5 (unexpected) reasons why people quit their jobs to pursue an IT career


5 (unexpected) reasons why people quit their jobs to pursue an IT career

The traditional career used to follow a straightforward path—from university studies to a steady job, climbing the ladder, and eventually retiring. However, career paths have become anything but linear in today's dynamic landscape. People must embrace the notion that their journey can take unexpected turns. 

And the tech sector is one of the most welcoming places to start over. This time, saving years of study but investing in a 6-month training (yes, we are talking about Telerik Academy Alpha). 

Case in point - in Alpha, 82% of our students are career changers who left their jobs to pursue IT careers. For some, this was a result of the dynamic environment, and for others - well, keep reading, and you'll find out - you may even be surprised by the pulling power of the tech sector.

The community

An IT career offers more than just a well-paid job - it opens doors to a world of extraordinary people driven by curiosity. Those seeking to surround themselves with a diverse community of intelligent and curious minds find their place in the IT industry. Here, collaboration thrives, ideas flourish, and innovation knows no bounds. 

This was one of the main reasons that drove Nikolay Likyov, Data Engineer at The Coca-Cola Company and Alpha Python graduate, to make a career change.  

"I quit my position as a manager in one of the biggest supermarket chains in Bulgaria after 16 years in the sector. I decided to dive into the exciting world of programming because of the people in the industry. You are surrounded by intelligent, curious and ambitious individuals, which creates an enjoyable working environment." 

By embracing this dynamic environment, professionals are inspired by the constant exchange of knowledge, unique perspectives, and collective creativity. In IT, they discover a community that fuels their intellectual growth and propels them towards limitless possibilities. 

Future proof

The IT industry stands at the forefront of innovation and digital transformation, attracting those seeking long-term stability and a future-proof career path. Just like Ivaylo Penchev, Data Engineer at The Coca-Cola Company and Alpha Python graduate.  

"In the last couple of years, we are witnessing the world becoming more digital and interconnected with the development of technologies. I believe that programming is one of the most valuable skills one can acquire to be part of this fast-moving, innovative world. Therefore, I decided to make a career change and applied for Alpha." 

By choosing an IT career, people position themselves in an industry that constantly adapts to emerging trends and embraces new technologies. This forward-thinking mindset ensures that their skills remain in high demand, providing them with a strong foundation for continuous growth and career opportunities. 

Creative & challenging work

Choosing an IT career is often driven by the need to move forward and find a new professional challenge. This motivated Vanya Dimitrova, Cloud Engineer at Mentor Mate and Alpha JavaScript graduate, to make a career change in her 40s.  

"After working as a business analyst for the last couple of years, I felt the need for further development, and programming was my logical next step."

For those seeking a role that constantly pushes their boundaries and sparks their creativity, the IT sector is just that. It offers a fulfilling career where each day brings new challenges to conquer. You will tackle complex problems, engage in cutting-edge projects and work with new technologies.  

Embracing an IT career is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and embark on a thrilling journey of personal and professional development. 

Constantly learning

One of the most rewarding perks of working in the tech industry is the continuous learning journey it offers. Petya Petrova, Associate Quality Assurance Engineer at interop.io (Tick42) and Alpha QA graduate, saw the opportunity to "never stop searching, learning, and exploring" as a crucial reason for her career change. She made the decision to transition to an IT career after reflecting on her previous 20-year career.  

The fast-paced nature of the tech industry keeps you engaged, challenged, and motivated as you tackle complex problems and adapt to ever-changing landscapes.  

From mastering new programming languages to exploring emerging technologies, every day brings the opportunity to expand your skill set and deepen your understanding. Choosing an IT career means embracing a mindset of lifelong learning. 

Different work environment

An increasing number of people are turning to the IT sector in search of a change from the traditional work environment. They desire a work setting that breaks free from the monotony and the traditional structure.  

The dynamic and ever-evolving nature of IT offers just that. 

With its flexible work arrangements, remote work options, and innovative company cultures, the IT industry provides a breath of fresh air. People seeking a different work environment are drawn to the collaborative and creative atmosphere in IT. They embrace the opportunity to work in vibrant open spaces, engage in cross-functional teams, and enjoy a sense of autonomy and freedom that nurtures their productivity and allows them to thrive. 


The decision to leave a job and pursue an IT career is driven by various factors that go beyond the typical considerations of salary, perks, and industry demand. The allure of an inclusive community, future-proof prospects, creative challenges, continuous learning, and a flexible work-life balance are among the compelling reasons why our learners make this transformative leap.  

Maybe one of those reasons resonated with you as you were reading this. Then don't hesitate and get on the fastest path to a fulfilling IT career. Apply for Telerik Academy Alpha.


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