architect with 8+ years of experience with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Currently, he’s SFCC practice lead in the Bulgarian development center of Tryzens. His responsibility is delivering the projects developed in Sofia, the architecture, and technically complex solutions for advanced integration components. Besides his fondness for working with SFCC, he also likes React and game development.
Ivaylo Kamenarov
Ivaylo Kamenarov
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Senior Developer,
Contributed to the success of:
Isobar, ForkPoint
Ivo is a mathematician at heart and a veteran in Computer Science with a PhD in Business Processes. During his work at the University of Rousse, he led courses and lectures for students, giving him education experience. He used C++, JAVA, PHP, Python, and JavaScript in his practice, and his current focus is Web Components and improved user experience. Ivo is a certified SFCC B2C developer who took part in world-class projects, complex implementations and knows the vast capabilities and quirks of the platform in great detail.
Alumni Success

Changing lives. Powering businesses
Valentin Tchergarsky
Product Manager

This is a world-class training, covering both in theory and practice all key areas of Product Management. It featuers interactive and dynamic lectures, led by brilliant experts. I highly recommend it to any individual wishing to start or upskill as a PM professional.
Nikolay Drumev
Product Manager

The program was very comprehensive and conducted in a way that helped me understand the material, even though I had little direct prior experience. It nurtured me to achieve and learn a lot more than I would expect from any course, and most importantly it boosted my career jumpstart as a Product Manager.
Sophia Takeva
Business Analyst
BDO Global IT

In 3 months, I acquired new knowledge and skills, while working alongside a great group of professionals. Even if you are an experienced Product Manager you can still learn a lot from the lecturers, who are successful experts and entrepreneurs leading their companies and PM teams.
Bernhard Niebsch
Head of Product

Telerik Academy’s reputation speaks for itself. Aspiring product professionals and even more seasoned Product Managers will find the program extremely valuable. The product profession constantly grows and evolves, while some fundamentals never age. So, having the opportunity to learn something new or re-discover something you thought you knew, will make you a better Product Manager.
Richard Haywood
Head of
Ocado Technology Sofia

The program covers a range of Product Management essentials which will empower people to start or continue their Product Management journey. It is great that Telerik Academy is offering this course as I am sure that many people will find it both interesting and very useful.
Stefan Stefanov
Senior Manager, Product Management and Product Marketing

For everyone looking to get into the world of Product Management this course, taught by the professionals at Telerik Academy, is the best place to gain practical experience in today's leading practices for Product Management.

    Tuition model

    Joining Telerik Academy could be your single most important professional decision.

    Pay in installments


    BGN 158/month 
    for 24 monthswith a bank partner

    Notify me

    Pay in full


    BGN 3,000 full tuition upfront

    Notify me

    Terms tailored
    to your needs

    • * Your tuition fee is covered by our partners, powering this Upskill Salesforce Commerce Cloud program - Merkle, AIOPS Group, Tryzens, C4 Nexus, ZaUtre, Accenture and OSF Digital.
    • Drop-out with no consequences up to 2 weeks of program start.**

    ** If you drop out in the first two weeks after the program starts, you won’t pay any tuition. Since this is a sponsored program and participation is free, we expect you to be 100% committed from start to finish. For more information on dropping out after the trial period, please refer to our FAQ.


    Do I need any previous Salesforce Customer Cloud experience?

    The program is designed for Front-End, Web Developers or university graduates with object-oriented programming experience, eager to master the most versatile e-commerce platform on the market. It is also a perfect choice for former Demandware developers who want to learn the contemporary state of the platform. You must have at least 1+ years of experience with JavaScript, PHP, React, or Node.js and good English language skills (B2).

    Upon graduation, you'll be a master of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.

    Can I choose between online and onsite training?

    Due to COVID-19, the program will be held online. While we transitioned the program online, we kept everything else unchanged - same high-quality training, engaging learning experience and 100% focus on practice. 

    Please note that attendance is key to our students’ successful graduation. Participants must attend all classes. Up to 3 days of absence are allowed, plus the program has 2 vacations (3 weeks in total).

    How much does the training cost and what are the payment methods?

    The standard tuition fee for Telerik Academy Upskill Salesforce Commerce Cloud is BGN 3,000. Your tuition will be free as your fee is covered by the companies, powering the program - Merkle, AIOPS Group, Tryzens, C4 Nexus, ZaUtre, Accenture and OSF Digital.

    What does the online programming test include?
    The test aims to assess your general knowledge across 2 domains – JavaScript and Web Development and consists of 15 closed-ended and 5 open-ended questions. It will be accessible after your complete your application. Once started, you’ll have 60 minutes to do the test. 
    What is the candidate selection process?
    We use a holistic review process when evaluating applicants for admission. The final selection of candidates is not based on a simple formula of grades and test scores. Instead, we consider a variety of factors: application documents, online programming test results, personal motivation for applying, etc. 

    Some candidates might also be invited to attend an interview to additionally discuss their application. Interviews focus on candidate’s motivation and aspirations to determine if the program is appropriate for the candidate based on their needs, expectations and experience. 
    What is the length/cadence of the program? Can I balance it with work or studies?

    To get the most out of the program, you’ll need to immerse yourself in it for 3 months. To recharge your batteries, you’ll have 2 weeks of vacation. 

    With classes 2-3 nights a week, this most complete hands-on Salesforce Commerce Cloud program makes it possible to also balance work or other responsibilities. 

    What does “two-week trial period” mean?
    If you drop out in the first two weeks after the program starts, you won’t pay any tuition. Since this is a sponsored program and participation is free, we expect you to be 100% committed from start to finish. For more information on dropping out after the trial period, please refer to our FAQ.
    Does Telerik Academy help alumni find new jobs after successful graduation?

    Yes, as this is a sponsored program by our partners, they are eager to meet and hire you! To help you stand out from the candidate pool, you’ll go through career mentoring to polish your CV and interviewing skills.

    During the program, you’ll get an inside look into the leading Salesforce companies in Bulgaria, our partners, powering this Upskill program - Merkle (Isobar), AIOPS Group, Tryzens, C4 Nexus, ZaUtre, Accenture and OSF Digital. After graduation, you’ll have the opportunity to start work as a Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer within this partner network or beyond.

    Have other questions?

    Check out our FAQ or visit the Forum

    Learn when the next admission opens.

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