"HedgeServ won me with team spirit and interesting projects"


"HedgeServ won me with team spirit and interesting projects"

Just one week - that's how long it took Atanas Tankov to start his first IT job after completing Telerik Academy Alpha Java. He started working at HedgeServ - a company that won him with many things but mostly its team spirit and the projects he would later have the chance to work on. This is his inspirational story.

photo of atanas tankov, a telerik academy alpha java graduate and part of hedgeserv

For Atanas Tankov, programming wasn't something new when he decided to join Telerik Academy Alpha Java. He had a computer background, as he was in love with computers and mathematics from a very early age.

"And to be honest, I was good at it," he shared. 

His love and passion for technology led him to mathematics school and, after that, to Sofia Technical University to become a software engineer.

Atanas was progressing quickly toward his goal, and in his third year at the university, he decided it was time to find a job.

"I thought I had just enough knowledge for a junior position," explained Atanas, but alas - this wasn't the case, and one of the reasons was the absence of real-world projects to accompany his knowledge. 

"I haven't worked on any projects or anything I could show. I had a pretty empty CV with only my education in it. How could I catch someone's eye with just that," he added. 

What changed, and how did he get from this situation to joining HedgeServ (read our interview with Irene Kelleher, Chief Information Officer), a global company with over a thousand employees worldwide?

Answer: Holistic training

At that time, Atanas got a friend studying at Telerik Academy Alpha. He shared a lot about the program, which convinced Atanas to apply and go through the 6-month intensive Alpha Java program. 

"I gained a lot of knowledge and skills. I also learned things I use at HedgeServ daily," shared Atanas.

For him, the most valuable knowledge and skills he developed during the program were working on real projects, gaining real-life experience, and polishing his soft skills.

"The projects you make in Alpha are pretty much the same as any big project. I've got a real-life experience, and the soft skills are really a thing - you learn how to manage your time, work in a team, and deal with different people and working methodologies."

After graduating from Alpha Java and being equipped with new skills, it took him just a week to land his job at HedgeServ, the first job in his life.

"For me, everything changed. I transitioned from a student to a software developer in a personal plan. It resulted from many late nights studying and coding - everyone would love that feeling!"

Joining HedgeServ

After a couple of interviews, Atanas decided HedgeServ was the company he wanted to work for. 

"They won me with many things! Everyone from the team was really friendly. They focused on teamwork and explained everything about the projects they were working on and the nature of the work. I liked HedgeServ as a company!" explained Atanas. 

Atanas started as a Full-Stack Developer using Java and Angular - a position perfect for a Junior "because you can gain a lot of knowledge." 

"You see the whole picture of web development and learn many things - building database, back- and front-end, the connection between them, and so much more."

All the elements he has the chance to work on at HedgeServ.

Atanas' advice for you

"If you want something – you can obtain it! You can do it no matter how hard it is or seems unattainable! Just believe in yourself, have the path in your head and work on it. It's that simple! Yeah, for sure, there will be hard times, but dedication beats them!"

Do you want to change your life and start your journey in the IT industry? The fastest path to becoming an in-demand software developer is waiting for you. Apply for Telerik Academy Alpha Java!

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