Going from Gamer to Software Developer

Aleksandar Georgiev Telerik Academy Alpha

Alexander Georgiev is a passionate gamer who used to work in the gaming industry, coaching others and commenting on tournaments. At the age of 23 and with no previous programming experience, Alexander joined Telerik Academy Alpha in order to pursue a new career - this time in IT. Just a month after successfully completing the program, he joined Experian as a Junior Software Developer.

What happened after you graduated from Telerik Academy Alpha?

My life changed a lot! The training I received at Telerik Academy helped me not only land a wonderful career in less than a month of my graduation, but also start working on real projects in my very first week on the job.

The time, effort and resources I invested in the program fully paid off by giving me enough knowledge to start my career at Experian, which is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. Here, I’ve met a lot of new people some of which are now close friends and started dreaming more about my future.

What are the most valuable skills you attained and continue to use today?

Teamwork and effective communication are among the most valuable skills I gained at Telerik Academy, through the many soft skills lectures and team projects we had. Getting all the technical knowledge that I needed to start my career as a software developer was as important as the soft skills. I apply this knowledge daily in every task I have at work Last but not least, I’ve learned how to craft a great CV and excel at interviews with the help of the soft skill trainers who fully prepared us for everything that comes after graduation.

How would you describe your journey at Experian and what do you do?

Being part of big and well-known company with good processes and social benefits is great. Starting from the interview and moving on to the onboarding process and the work itself, everything is professional and precise. The company’s values, competitive salary and great social benefits also make Experian stand out from other employers.

As a junior developer, one of my key responsibilities is to learn new things every day. Almost all the time I work on something completely new, but with some research and my colleagues’ help I've managed to pull through every challenge. Everything is easier when faced in such a positive environment. What excites me the most about my work is spending time with my team.

Tips for people just starting out programming

Don’t give up, keep learning and continue pursuing your goals. Imagine yourself at your graduation, at your new job, as a senior IT specialist in five years. Then do your best to achieve it.

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