Angular Sofia Bootcamp
Angular Sofia Bootcamp

Angular Sofia Bootcamp


February 16, 2019 | 10:00 am
Organized by Angular Sofia, Campus X and Telerik Academy


Join the first edition of Angular Sofia Bootcamp, a free workshop that brings together Angular professionals and beginners in one place. You will have the opportunity to gain enough knowledge to become comfortable using the popular platform developed by Google. This workshop is for you if you have prior experience in JavaScript and want to gain or strengthen your knowledge of Angular.


  • Basics of Angular CLI
  • What are Components, how to create them and why we need them
  • What are Directives, built-in directives attribute and structural directives
  • What are Services, and what is Dependency Injection
  • How to create and when to use our own Directives
  • How Angular detects changes
  • What are Decorators and some useful component property; Decorators such as @Input, @Output, @ViewChild
  • What are the Angular Modules, why they exist and how to use them
  • Routing

  • JavaScript knowledge
  • Laptop
  • Installed GIT
  • Installed NodeJS environment
  • Installed Angular CLI 7.2+

  • About the Trainers

    Ilia Idakiev, Founder/Senior Front-Еnd Developer, HILLGRAND
    Nadezhda Petrova, Senior Front-Еnd Developer, Rhyme
    Alexander Vakrilov, Team Lead, Progress
    Aleksander Kostov, Full Stack JavaScript Developer, HILLGRAND

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