ScaleFocus, Software AG, Coca-Cola and Next Solutions expand partnership with Telerik Academy


ScaleFocus, Software AG, Coca-Cola and Next Solutions expand partnership with Telerik Academy


At Telerik Academy, our number one goal is to power companies with master junior talent and to prepare our students to land their first jobs in IT. We do it by teaching them all the necessary technical skills and transforming them into lifelong learners who are open to feedback and always strive to improve. 

Graduates Telerik Academy Alpha Java

As a result, ~70% of our graduates move on to the next level within their first year on the job. According to our partners, our master junior developers are faster to integrate with the team - in some cases, they need just 1-2 months. 

While they may lack the vast experience of the senior developers, they compensate with their flexible thinking and hunger for knowledge and new skills. This way, the team can be sure that with the right guidance, they will grow into great developers and QAs - a perfect fit for the company. 

The secret sauce? In a nutshell, it is a combination of the way we train them and how we keep upgrading and augmenting our programs based on our decade-long experience and the feedback from the business itself.

The winning team composition

We believe that this is the reason why over 80 of the top tech companies chose us as their partner. We are happy to announce that we continue our partnership with one of the biggest software companies in Bulgaria - ScaleFocusSoftware AGCoca-Cola, Next Solutions. This, combined with the success of our alumni, is the greatest evidence that we are on the right track. 

Our partners have first-hand access to our top talents. They have in-depth information for every student, including technical results, trainer references, and comprehensive behavioral assessment. To top it off, the companies get to know our students in person during on-site presentations and Open House visits. 

This is the easiest way to hand-pick your future junior developers. The ones, who would be the perfect glue for building and sustaining a great team.

Telerik Academy's partners

Are you looking to jumpstart your career in IT? Find out more about our Telerik Academy Alpha programs. Are you a company seeking master junior talent? Then go through our business page or contact us directly. 


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