Curious about programming? Don’t be afraid to try – here's how


Curious about programming? Don’t be afraid to try – here's how

“Can I become a developer if I don’t have any experience?” 

This is one of the most common questions we receive from beginners who want to make the first steps into the IT world.  

The short answer is: Yes, you can! And for the longer answer and how you can do it – well, you must keep reading! 

A little spoiler – today, you can start programming for free with our instructor-led fundamentals course before our Alpha programs with Python or JavaScriptJust join before September 26.

The next lines are for you, if you are wondering if an IT career is the right one for you, if you can learn to code when you have never opened a code editor (or even installed one) if you can achieve your dream career. 

Also, keep reading if you feel a little afraid of programming – it’s perfectly normal but in order to grow and be successful, you must face your fear. And don’t worry, with our training, you’ll never have to face it alone – you’ll always have a mentor by your side. Even during the free fundamentals courses before Alpha

So, keep reading, and you will learn how to start your coding career whether you are an absolute beginner or have little programming experience. Let’s jump into it! 


Everyone can learn to code

Let’s start with a fact from our 12+ years of experience preparing Master Junior talent for the IT sector - everyone who is motivated and wants to learn can learn the basics of programming, start coding, and be able to write simple programs in a couple of weeks. To be exact - in just 6 weeks

And if you like it, you can go on to become a sought-after developer with Alpha

We have seen it with many of our Alpha students who started from zero coding skills and today, they build websites, applications, video games, and work on challenging and interesting projects. 

Their successful IT careers started with one simple step – they decided to start. One step after another, and 6 months later, they couldn't believe how far they had come. 

As one of our graduates – Alek, said:  

“The beginning is always the hardest, but Telerik Academy knows the shortest path to a successful IT career.” 


And it’s true.  

At Telerik Academy Alpha you go through 800+ hours of practical tech and soft skills training, hackathons, real-world projects, and learning content. We keep our groups small (up to 45 people) so each student can receive a personalized training approach from the tech and soft skills trainers, career coaches, program coordinators and mentors. 

So yes, we can help you become a successful developer and find your dream career. The only question is: 

Are you eager to start?

Then it's time for your next steps depending on your experience in programming. 

Starting from zero 

If you are starting from scratch and have no previous experience in IT, we know an easy (and free) way to find out if programming is for you. And, of course, to prepare for the chosen Alpha’s entrance exam. 


With our free fundamental course. It’s instructor-led, with online live sessions, a team of mentors by your side and a group of like-minded people motivated to learn.  

We know it might be a little bit scary and overwhelming initially, that’s why we created the free course. Learning something new is easier when you have someone to share the experience with. And in the fundamentals course, you will have a whole team. The lead trainer will help you make the first steps – from installing a code editor to running your first programs and when it gets hard or you need additional support, your mentors are there to help and guide you. They are one of our Alpha students and you can reach out to them through our forum for questions and advice.  

The programming fundamentals course is only 6 weeks long. That’s right - 6 sessions, and you will know how to code several programs, make your first steps into the IT world, have valuable skills, and know if a career as a developer is for you.  

During the course, you will jump into the IT world with the guidance of your trainer. Today, he (or she) is an industry expert, but at the beginning of his journey maybe he had no programming skills just like you. You will learn more about his IT career start, how he decided to join this sector, what it is like to work as a developer and useful tips from his learning process. And of course, you can ask all your questions related to programming directly to someone working in the IT industry. 

Two Telerik Academy students discussing a task during classes

To make it easier for you, we have created a short application form (including a CV and only one additional question) for joining the fundamentals course. That’s it – you fill in the application form and you are ready to start your exciting new journey. For free! 

Self-paced learning 

Do you prefer to learn in your own time and speed? Then our self-paced learning materials are just for you! They follow the same structure as the instructor-led course, and you can still get support from the Telerik Academy forum if you are stuck on a problem. 

The materials include recordings, video lessons, and programming tasks to help you track your progress and just like the course, they are free. After a few video lessons (and a lot of tasks), you'll be able to write code, solve problems, and have the needed skills for the next step toward an IT career with Java, JavaScript, C#, Python or as a QA - the entrance exam.

You can access them wherever you like starting from the very beginning and going all the way up to solving more complicated coding tasks. The final stage of the preparation is the mockup exams which are a simulation of the entrance exam. So, you can use them to test your skills and get ready for admission.  

You have basic programming skills 

If you already have some programming skills, we have good news. With our Early Bird exam, you can save your spot in the Alpha program early on. Of course, you can still use the free materials to prepare for the exam and to test your skills with the mock-up exams. All you need to do is to complete your application (including CV, motivational questions, an online cognitive assessment) and get ready for the 3 tasks in the exam.  

The Early Bird exam is like another chance to get admitted to the program. If you don’t have enough points the first time, you can always enroll in the free fundamentals course and be more than ready for the final exam.  

And one last tip from us – join our forum! That’s our community space where you can find useful information and materials, ask your questions about the Alpha preparation, and browse all the previously discussed topics. The people there – Alpha graduates, current participants in the programs, our trainers, and program coordinators, all of them are ready to help you with the issues you meet and the difficulties during your learning process. 

Well, you have the resources needed to start your journey in IT. It only takes one step now. Apply for the free fundamentals course with JavaScript or Python, use the free materials and get ready for the fastest path to an IT career - Telerik Academy Alpha.


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