Studying at Telerik Academy Alpha: 4 alumni share their experience


Studying at Telerik Academy Alpha: 4 alumni share their experience

So, you want to join the IT sector and become a developer? That's a great career choice! The software industry is among the highest-paid and future-proof sectors with growing demand and endless opportunities.

But to succeed with programming, you must first prepare yourself with the skills companies demand. And we know the shortest path to do it! 

It's called Telerik Academy Alpha!

Can you imagine that with the help of the Alpha team, in just 6 months, you'll be able to create real-world applications and master the tech and soft skills needed to get hired as a Junior Developer? 

But not only that! In such a short period, you will also build a professional-grade portfolio to showcase your skills, enhance your teamwork, communication and personal skills, connect with leading IT companies and prepare to excel in your new career. 

So, when we say we know a short way to your IT career, you can be sure it's also the right one - Telerik Academy Alpha.

We know it because we have helped more than 1400 people just like you in the last 5 years to launch their IT careers and change their lives. And 70% of our graduates started a job in the software sector within 1 to 3 months of completing the programs. Amazing, isn't it?

But don't just take our word for it. Hear what 4 of our alumni have to say. The people who started with zero coding skills decided to join our Alpha programs and are working as developers in leading IT companies today. 

Here's what they shared about studying at Telerik Academy Alpha

Veselin Bresnishki, Software Developer at ICB


Veselin Bresnishki had no previous experience with programming when he applied for Telerik Academy Alpha. But only 3 weeks after graduating, he received a job offer from ICB and started his IT career as a software developer.

“Telerik Academy Alpha is an adventure as you go through different stages - excitement, passion, curiosity about what's next, and even competition, but it’s not against anyone else but yourself. You understand that you could improve your learning methods, and with the help of the soft skills trainers, you manage to adapt. The moment you realize that this is so much more than just a bootcamp is when you decide to seek help from the technical trainers outside of the program's scheduled hours. Everyone from the Academy works for your success!  

The most important lesson is never to compare yourself with your colleagues, but only to who you were yesterday. You'll see the difference and how much you've learned in just a week.

Looking back, there were a couple of stand-out moments for me – when I was admitted to the Alpha program; when we were divided into buddy groups; when I met my colleagues, and, of course, the moment I received a job offer 10 days after graduating. 

And one more thing. It's never too late to step out of your comfort zone and realize that's when the real adventure begins. Nothing is impossible with the right people, lots and lots of effort and short-term sacrifices. Anything is achievable! Now it's your turn to do it!”  

Iskren Gyorev, Software Developer at MentorMate


Today Iskren Gyorev is a Software Developer at MentorMate. A job offer he received only 1 week after Telerik Academy Alpha - the program that helped him go from absolute beginner to Junior Master. 

“Telerik Academy Alpha is one of the most important, rewarding and emotional experiences in my life. I learned a lot during the 6 months - technical skills and how to develop myself on a personal level. During the Academy, I met amazing people anyone would like to know - colleagues, trainers and everyone else part of this experience. Graduating from Telerik Academy is only the beginning - you are just starting to pave your way to success.” 

Stefan Nikolov, Software developer at CleverPine


Stefan Nikolov decides to change his professional direction and pursue a career as a software developer. He chose Telerik Academy Alpha to do it. And clearly, that's the right choice. Today, Stefan is a software developer at CleverPine. 

“What a journey! Telerik Academy Alpha was a unique and meaningful experience that resulted in me getting a job offer at the first interview and starting work immediately. It was all worth it!” 

Antoniya Lambova, Developer at Amusnet Interactive

Antoniya-Lambova-Alpha JavaScript-Studying-Telerik-Academy-5-alumni-share-their-experience

Antoniya Lambova's road to success is no different than the other alpha alumni. She dedicated 6 months, and the results came soon after graduating from Telerik Academy Alpha. Today she is a Developer at Amusnet Interactive. 

“Telerik Academy Alpha was a challenge for me. But one of the good ones - you know it is worth it, and you know you'll miss it when it's over. I gained solid technical knowledge and polished my soft skills. I improved my skills to work in small and big teams, share responsibilities and meet strict deadlines, and I made new friendships. My only regret is not applying for the Alpha program sooner!” 

Do you want to follow them and launch your successful IT career in 6 months? 

Apply for Telerik Academy Alpha and join the leading industry in Bulgaria! 


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