7 Graduates Share: The Best Thing About Telerik Academy Alpha


7 Graduates Share: The Best Thing About Telerik Academy Alpha

It’s a fact that software developers are among the most in-demand and well-paid specialists in Bulgaria. Even during these challenging times.

And the good news is that you don’t need a degree in computer science or math to become one. You can be fresh out of school, with more than ten years of experience in something unrelated, or everything in between.

You need to be motivated, persistent, and proactive.

And to go through one of our life-changing Alpha programs.

photo of telerik academy alpha graduates

We are calling them “life-changing“ because we’ve seen it happen so many times for the last almost 12 years - today, our graduates power some of the leading tech companies! For many of them, programming was something completely new - but through our intensive 6-month Alpha training, those pursuing a career landed their dream jobs in IT.

The secret sauce? It is a combination of many and varied elements, including:

  • Intensive training - 40+ hours of training weekly help you master the skills tech companies demand in no more than 6 months.
  • 100% focus on practice - Every class is combined with hands-on assignments, hackathons, workshops, and projects. You finish the program with a strong portfolio of real-world projects.
  • Always an expert by your side - You get a personalized training approach, consultations, and individual development plans through the program from the tech and soft skills trainers. During the program, you have at least 5-6 mentors.
  • Strong community - You study in a tight-knit group of motivated learners.
  • Enhanced soft skills - 20% of the program is dedicated to polishing your personal and teamwork skills.
  • Jumpstart your career - Meet our hiring partners, get dedicated career coaching and technical interview preparation - our soft skills trainers guide you to launching and excelling at your new career.
We can tell you more about the impact of our Alpha programs, but it’s better to hear it from those who have experienced it firsthand, our alumni! During different career webinars, we asked some of them what is the best thing about our trainings.

Here are their answers.

Radi Arnaudov, Developer at Sirma Business Consulting

Photos of radi arnaudov, telerik academy alpha graduate with telerik academy trainers

“I really liked how intensive the program is! For just 6 months, you acquire all the necessary skills to be a successful developer. This is one of the reasons to choose the Alpha program,” shared Radi Arnaudov. He kickstarted his IT career less than a month after graduation.

The Soft Skills lectures helped me work better in a team, improved my emotional intelligence, and how to be an active listener - skills that I use even outside work and in my personal life.“

Zvezdelina Djokova, Software Engineer at EPAM Systems

Photos of zvezdelina djokova, telerik academy alpha graduate with telerik academy trainers

“I tried to learn JavaScript on my own, but to no avail. The Academy gives you a structured approach and hands-on training. Another essential thing is the soft skills lectures that are helping you to work better in a team. For example, how to communicate better with your colleagues in the group so that everyone is happy and satisfied“.

Hristina Stanoeva, Software Engineer at GVC Group

Photos of hristina stanoeva, telerik academy alpha graduate with telerik academy trainers

“For me, the most valuable part of the training is the tech skills, but also how it changes the way you think and approach issues. Another valuable part of the Alpha program is the soft skills trainings because today, it’s not enough to be a great expert, but you also must be a team player. And last, but definitely not least, the personalized guidance on creating a CV, career coaching, and the technical interview preparation that will help you stand out.”

Stefan Petrov, Software Engineer at Haemimont

Photos of stefan petrov, telerik academy alpha graduate with telerik academy trainers

“Working together with outer students in a real-world-like work environment! Being part of a team and being able to give and receive effective feedback, to meet people from the business, and to work on practical assignments - this is the best part and what helped me for my quick IT career jumpstart.”

Gergana Tsvetkova, Software Development Engineer at Zühlke Group

Photos of gergana tsvetkova, telerik academy alpha graduate with telerik academy trainers

“The trainers! They are completely devoted to your success, giving more than you could have expected. I’d never seen anything like this before - somebody who wants to train you, to see you succeed and be happy for what you have achieved. The group is tight-knit, and you always have an expert by your side - your trainers, mentors, or colleagues. We all help each other so that we can all be successful.”

Nikolay Todorov, Front-end Developer at Soft2Run

Photos of nikolay todorov, telerik academy alpha graduate with telerik academy trainers

“Working in a team! You are responsible for your own success and the success of your colleagues as well - and this is invigorating!”

Georgi Pavlov, Front-end Developer at Gtmhub

Photos of georgi pavlov, telerik academy alpha graduate with telerik academy trainers

“During the Academy, you learn how important it is to keep learning and not be afraid of that. As a result, no matter what obstacle you meet in your work, you’ll overcome it!”

Now it’s your turn

Join Telerik Academy Alpha and launch your successful IT career in 6 months!


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