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20 Sep

From Zero to Hero with JavaScript

Learn what job opportunities lay in front of well-rounded software developers, how to jumpstart your IT career and change your life.

How to kickstart your IT career with Python
30 Aug

How to start your IT career with Python

Python is the most popular programming language in 2021 (TIOBE). It’s no surprise there is an abundance of job opportunities for Python developers in Bulgaria and beyond. Learn how to become one!

Woman using laptop
4 Jul

How to become an in-demand Product Manager

Product Managers are highly sought-after because they are crucial to the success of new software products. If you want to re-skill or upskill yourself or your company's workforce to stay ahead of the competition, don’t miss out on our career event.

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19 January 2019

Workshop: Essentials in Reactive Programming with RxJS

In this workshop, you will get an overview of the RxJS library and learn about the concept, approach, and implementation of RxJS. After a practical and detailed tour through observables, you will also implement your first stream-based code.

19 January 2019

Vue.js Beginners Workshop

Join this free technical workshop focused on getting developers started with the basic architectural concepts of Vue.js. Attendees will develop a Vue.js application from scratch, with each section building upon the code from the previous one.

09 January 2019

Kickstart Your Career with Java Career event and on-site workshops

Eager to kickstart your own career in the software industry? Make the first steps by attending our free hands-on workshops and career event. Learn Java Fundamentals and get ready for Telerik Academy Alpha’s entrance exam.

05 December 2018

Build and Improve Your Social Media Strategy in 2019

Join us at Campus X for an interactive seminar on building a successful social media strategy with Sunay Tamashev, founder and CEO of the New York City based conversational marketing agency Stunning Social.

27 November 2018

Are technology skills your super power or Achilles heel?

Tommy Barlow, Director for EMEA in Pluralsight is going to conduct a discussion about how to uncover skill gaps, create bridge plans, and harness the power of digital disruption and why you need to rethink the way you approach skills development.

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