Schwarz IT: We are committed to creating groundbreaking solutions which will change the global IT services map


Yana Papardova, Schwarz IT: We are committed to creating groundbreaking solutions which will change the global IT services map

Schwarz IT Bulgaria is the digital heartbeat of the largest European retailer - Schwarz Group.

The company is also part of our ever-growing partner network! We were excited to learn more about its mission and commitment to invest in the development of junior IT talent.

We were lucky to have the opportunity to talk to Yana Papardova, HR Manager at Schwarz IT Bulgaria - the best person to answer all our questions and to give us a sneak peek into the company!

photo of yana papardova Schwarz IT, telerik academy partner

“We were established in December 2020, following the merger of two high-tech and extremely capable teams - those of Kaufland Service IT Hub and Lidl Digital,” Yana Papardova explained.

The company provides diverse IT solutions to all divisions of the Group: the recycling company PreZero, the production company Schwarz Produktion and the well-known competing retail chains Lidl and Kaufland. 

“We were the first IT company owned by the global group to be launched outside of Germany. The main factor for choosing Bulgaria as a location is the well-educated IT talents, eager to develop a professional career,” Yana Papardova added.

Schwarz IT’s mission

As Yana Papardova shared with us, the Schwarz IT team is committed to securing the diverse, global day-to-day business of the Schwarz Group with stable, secure, efficient, and high-performance IT solutions.

One of the impressive technologies that the Bulgaria team works on is STACKIT - a cloud solution developed by Schwarz Group.

But that’s not all because the local office has teams working in the field of BI, AI, Data Services, SAP ABAP, mobile applications for iOS and Android, and even an infrastructure unit, to name a few. 

It’s interesting to understand how much technology there is today in the retail industry!

“We are passionate about exploring and developing future solutions that bring innovations and set new standards of customer experience - for the companies we work for and for their clients,” Yana Papardova added.

Investment in junior talent

Schwarz IT has a long history of supporting young talents and developing their tech skills through its own Academy and partnerships with selected Bulgarian schools and universities, which prepare future IT professionals. Thus, supporting the growth of the local IT talents and retaining them in Bulgaria.

“Our Academy is an immense investment on our side – not just financially, but also in terms of time and efforts of our colleagues, who have created the program with great enthusiasm and care. The combination of offering such valuable training and providing a workplace with attractive conditions fulfills Schwarz IT’s mission to keep quality professionals in Bulgaria,“ she added.

“Last but not least, our company prides itself on maintaining a vibrant and diverse community of experienced professionals and young talents who work together in providing impeccable service and IT solutions.”

Partnering with Telerik Academy

“Telerik Academy is the perfect partner to complement our educational programs and partnerships with Academia. We highly value Telerik Academy's efforts in providing up-to-date trainings that interest young generations and prepare them for future skills,” shared Yana Papardova.

Schwarz IT offers exciting career opportunities for our Master Junior IT talents to keep growing and developing their skillsets.

“We offer diverse prospects, and we’d be excited to tell them more about them,” added Yana Papardova.

What's next for Schwarz IT? Here's the answer!

We are excited to share that Schwarz IT has received a certificate for investment class A under the Law on Investment Promotion from the Ministry of Economics, which will support the company in opening 100 new positions. “We have already started hiring, and we can’t wait to have other young enthusiasts on board!”, shares Yana and adds:

“We are witnessing unprecedented change, which provides so many opportunities to co-create, innovate, and explore. The future of shopping, the future of production, the future of data – we are actively participating in building a better world for ourselves and the generations to come. Our ambitions span way further than just providing a great IT service; we are committed to creating groundbreaking solutions which will change the global IT services map. We would be glad to have you on board while we are doing this!”.

Are you looking to jumpstart your career in IT? Find out more about our Telerik Academy Alpha programs. Are you a company seeking Master Junior talent? Then go through our business page or contact us directly.

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