Negometrix and Sutherland join Telerik Academy’s growing partner network


Negometrix and Sutherland join Telerik Academy’s growing partner network


Every team that wants to be successful must have the right mix of professionals at a different level of their careers and bring range of expertise and fresh perspective. Think experienced people, leaders, stars, junior talent eager to learn more.

We are here to help businesses build these successful teams.

Only by leveraging their teams’ creative and technical power, they can keep scaling and growing. Our mission is to connect the right junior talent with the business, thus helping both parties - the juniors to develop into experienced professionals and the companies to keep expanding their products or services.

As a pioneer in tech education in Bulgaria, we are happy that our graduates fuel the teams of hundreds of organizations, big and small, local and multinational.

Photo of Telerik Academy graduates

Because of that and our stellar record, more and more businesses are joining our partner network of 85+ companies. We are thrilled to welcome Negometrix and Sutherland as partners of Telerik Academy! Also,, Coca-Cola, HedgeServ, and Tick42 are expanding their partnership and actively looking to grow their teams.

Here is what the newest members of our network say about our partnership and the importance of hiring Master Junior talent:

„In Sutherland, we believe in developing talent and providing new opportunities for people who are willing to learn and develop in the technical world and become part of our best-in-class Enterprise Technical Support teams. Partnering with Telerik Academy puts us in a unique position to achieve this goal together“,  Ahmed ElAttar, Director of Enterprise Talent Acquisition, Sutherland.

“During the past 10 years, Telerik Academy established itself as the leader in IT education for people looking to start their careers as developers. We partner with Telerik Academy, because we know their graduates not only have solid technical skills but also posses the motivation and the attitude to learn and develop as people“, Ianko Kostadinov, Managing Director, Negometrix Bulgaria.

The Successful Recipe: Add Master Junior Talent

Just as our partners pointed out, the role of junior talent and its development is crucial for every company. They bring a contagious energy to the team and open new opportunities for more experienced people who are willing to learn and develop by sharing their knowledge.

Based on our experience we can add that junior developers:

  • Make products better by experiencing them with fresh eyes and asking the right questions;
  • Can come up with new solutions to old problems;
  • Are eager to learn and have a huge capacity to grow into strong and loyal developers and future leaders;
  • Remind the seasoned experts in the team why they chose this profession in the first place.

Bob Waghorne, CTO of our partners of HedgeServ, told it even better.

“As the technology landscape changes so rapidly, partnering with Telerik Academy has provided us with new highly skilled young engineers. Telerik Academy’s graduates bring excellent new energy and fresh ideas!”

He also added that our master junior talents see things from a different perspective thus improving their processes.

“For the past year, we were lucky to have 7 talents from Telerik Academy joining our technology team. We are committed to continuing to hire top talents and providing them with the support they need to grow with us and to become managers of the future. We are glad to have Telerik Academy as a trusted partner in this journey,“  Mr. Waghorne explained.

List with the logos of Telerik Academy partners

Are you looking to jumpstart your career in IT? Find out more about our Telerik Academy Alpha programs. Are you a company seeking Master Junior talent? Then go through our business page or contact us directly.

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