Ivaylo's Story: Becoming a Data Engineer through Alpha Python


Ivaylo's Story: Becoming a Data Engineer through Alpha Python

Ivaylo Penchev had always been interested in technology and programming. He believed that "programming is one of the most valuable skills one can acquire". That's why he decided to step outside his comfort zone and jump into the world of tech. So, he applied for our program Alpha Python

In the next 6 months, Ivaylo mastered the tech and soft skills needed to kickstart his IT career and met his future employer. During the career days in the last module of Alpha Python, he had the chance to learn more about our partners, including The Coca-Cola Company. Today, Ivaylo is part of their team as a Junior Data Engineer. 

This is his story! 

Remember - if you apply to Alpha Python by September 24, you can join our free programming fundamentals course and get over 25 hours of instructor-led training, access to a closed learning group, mentorship and learning material. The course is the best way to find out if programming is for you and prepare for the Alpha Python entrance exam. 


Hi, Ivaylo! Let's start from the beginning – what were you doing before Telerik Academy? How did you decide that it was time for a change? 

Before shifting my attention to the IT sector, I was and, in fact, still am studying "Economics and Finance". I did a 6-month internship at a bank and worked a year and a half as a Day Trader. My observations then (as well as now) were that in recent years we had witnessed the world become more digital and interconnected, with the development of the technologies allowing us to do seemingly impossible things 30 years ago. I believe that programming is one of the most valuable skills one can acquire to be part of this fast-moving, innovative world. Therefore, I decided to make a change and start learning more about it.   

What made you choose Telerik Academy Alpha Python?  

I wanted to act fast, and the 6-month Alpha Python program was the best choice. I did my research by asking a few friends who had graduated from Telerik Academy and received positive feedback about the program and their realization upon graduating. 

What was your biggest challenge during the program, and how did you overcome it? 

Because I didn't have previous programming experience before the Alpha Python program, my biggest challenge was dealing with uncertainty about understanding all this new information. Therefore, I ensured that I always had enough time to study each topic and practise the learned material.

What did you find most valuable in the Alpha Python program? 

The best thing about Telerik Academy Alpha Python is that through the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge and with the help of the technical trainers, you can constantly apply the new things you learn, which helps you to understand them better. Towards the end of the program, it is very helpful that the soft skills trainers help you craft your CV and prepare for the interview process. Telerik Academy also organizes Career Days, where you can attend the presentations of some of their partners, learn valuable information and ask questions freely. That's when I first met the Coca-Cola Company team. 

You work as a Junior Data Engineer at the Coca-Cola Company. Can you share more about your job? 

It's my second month in the company now, and I am thrilled to be part of the team. Everyone is very friendly to me, and I acquire new knowledge and skills daily. 

Thank you for this conversation. We wish you the best of luck, and before we say goodbye, we have one last question - what advice would you give to our new Telerik Academy students?

My advice for people who are considering starting a career in the IT sector would be to invest in themselves and give it a try – do some research, ask people with experience for advice, learn a few things and see if you like it because you can never know if it's the right thing for you unless you try. 

Find out if programming is for you for free with our programming fundamentals course before Alpha Python. Apply until September 24! If you already have some programming experience, join the early bird entrance exam by submitting your application by September 24.


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