The moment you decided you need a change: Alpha QA stories


The moment you decided you need a change: Alpha QA stories

"In my profession, I achieved more than the maximum and managed to do everything I wanted, yet something was nagging me. Then I found the Alpha QA program, and what I am sure and can tell you quite openly is that if you don't try, you won't understand how great it is," shared Ivan Petkov. Before joining Alpha QA, he was a transportation engineer with years of experience in the field. Today, he is a QA Engineer at Tiger Technology.

Eli Nedyalkova had been a chief accountant for over 20 years when she felt the same nag - she needed a change.

"I saw a career webinar about Alpha QA and decided it's time to accept this challenge ". 

Today, Eli is a QA Automation Engineer at Automate The Planet.

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These are their stories of change, challenges, and, most importantly, about fulfilling your dreams with Alpha QA. 

You can follow them risk-free by starting with the free programming fundamentals course before Alpha QA, as they mentioned during our interview, but you can always check more here. Just don't miss the deadline to apply - January 7!

Eli and Ivan, let's start with a short introduction: Where are you today, and where were you before Alpha QA?

Eli: I'm a junior QA Automation Engineer at Automate the Planet today. I graduated from Alpha QA in 2022 and started in the company as an intern right after that. Before that, I was a chief accountant for many years. But there was this moment when I decided that I needed а change and that it was time to do it. At that time, there was an open admission for Alpha QA, and I watched a career webinar about the program. 

That's when I decided to accept this challenge.

Ivan: Well, I'm currently transitioning between my old career and my new one as a QA Engineer at Tiger Technologies. I believe such a transition is very individual, but if there is one thing I can assure you, it is that I've never had a bigger challenge, but I've never experienced greater happiness!

Telerik Academy is a great place to start your career change if you want to. I can personally guarantee you a complete transition, no matter what you work today, to where you want to be!

Why did you choose Alpha QA?

Eli: In my experience as a chief accountant, I had to work with various software tools intended to assist me, but sometimes I would complete my work not thanks to the software but despite it! 

When I started to think about my career change, I read about the QA profession, and it seemed very close to what I wanted to do - to be on the other side - the side that ensures the quality of the software. Personally, I insist on things happening in the best possible way, which aligns with the profession.

Ivan: The IT sector is brutally large, and it's an honour to be in it. 

The reason to start with QA is that it's an easier way to be part of the sector. Each of us has built a career over the years and, at some point, decides it's not the best for us. QA professionals are highly respected and vital to the whole software process. This is something I found out when I was doing my research on how to transition careers. Of course, it's a profession that expects a lot from us, but it's a little more accessible way to join the IT sector from a different background. 

Ivan, you mentioned research - how did you decide to go with Telerik Academy Alpha?

Ivan: It was very simple for me - there are many training programs on the market with different results. I am a transportation engineer with the primary goal of delivering the highest quality final product for the user. What I saw, examining the entire Alpha QA program - it fit me! I saw an excellent structure and quality, and when I completed the program, I even wanted to keep learning more things in the Academy. My expectations were fully justified! 

And what about you, Eli?

Eli: I've been following the Academy for years, but I wasn't ready for such a significant professional leap. When I started exploring my options, the Academy stood out as an authority in training professionals for the IT sector, and the program duration is only 6 months. I wanted things to happen immediately, in the fastest way possible. It's an intensive program; six months is not a lot, and it could be challenging and intense, but the other factors were leading factors for me.

From today's perspective, I didn't even anticipate the Soft Skills sessions at the beginning of the program. While it was evident that there's an excellent program for technical skills and knowledge, the Soft Skills sessions provide support for all students to tackle the challenges individually in terms of preparation and, simultaneously, to adapt to teamwork. 

The lectures and presentations are excellent, but these are skills that a person doesn't just hear about but must become a part of you. Everything I learned and experienced during the Soft Skills sessions I continue to use and improve in my current work.

What else did you find most valuable in Alpha QA?

Eli: The most valuable aspect is the entire package — the technical skills, which are crucial during job interviews. Everything offered in the program is important; one can build upon it from there. It's comprehensive, covering theoretical knowledge and all modules — the holistic format of the program.

Ivan: The best part is the entire course and the experience! Indeed, Soft Skills and Desi, the trainer, were a uniquely enriching experience, but in no way does the rest of the training lag behind the programming part and the QA. If I questioned why we had Soft Skills sessions at the beginning, I was super grateful in the end. 

However, if I initially had doubts about this step, towards the end, I was super satisfied, and I didn't even know when these six months passed. 

And was the most challenging part of the training for you?

Ivan: The most challenging part was finding the time, being on two jobs, then one, and then breaking my leg. But the most difficult part was justifying the trust - of the trainers, of the people who stood by me and gave their energy. The hard part is to pull yourself together, study, and then enjoy what you've learned.

Eli: Time balance. I was working for half of the program, and it was challenging to accept that things need to be prioritized and that not everything can be perfect - you must choose your priorities. I learned that when you are in a team facing the same challenges, it's better to find common ground, share and ask questions, and seek solutions together. It's beneficial, but it requires work.

What is your advice to everyone considering taking the same steps as you did?

Eli: The Academy allows you to make the first steps with the free fundamentals course before Alpha QA. Then, proceed with the initial months in Alpha, and if you genuinely feel that this is your path, stay motivated because you will succeed. It is a well-balanced combination of knowledge and trainers!

Ivan: Dear people, I have achieved more than the maximum in my profession and managed to do everything I wanted, yet something was nagging me. Then I found this program, and what I am sure and can tell you quite frankly is that if you don't try, you won't understand how great it is. I am sure that those of you who try will not regret it. From there, what and how you will achieve depends on you, but as they say, the sky's the limit—it's up to you.

Ready to reach new heights in your career? The sky's the limit! Take the first step and apply now for the Alpha QA program - start with the free fundamentals course - you have until January 7!

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