HedgeServ: Focused on leveraging the best and brightest talent


HedgeServ: We are focused on leveraging the best and brightest talent

HedgeServ opened its office in Bulgaria in October of 2017. Starting from a team of one, today, more than 130 professionals are focused on delivering HedgeServ's goal of being the most innovative fund administrator in the financial services industry. To that end, the company is fully focused on leveraging the best and brightest IT talent, and that's why we are happy to have it as a partner. 

photo of  Irene Kelleher, Chief Information Officer at HedgeServ, a Telerik Academy Alpha partner

"Junior talent and our investment in them lends itself to new thought leadership, fresh ideas and most importantly, an open mind, to change from "always done this way" to "this is a better way," shared Irene Kelleher, HedgeServ's Chief Information Officer.

We loved this answer, so we wanted to start with it. It's an answer we completely agree with - the investment in junior talent is more than just the team's expansion. As Ms. Kelleher explained, junior talents bring a new perspective on old processes. Their energy is contagious, and they are an excellent opportunity for senior developers to pay it forward and build new skills.

Ms. Kelleher herself has an excellent overview of the HedgeServ goals and processes, having joined the company more than seven years ago, in 2015. Since then, she has acted as a Product Owner for multiple Development and IT teams before taking the role of CIO. She is a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance from the University of Limerick, Ireland, and a Master of Economics and Finance from Maynooth University, Ireland.

"HedgeServ is fully focused on leveraging the best and brightest talent to push our technology solutions forward," she added.

Keep reading to learn more about how vital the junior talent is for HedgeServ's growth and strategy, the local office's main goals, and the trend currently shaping the sector!

Ms. Kelleher, thank you for your time! We want to start by learning more about HedgeServ and the fast-moving sector the company operates in. Can you share a little bit more?

Thank you for having me! HedgeServ was founded in 2008, and its vision was, and still continues to be, the financial services industry's innovative fund administrator providing expert client service teams, advanced technology and market-leading solutions for our clients while continuously developing our dynamic and diverse global workforce and service offering.

Our technology platform is based on a single, robust real-time database shared with the client and fully flexible data delivery and data reporting capability designed to satisfy the client’s business, investor and regulatory reporting needs. 
Most, if not all, competitor solutions are structured around multiple databases on linked platforms, with associated reconciliation challenges and restrictions on data delivery timeliness, content and format. In the HedgeServ model, each client is situated within their own unique technology environment, with a single database and security master driving all applications.

At HedgeServ, we are keenly aware of the speed at which technology is evolving. We use robotic process automation, machine learning, and other automation to provide data in a controlled environment. This environment delivers greater speed and accuracy and features tools such as DDV, our data visualization toolset, to facilitate more intuitive use of the data. The HedgeServ Product roadmap focuses on improving our client and internal stakeholders' experience, including new data visualizations added to our DDV platform to drive efficiencies and actionable intelligence. 

Today, we have over 230 client relationships, supporting all investment strategies.

HedgeServ has 10 offices around the world with over 1500 professionals working on your products. When and why did you open your office in Bulgaria, and what are its main goals?

We opened our office in Bulgaria in October of 2017 to expand our development and IT teams globally and avail ourselves of the excellent talent in Sofia. Our products are developed, tested, deployed, and supported by teams in Bulgaria, making the office an integral part of HedgeServ's overall organization. 

We've grown from a team of 1 to over 130 technology professionals. All focused on delivering HedgeServ's goal of being our industry's most innovative fund administrator.

Why is it important to invest in junior IT talent, and why does HedgeServ does it?

HedgeServ's mission is to define the benchmark and disrupt the global standards for fund administration by continuously advancing and expanding our offering. 

Junior talent and our investment in them lends itself to new thought leadership, fresh ideas and most importantly, an open mind to change from "always done this way" to "this is a better way". We have always invested in its team members at all levels and provide world-class training programs, challenging roles, and motivating career paths, resulting in industry-low turnover rates.  

Why did you choose Telerik Academy as your partner when it comes to sourcing master junior talent? 

In a word…talent! As has been evident throughout this blog, HedgeServ is entirely focused on leveraging the best and brightest talent to push our technology solutions forward, always to be better than our competitors, which provides exciting challenges for all teams. Telerik Academy’s graduates seek to meet those challenges head-on! 

Telerik Academy’s programs, and its continuous improvement efforts on them, make them an excellent partner. We’ve hired 20 professionals throughout the partnership, and we only expect that to increase in the coming years. 

HedgeServ teams work with various technologies, and we are curious - is there a current trend that shapes your area of work?

HedgeServ is committed to a Cloud Enablement strategy that drives efficiency and scalability. Our strategy is focused on a foundation of Infrastructure as Code (IAC), developing cloud-native applications and full automation of the application pipeline. 

These efforts bring many benefits to the organization, such as faster time to market on features, greater reliability through self-healing and autoscaling, and increased performance from QA testing straight through to Production services. In addition, we continue to invest in our innovative digital platform that has redefined customer experience with an interactive portal and web API’s.

What is next for HedgeServ’s office in Bulgaria?

HedgeServ is committed to growing our office in Bulgaria, investing in all our teams, and contributing to Sofia as an equal community partner. 

Are you looking to jumpstart your career in IT? Find out more about our Telerik Academy Alpha programs. Are you a company seeking Master Junior talent? Then go through our business page or contact us directly.

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