The first steppingstone on the way to success


The first steppingstone on the way to success


In a series of blitz interviews, you will get a taste of our alumni`s life before and after Telerik Academy. Today we meet with Stela, Ivan, Marin, Rosen, Stefan, and Stoyan, who are all part of Haemimont's team.

Telerik Academy Alumni at Haemimont

Different backgrounds, shared passion

Our alumni come from various backgrounds – from transport engineering and business administration to visual arts. For instance, Stoyan has previously studied business administration while Stela holds a degree in photography and used to be a graphic designer.

Nevertheless, all of them have something in common – a strong motivation to jumpstart their IT careers.

How did Telerik Academy help you jumpstart your career? 

Stela: I had zero knowledge and experience in the field of programming prior to joining Telerik Academy, so for me, the education itself helped me jumpstart my career.

Ivan: First, the training covers everything—from the basics of programming algorithms to developing an end-to-end real-world project. Second, Telerik Academy has an extensive network of partners, who are very engaged and interested in growing the students’ skills. For example, the final project is assigned by partners who also provide help and mentorship.

Marin: I read a lot of materials and enrolled in a couple of courses while learning the basics. When researching, Telerik Academy stood out as the best choice. The program is very well designed and has top-notch trainers. The courses are fast paced, tightly packed and provide essential knowledge. Every new project adds to what we’ve previously learned. The partner network is another big plus, as it provides an opportunity to work with professionals on real-world projects.

Stoyan: Telerik Academy helped me jumpstart my career by providing me with the tech and non-tech skills necessary to successfully apply for a junior developer position.

How did your life change after graduating from Telerik Academy?

Rosen: My main goal was to change my occupation and Telerik Academy is what helped me do exactly that in just 6 months.

Marin: After graduating I had a couple of job interviews and I accepted an offer from Haemimont. Every day now I communicate with professionals and dive deeper into software development. The Academy was hard and sometimes stressful, but it was definitely a good investment. It did exactly what it promised - it helped me start my IT career.

Stela: Joining Telerik Academy Alpha was a very good investment, as it helped me learn new things and start on a totally different career path.

Stefan: Telerik Academy Alpha connects you with experts from the tech industry.

Why did you choose to join Haemimont ?  

Ivan: What I like the most about Haemimont is the colleagues. There are a lot of smart and experienced people here from whom I can learn a lot.

Marin: Haemimont offers an opportunity to work in a big software company with the latest technologies. It has a friendly work atmosphere and massive opportunities for professional development. 

Rosen: I liked the company’s product from the moment I saw Haemimont’s presentation at Telerik Academy. During the final projects, I realized that here I can significantly improve my knowledge.

Stefan: The company’s presentation at Telerik Academy was very impressive and helped me make my decision.

Stela: I chose Haemimont because of the opportunity to learn and develop my new skills, the atmosphere, and the quality of the work that people do here.

Stoyan: What makes Haemimont stand out from other companies is that we can start working on production code without too much onboarding. Also, the colleagues are very helpful and knowledgeable.

Kickstart your IT career

Follow Marin`s advice: 

“Telerik Academy is the first steppingstone. A really big one, but there are more on the way to climb. Don’t stop learning new things.”

Apply to the upcoming Telerik Academy Alpha programs and transform your life.


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