The key to success: keep going


The key to success: keep going


Zvezdy Telerik Academy Alumni

Zvezdy has studied Informatics at the University of Plovdiv and worked as a front-end designer with HTML/CSS for about 5 years before joining the Academy to upgrade her skills and boost her career. After graduating from Telerik Academy Alpha, she joined the ranks of Accenture, where she works as a front-end developer.

Taking the leap
“For years I’ve only worked on the HTML/CSS part of websites and apps, skills that are no longer relevant in the industry. I decided to take the leap and join Telerik Academy. It helped me fill my knowledge gaps and give me an inside look into some of the top Bulgarian IT companies, “shares Zvezdy.

A life-changing experience
Zvezdy believes that graduating from Telerik Academy has been the best investment she has ever made.

“Yes, it was challenging, yes – there were many sleepless nights of coding, there were times when I felt like I’m the only one in the room that doesn’t get it, but it all paid off in the end. The Alpha program gave me the opportunity to find a new job where I can develop my newly acquired skills.”

Further, Zvezdy`s time at Telerik Academy allowed her to meet a bunch of wonderful new friends. Also, the program introduced her to a great mentor, who helped her throughout the program and continues to inspire her to date.

Landing the dream job
In her role as a front-end developer at Accenture Bulgaria, Zvezdy’s key responsibilities include User Experience and developing the best solutions for the company’s clients.

“What excites me most about my job is that I get to work on different projects and constantly learn about new technologies and solutions. Accenture is a huge company with many diverse projects under its belt, so every new project is thrilling and different.”

According to Zvezdy, Accenture stands out as an employer because it offers full support for personal and professional growth, providing various training, based on the employees’ wishes and needs.

“Accenture also allows you to change tracks if you decide that’s what you want – everyone is fully supportive if you want to make a rotation to a different development stack within the company. Not to mention the great office and cool colleagues,” as she adds.

Advice to the new junior masters
When asked what advice she would give to the new Telerik Academy students, Zvezdy replies:

“Keep going - it doesn’t get easier, but it gets better and more fun. Don’t give up when you get stuck on a piece of code. Search and ask away – there’s always someone to help you get through. And when you do, you’ll feel accomplished and know what to do next time you encounter that problem. If you’ve already decided to join the Academy – congrats, it’s the best thing to do to start your IT career.”

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