The UX/UI course that got Aleksandrina and Todor hired


The UX/UI course that got Aleksandrina and Todor hired

You read the headline, and now your curiosity is piqued. Who are Aleksandrina and Todor, and how did they manage to make a successful career switch into the world of UX/UI design? Well, get ready to be inspired as we dive into the remarkable stories of these two individuals who embarked on a transformative journey to becoming UX/UI designers.  

In a world where career paths are no longer linear, Aleksandrina Stoyanova and Todor Iliev took a risk and chose to build a more fulfilling, impactful career. Their decision led them to the Telerik Academy Upskill UX/UI Design - a 3-month program that turned them into well-rounded UX and UI designers and helped them get hired. 

Today, Aleksandrina is a UX/UI Designer at No Limit, and Todor is a UX/UI Designer at Phos. Jobs they both love! We reached out to them to learn more about the journey leading them toward the UX/UI industry. 

Before we dive in, just a reminder - you still have time until January 14 to apply for the free pre-course and increase your chance of being admitted into the UX/UI program. 

The decision to change careers

"I am one of those people who came from another professional field before the Upskill UX/UI Design program. I graduated in fashion design in Italy and worked in the fashion industry in Bulgaria for a couple of years. At one point, I realised that I couldn't develop further in this field and decided to look for a new professional challenge," shared Aleksandrina and added: 

"I had no idea what UX/UI designer meant, but there were many jobs offers about this role, so I wondered why it was so in demand. I started reading more information, which was fascinating, and that was the moment I decided this would be my new profession."

Todor has been working in the graphic design sector for more than 7 years, leading a team of designers. But he felt it was time for a change:  

"At one point, what I was doing wasn't enough for me, and I was looking for something new and more challenging. I became intrigued by the interaction between users and products, whether digital or physical, which led me to pursue a career in the UX/UI sector." 

Todor also told us something else about his career change - something that often worries people considering this decision: 

"It's not too late to retrain at 30 years - there's no right time, to be honest. You have to feel and do it no matter how old you are." 


Both of them utilized our free pre-course to prepare for the Upskill UX/UI Design program - a chance to ramp up their design skills, elevate their portfolio and increase their chance of being admitted. And they did. They got accepted, and so the journey toward a new career began... 

The game changing 3 months

"The Upskill program turned me from a person with no experience in the UX/UI sector to a competitive person in the job market. The depth of our final project impressed the people who interviewed me - we had an entire case study showing the employers that we could solve problems, conduct user research and build a UX strategy. This uniqueness sets Upskill UX/UI Design apart from other programs," shared Aleksandrina, who started working as a UX designer at No Limit soon after completing the 3-month program. 

"I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do and was looking for a program with in-depth topics and a carefully curated curriculum. When I discovered Upskill UX/UI Design, I was glad such a program existed. The most valuable thing for me was the people I met and that the program puts you in an environment where you work in a team with strangers with whom you have to get on the same page and start working quickly. This is very valuable to me, and I have not encountered it elsewhere," shared Todor and added: 

"The Upskill UX/UI Design program enabled me to successfully transition into a new profession. During the interviews, I felt that the certificate from Telerik Academy mattered, and companies were impressed by it. For 8 months now, I have been a UX/UI Designer in a small product company, and the good practices that I learned during the program help me daily to do my job and add value to the product we have." 

The role of a UX/UI designer

"One of the most essential skills for a UX/UI Designer is to be a team player. We are the connection between the business and the technical teams, and we have to listen to each of them to make the best decision," shared Todor, and he gave us more details about his job now as a UX/UI designer: 

"I spent my working days in many conversations and meetings with people from the business teams, the tech team, also the CEO, and the CTO. In a short time, I was able to show that our product, which as a solution is incredible and innovative, also needs a good design." 

Aleksandrina added some more valuable skills for a UX/UI specialist:  

"A UX/UI designer must be very curious, ask a lot of questions, have a desire always to improve, and find the best solution for the users."

Our graduates' advice

"The Upskill UX/UI Design program was a game changer for me! I completely changed my work environment and social contacts. The work I do now is inspiring, dynamic and exciting. If you are thinking about a career in the UX/UI industry, this is the way to do it. It's a challenge, but it's definitely worth it in the end because of the satisfaction and the journey you take afterwards," shared Aleksandrina. 

"I can confidently say that this program changed my professional path. My advice to anyone considering the Upskill UX/UI Design course is to embark on this adventure because it will be worth it. Whether you want to start a new career or upgrade your skills, you will learn a lot in this program. It may not be easy, but when you look back after 3 months, you will realize it was one of the best decisions you've made. So, go ahead - Upskill UX/UI Design is one incredible challenge," shared Todor. 
Want to supercharge your career? Apply for the Telerik Academy Upskill UX/UI Design and become a well-rounded professional.

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