How two parents found inspiration in their children to become developers


How two parents found inspiration in their children to become developers

"My biggest motivation during the whole time to learn and develop was my child." 

Two parents who became programmers, one moving quote. Despite having no experience in the IT sector, Rumyana Sirakova and Tihomir Angelov successfully balanced parenting and studying with their children as their biggest motivation during the intensive 6-month Alpha program. They combined parenting and studying successfully and landed their first IT jobs soon after graduating. Thanks to their hard work and motivation, Rumyana is a software engineer at Tick 42, and Tihomir is a Java developer at Ontotext. 

Here's how that happened. 

Different backgrounds, one common goal 

Rumyana has a bachelor's degree in computer science from Sofia University, and applying to Alpha JavaScript was a crucial next step toward launching her IT career. 

"I chose Telerik Academy Alpha because I needed to gain hands-on experience and work on real projects. The Academy gave me this and access to leading IT companies through their partner network. I also learned valuable soft skills, skills on how to build a CV, a portfolio and more." 

For Tihomir, the journey toward an IT career started from zero, as it does for most of our Alpha alumni. 

"My previous experience was quite different - from my own business through a sewing company to technical support. I hadn't written a line of code in my life, but I decided it was time for a career change. I quit my job and applied for Alpha Java." 

With different starting points, Rumyana and Tihomir had something in common - they wanted to change their lives and join the IT sector. 


The life-changing journey 

During the Alpha JavaScript program, Rumyana experienced what it was like to study in a real-world environment and work in a team while building her technical and soft skills:  

"It was exciting to be in a group with people you don't know, to work together and to create a real-world web application from scratch. With my buddy group, we talked daily and discussed the project, the challenges and the solutions. Ultimately, our final project was great and similar to the applications you can see online." 

For Tihomir, the 6-month program Alpha Java is an opportunity to transition to an IT career, but along the way, he faced some challenges: 

"In the beginning, one of the difficult moments for me was to trample my ego. I came from another field where I am a seasoned professional, and now I had to start from scratch. Even simple things seemed difficult to me. At that point, I could give up and say that programming wasn't for me. What motivated me all the time to keep going were my children." 

During the 6 months at Alpha Java, Tihomir learned new technical skills and something else valuable for every professional - the importance of teamwork.

"Before the Academy, I was more of a solo player and preferred to work alone. So, the group projects we had at Alpha Java were a great opportunity to become part of a team and work with other motivated people. I learned that when you are in a team, everyone contributes their expertise and ideas, and great things start happening. As a result, our final project won an award for the best project from the Telerik Academy's partners. Another plus of the practical projects is that they prepare you for what you must do in your work afterwards."  

From learning to working 

When joining Alpha JavaScript, Rumyana had a clear goal: "I wanted to become a developer and launch my career soon after the Alpha program, and I turned this goal into a reality". 

"Our graduation was at the end of December, a few days before the Christmas holidays, so I expected that I would have to wait before getting the first calls from companies. Surprisingly, I got several calls and interviews the next day after graduating. I accepted a job offer from Tick42, a Telerik Academy's partner, less than 2 weeks after that," added Rumyana. 


In Tick42, Rumyana found a welcoming environment where she could further develop her newly acquired skills:  

"I feel satisfied with my decision to start working at Tick42. I find time for my child and myself, apply what I have learned at Telerik Academy, and am happy with my professional development." 

After graduating from Alpha Java, Tihomir started looking for his first IT job.  

"I was actively applying and going to interview with companies' partners of Telerik Academy and other companies. Every interview was an experience, and I wanted to find the perfect place for me. A few days after graduation, I had two job offers, and I chose the one that matched what I was looking for from my future employer." 


A message to the future Telerik Academy students 

"If you're wondering if this career path is for you, give it a try. You have nothing to lose, just something to gain. Telerik Academy is a big challenge, so challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone. It's hard, but it's doable." 

You want to be a successful software developer? Mission possible! Get on the fastest path to a fulfilling IT career and apply to Telerik Academy Alpha


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