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Telerik Academy master junior talent

Ever fell into the temptation to adopt a senior dev only hiring approach?  Seniors, while they do have extensive experience, might be costly and hard to attract and retain, if they’re your only option.

What’s the alternative? Augmenting your team with master junior developers. Here’s why it makes sense to bring them on board and how they’re different from traditional junior developers.

Benefits of hiring junior tech talent

Invest rather than spend

Salaries in the software industry in Bulgaria are skyrocketing. They`re more than 3 times the national average with an expected growth of 5% in 2018, according to the latest BASSCOM Barometer Report.

Facing a shortage of engineers, tech businesses outbid each other for talent, thus artificially inflating the wages in the sector. Not to mention the fact that job-hopping has become the new norm for some senior IT specialists.

Looking for an alternative? Motivated junior developers can deliver effective work while lowering your cost per hire. If they have access to sufficient educational resources and guidance, juniors could quickly start contributing.

Hear a fresh perspective

Having solid experience with a certain project or product is a big asset. However, some experienced professionals might get stuck in set ways of solving problems. By adding juniors in the team, you’re bringing a fresh perspective, boosting your team‘s overall creativity and problem-solving skills.

Hone your employees’ leadership skills

The great thing about mentoring is that it’s often rewarding for both sides. Juniors are given a chance to gain knowledge and experience whereas seniors can reinforce their knowledge and leadership skills. Furthermore, the mentoring model stimulates a culture where asking questions and solving problems together are encouraged.

What’s a master junior?

Telerik Academy’s graduates are often called master juniors. But what makes them different? Our partners report that the Academy’s alumni start delivering 2 to 3 times faster than other juniors and are quick to move on to the next career level within their first year on the job. These results are achieved through highly intensive training programs, including onsite lectures with a practical focus and an emphasis on developing their soft skills with the help of leading trainers and mentors.

Telerik Academy is currently partnering with over 60 of the top tech companies in Bulgaria, including Experian, Chaos Group, ScaleFocus, Accenture, Tick 42, Grafixoft, Progress, Gtmhub, and many others.

Telerik Academy junior talent

A flying start by the numbers

Here’re some statistics proving that our master juniors deserve their title:

  • 68% are employed within 2 months after graduation
  • 12% start directly as “Regular” developers
  • 67% move on to the next career level within their first year on the job
  • 91% think that Telerik Academy helped their fast career growth

Loyal and eager to learn

Some of the key differentiating qualities of Telerik Academy’s alumni are their loyalty and a life-long learning attitude. In fact, our research shows that 87% of our graduates find learning new programming languages and technologies easy, which prepares them for the dynamic changes in the software environment. At the same time, only 7% have stayed with their employer less than 12 months before switching companies.

Master Junior Talent - Telerik Academy

What’s in for tech companies?

One of the prerequisites to successfully scaling your team is control and predictability of the recruitment funnel. Talented and motivated hires are the backbone of every prosperous business. Therefore, investing in well-trained junior specialists is one of the most sustainable ways to secure your company’s long-term growth.

“Around 15% of our employees are Telerik Academy alumni. They have both the tech skills needed and the attitude of life-long learners. Most importantly, they get up to speed much faster than most junior developers – in some cases within the first few days,” says the co-founder of Tick 42, Stoyan Damov.

 “It was a natural choice to continue our valuable partnership with Telerik Academy, having behind us a number of success stories of incredibly talented academy graduates joining our family. Working alongside with top-performing, passionate and forward-thinking engineers inspires us to give our best every day, reaching our utmost potential in the fastest way possible,” Radoslav Gaydarski, CEO, Upnetix.

Ready to power your company? Find out more about Telerik Academy’s master juniors.


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