Telerik Academy's Career Guidance 2.0: Helping Graduates During and in the Post COVID-19 World


Telerik Academy Launches Career Guidance 2.0 to Help Graduates During and in the Post COVID-19 World


You know that finding your dream job is not an easy endeavor, and it could be even more challenging today in a post-COVID-19 world. But in uncertain times, the best thing to do is move forward. Standing still can feel safer for all of us, but it can also deprive us of happiness, progress, and ultimately reaching our goals.

That is why it is essential to be eager to learn, to quickly adapt, and to have a forward-looking mindset. And if your dream job is in the IT sector and you are thinking of embarking on this journey, we will help you get there.

A soft skill trainer presenting in front of Telerik Academy students

We know how to do it, and we have been doing it for more than a decade. And just like you, we keep changing and growing to answer your needs and those of the local software industry. Our mission since day one is and has always been to advance personal development and professional careers, and grow our partners’ businesses. And we feel today this mission is more critical than ever.

We will keep doing so because we believe in peoples’ dreams for a change, their enthusiasm to grow, and build better lives for themselves and their families. We believe in you.

So, now let us share with you the latest change that we have made to our Telerik Academy Alpha program and how it will further help you on your path to a successful IT career. 

Helping Our Graduates Before, During and in a Post COVID-19 World

The Career Guidance program has always been part of our Alpha courses, and more specifically – the Soft Skills training – which is dedicated to helping students develop their ability to manage feedback and expectations, ask the right questions, prioritize, and stick to the high-value activities.

Just before you graduate from Telerik Academy Alpha, the Career Guidance program starts with one goal – to help you find and be ready for your first job in the IT sector. 

This includes:

  • Counsel on how to craft and design your portfolio and CV 

  • Running mock job interviews to prepare you for the real ones 

  • Discussion on common mistakes during the job-hunting process and guidance on how to avoid them 

  • Hosting group meetings between graduates for sharing experience during the job-hunting process 

But now, in a post-COVID-19 world, the situation is different, and we quickly adapted. We had to extend the program to better address the “new normal”.

Two Telerik Academy students discussing a task during classes

Based on our vast experience, and because we know and understand the IT sector, through our constant communication with the business, listening to all companies that are part of this ecosystem and our students, we knew what we had to do to further support you. 

This is how Career Guidance 2.0 was born.

With version 2.0, you’ll benefit from additional counseling, practical knowledge, meetings, and training that will help you navigate the situation and be successful during and post COVID-19. 

Career Guidance 2.0 

The program kicks in at the final stages of your education and continues up to 12 months (even after you start work). During that time, we focus on several key elements.


We called the first one Support because it includes different types and levels of help that our soft skills trainers provide to all Telerik Academy Alpha graduates. Just to mention some of them:

  • We help you define your first steps after graduation, so you won’t get lost and overwhelmed by the process – how to prioritize the companies that best suit you, how to look for useful feedback and communicate with the companies. 

  • We organize group and individual meetings for support, discussions, and experience sharing. 

  • We also invite mentors, tech trainers, and alumni to share with you their support and valuable experience gained in real-world scenarios. 

  • We provide you with useful and curated materials like newsletters, blogs, and other types of content that can be helpful during the job-hunting process. The content is on both soft and tech topics, including advice like how to be productive and the nitty-gritty of the process of hiring new talent, etc. 

2. Job Hunting

Telerik Academy’s soft skill trainers monitor closely the job-hunting process of each student to provide personalized support and advice on how to be productive during the job-hunting process.

  • Career Guidance advises from our soft skill trainers. There are various topics, including counsel during the process of making a CV, how to be proactive, how to prepare for the job application process, etc. 

  • Bi-weekly newsletter with open positions that best fit your profile. 

  • A detailed explanation of the hiring process, for example, you must expect that it takes time for a company to respond to a candidate’s job.  

  • We share valuable tips and tricks on how to expand your work network through career events, IT events, and relevant communities. We have also created an Alpha Space place to keep all of this information, so it is easy for all students to use it.

Two Telerik Academy students discussing a task during classes 

3. Tech Skills Maintenance

  • You will receive carefully curated recommendations from our tech trainers on books and popular blogs to keep you informed about the newest trends and technologies. This will happen once or twice a month. 

  • Our trainers will provide you with guidance on how to start your own small projects that are interesting to you, thus practicing and expanding your knowledge.  

  • These are additional opportunities for upskilling, and you will receive feedback on how to improve your project, and what new technologies you can use. 

We mentioned regular meetings on a few occasions because of their importance. Only through communication, we can be helpful enough and offer all the necessary support.  

During the meetings, Telerik Academy trainers will provide you with personalized guidance, and you will have the opportunity to share your experience during the job hunting process, the challenges you have met, and to receive advice on how to tackle them.

“I left my job to pursue a career in the IT industry. I had no time to waste, and Telerik Academy is the fastest and most effective way to become a developer. My friends who have vast experience in programming strongly recommended Telerik Academy. When you know that you are entering a battle, you take your biggest weapon. That’s why I chose Telerik Academy“Stanimir Kolev, a Telerik Academy graduate who now works at Codix.

Telerik Academy: We Are Next to You

Career Guidance 2.0 is an essential part of our Alpha programs, but there is so much more to them. Very soon we will talk in detail on how we are able to take you from little or no knowledge in programming to a successful Master Junior developer in just 6 months.

This is our mission. We teach you all the technical and soft skills you’ll need. Our trainers build lasting connections with all of our students because this is the only way to be successful and trusted mentors. They will pass their knowledge onto you, and more importantly - they will turn you in a life-long learner, eager to grow.

Be relentless and keep going forward!

Apply to Telerik Academy Alpha and be part of the IT industry.


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