How to start a career as a Product Manager in IT


How to start a career as a Product Manager in IT


“The future of the IT sector in Bulgaria is to move towards creating added value and building products. This will happen with more product-minded people.” 

Ivaylo Ivanov, a guest lecturer at Upskill Product Management and the Director of Product Management at Leanplum, shared, and we couldn’t agree more with him.  

The IT industry in Bulgaria has already begun to develop in this direction. We have more and more product companies, and the demand for product managers in IT is also growing.

So, if you are considering a career change or growth, product management is one of the top opportunities. But one crucial question appears.

How to become an in-demand Product Manager? 

Here’s the answer - the most comprehensive Product Management training in Bulgaria. You get all the skills needed to become an in-demand product manager, packed in one program, led by Bulgaria's most renowned practitioners and entrepreneurs. 

But don't take just our word and hear what our alumni have to share about Upskill Product Management. Today they are part of the teams of a leading software company – Progress.

Just a quick note before we start - admission for the program is still open. So, if you find this profession interesting, hurry up and apply by September 2.

Meet Antonia and Stefan 

Antonia Gigova is a Senior Technical Program Manager at Progress, a job she landed soon after graduating from Telerik Academy Upskill Product Management. Before that, her professional experience was mainly in project management.  


“I was looking for a job as a product manager before the Academy, but without any success. I wasn't getting any offers for PM roles. After the Upskill program, I applied to two job postings and received two offers, one of which I am already in an active role. The reason for this success is certainly because of the Academy.”  

For Stefan Stefanov, now a Product Manager at Progress, the 3-month program was a great opportunity to make a career change from a developer to a PM. 

“I had doubts if product manager was the right role for me, but after the Upskill program and working in the field, I know I made the right decision. It is an interesting and dynamic position that makes you feel fulfilled.” 

The Telerik Academy's difference 

“Before Upskill Product Management, I applied 8 times at my current company and never even made it to an interview. After the Academy, I became part of the PM team,” shared Antonia about her journey toward a product manager career and added:   

“I enrolled in several online PM courses, but they didn't give me the depth of knowledge I was looking for. One day, I saw the first edition of the Upskill program and immediately applied. I was not approved, but that did not diminish my desire. I waited a year for the second edition and was accepted.”  

For Stefan, the decision to upskill with Telerik Academy was an easy one. He already knew about us firsthand. 

“A few years ago, my programming journey started with the help of Telerik Academy. Back then, I learned the needed skills and started working in IT very quickly. With Upskill Product Management, the Academy has again proven itself as a well-established place for career change or growth,” he shared.


Hands-on experience 

The curriculum in the program includes all product management skills needed for success. You develop expertise in market research, customer segments, value proposition, competitive analysis, product strategy, OKRs, roadmaps, etc.  

“The program successfully prepared me to start a new job and to feel confident when applying for it. We covered all the assignments, questions, and even books part of the interview in the course. The tasks given by the company were like the hands-on assignments in the Upskill program,” shared Stefan.

Every topic is paired with hands-on assignments, and by the end of the program, the students have developed a full-blown product management strategy, using everything they’ve learned throughout the training. 

“The final project we worked on is a real product simulation. Every element of it is useful to me even now in a real work environment, and I refer to it when needed,” added Antonia.

The most valuable thing 

During the Upskill Product Management program, you learn from renowned practitioners leading globally successful products and companies. And that’s the only place you get access to such a stellar team of experts and be trained and mentored by them. 

“For me, one of the most valuable things was meeting with the trainers - experienced professionals from the IT ecosystem in Bulgaria, entrepreneurs, and founders of leading startups. During the program, they are your mentors and are ready to share their know-how and practical examples - something that you won’t be able to find anywhere else,” explained Antonia.

Advice from the Upskill Product Management alumni 

“Telerik Academy is a gamechanger! It changes everything for you, and there is a huge difference when you graduate from the Academy. Everything you learn during the Upskill Product Management program will be valuable. In the end, you will receive a certificate that will recognize you as a professional in this field by employers,” shared Antonia.

“If you are ready to learn new skills and constantly develop yourself, the product manager role is the right one for you. In Telerik Academy, you will acquire knowledge from the initial stage of the product to the final one. At the end of the program, everything is going to connect naturally,” added Stefan.

Ready to get started? Apply until Sept 2 and become an in-demand product manager in IT.


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