Stanimir, Lead Trainer Telerik Academy Upskill React: It all started with C and curiosity


Stanimir, Lead Trainer Telerik Academy Upskill React: It all started with C and curiosity


Meet Stanimir, a senior software consultant at VMware.

He has 13+ years of experience in programming, and his expertise spans across IT Infrastructure, Security, Retail, and Healthcare. Stanimir is skilled in domains such as Object-Oriented Design and Programming, Functional Programming, Architecture, Design Pattern, Web Development (JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Node), and IT Infrastructure Automation.

But most importantly, Stanimir is the lead trainer for Telerik Academy Upskill React and one of your mentors during the 3-month program.

Photo of Stanimir Telerik Academy Upskill React Lead Trainer in front of a building

A mentor is someone who takes a special interest in helping you augment your skills. Stanimir will teach you the technical side of React, and he will also share his personal experience. He will be your guide and will lead you through all the steps so you can fully understand React.

That is why you must get to know him. 

Hi, Stanimir, we already know that you are an experienced developer. Can you share something more about you? 

Hi, all! There are so many other things, but I’ll share two of them. I am passionate about extreme sports like snowboard and boxing. An interesting fact is that I competed in the national boxing championship. Beyond that, I love reading books that help me improve my skills.  

Speaking about that - is there a book that every programmer should read? 

I highly recommend the second edition of Code Complete by Steve McConnell. 

How did you decide to become a developer? How it all started?  

It all started with curiosity, which is still my driving force. When I was in high school, I came across a book about programming with C. I was fascinated by how you can create something from a text. During my high school years, I continued to expand my skills in programming and internet technologies. That’s when I created my first website.

The next logical step for me was a university degree in Informatics.

Which was the first technology or programming language that resonated with you? 

It was JavaScript! In the last couple of years the technology has rapidly advanced and today you can use it virtually everywhere. 

You said curiosity is still your driving force. Can you share how much time you spend outside your work hours to keep upskilling? 

As developers, we work in a very dynamic environment. The only way to stay relevant and stand out from the crowd is to keep learning and augmenting our skillset. I try to devote at least 10% of my time to study new things and experiment with new technologies. 

Can you recommend three experts that every developer should follow online? 

Yes, absolutely. There are a lot of interesting people to follow online so you can have a constant stream of information. But if I must pick three of them, I will first go with Neal Ford, who is part of ThoughtWorks. They have something like a tech radar for the development of software technologies. He regularly shares intriguing information about software architecture. 

The second one is Dan Wahlin, who is a software consultant. He shares valuable articles and courses for web developers. 

And then there is Dan Abramov. I highly recommend everyone interested in React to follow him. He is part of the team that shaped the library and is one of the creators of Redux. Through his profile, you will find valuable guidelines on how to use React. 

Speaking about React - do you have a favorite open source project built with React? 

There are a lot of exciting open-source projects, so it’s hard to point out just one. But if I must choose, I will go with Ant-design - a compilation of React components. 

Quick React test - how can you explain Virtual DOM in just a couple of words? 

Well, it’s not something that simple, but I have a short explanation. It’s an elegant way to understand what and where we have to update in HTML DOM.  

Why Telerik Academy Upskill React is a great way for developers to augment their skills? 

React is a powerful library that changed the way we create web applications. It has become the go-to technology when you want to develop a web app. With our comprehensive React course, you'll augment your programming skills and learn how to use React effectively through real-world projects. This will help you advance your career as a web developer with the most popular JavaScript library in the world. And you can do all of this in just 3 months. 

Thank you, Stanimir!  

Augment your developer's skillset and take your career to the next level with Telerik Academy Upskill React. Here’s how to do it. 


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