Investing in Junior IT Talent: Bosch Digital's Vision for the Future


Investing in Junior IT Talent: Bosch Digital's Vision for the Future

Did you know Bosch Digital's office in Bulgaria has a rich history dating back to 1998, from being the "Inventors of IoT" to becoming developers of large-scale tech projects? Learn more about how Bosch Digital is shaping the future, its partnership with Telerik Academy, and its commitment to nurturing junior IT talent.

photo of Bosch digital, a telerik academy partner, during team building

Would it surprise you if we told you there is a massive demand for IT specialists in our market?

No? And what if we put it into numerical terms?

According to recent BASSCOM reports, by 2025, the IT sector will need more than 32,000 new IT talents!

"To support these demands, we need a long-term strategy where institutions and businesses work jointly to achieve the desired results," explained Bosch Digital, one of our partners in the Telerik Academy network. “The business already tackles these challenges by actively investing in training and development of their current employers. We are no exception,” our partners added.

For Bosch Digital, this means developing comprehensive internship and training programs, collaborating with universities and professional high schools, and partnering with Telerik Academy to source master junior talent. These strategic initiatives are crucial for the growth of Bosch Digital and the nurturing and empowering of the next generation of IT professionals.

Inside Bosch Digital

The Bosch Digital team consists of software developers, consultants, cloud software developers, digital marketers, UX and business model designers, solution architects, and project managers with a focus on a range of technologies and programming languages such as Java, Spring Boot, Go, TypeScript, iOS, Android, Azure, Azure DevOps, AWS.

“We are the digital pioneers within Bosch. Our competitive portfolio, deep understanding of Bosch's needs, and long-standing expertise make us the go-to destination for accelerating IT and digital business. We work with and for almost all Bosch units around the globe,” shared Bosch Digital.

The team provides support and consultation to Bosch Group's business units in implementing digital business and scalable solutions and in marketing and selling them successfully to customers and partners.

photo of Bosch digital, a telerik academy partner

“Our full set of consulting and implementation skills enables us to drive IT and digital projects from the first idea to the market release. With our agile mindset and working culture, we are a key driver of digital transformation at Bosch.”

Over two decades of history in Bulgaria

The beginning of Bosch Digital in Bulgaria dates back more than two decades ago! The company opened its office in Sofia in 1998 under the name ProSyst. 

“Back then, we called ourselves “Inventors of IoT'' with a strong Java skill set and a lot of enthusiasm,” the Bosch Digital team recalled. 

In 2015 the company became part of the Bosch Group, which gave the team an even bigger impetus to develop their capabilities further and contribute to large-scale projects. “For many years, we have been the go-to destination of the Group for IoT, now we broaden our focus even more by expanding our digital portfolio,” they added. 

As a result, more than 280 technology experts are part of the team today, and what is fascinating - a pretty big group of people have been there since day one - more than 20 years ago!

As our partners from Bosch Digital explained to us, it's because of the company's unique culture, which combines the best of both worlds - "we are part of a big international company, but we also keep a family-friendly atmosphere at work. What drives us forward is a passion for tech and our common mission to create a better future for our world."

On partnering with Telerik Academy

As we shared, junior talent has an important role in the growth of the IT sector and also the growth of each company. Bosch Digital is no exception:

“We chose to partner with Telerik Academy because you are among the leaders in providing high-quality training for software engineers. You focus not only on technical skills but also on the importance of soft skills. We find it also quite beneficial that you build a strong professional network by partnering with companies to identify their needs and find the right match for them. Thus, you support the IT ecosystem and contribute to your students' success."

photo of bosch digital, a telerik academy partner, team during teambuilding

What is next for Bosch Digital Bulgaria? Here's the answer

“The future is bright and digital. We will continue shaping the digital transformation of Bosch Group and will be glad to welcome new digitals to our team.”

Are you looking to jumpstart your career in IT? Find out more about our Telerik Academy Alpha programs. Are you a company seeking Master Junior talent? Then go through our business page or contact us directly.

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