Why does your developer career need React? Our alumni share


Why does your developer career need React? Our alumni share


It’s a fact - React is the most popular JavaScript library used in the world today! And there are more than one or two reasons to advance your IT career with React and our Upskill program. We highlighted a few of them.  

First, React developers are in demand. So, adding React to your skills will open up many high-paying career opportunities for you and take you one step ahead of other IT specialists. 

If you have at least one year of experience as a developer, React is a must-have skill for you. It's used by today’s top software companies and startups as well. 

Second, it's a powerful technology when mastered. React allows you to build faster web applications that are easy to maintain, change and scale. 

It's easy to make the first steps but to master React, you must invest a lot of time and effort. Lucky, there's a shortcut - Upskill React

But how to make sure that React is what your dev career needs? Well, we asked the people who were in your shoes - our Upskill React alumni. 

Before hearing what they have to share, you can still apply for the only edition of Upskill React for 2023 by October 1. 

Unique learning experience 

Teya Andreeva is a Software Developer at Inensia and Telerik Academy Upskill React graduate. We asked her about the 3-month program, and here’s what she shared: 

“The whole program was well-structured. We started from the beginning of React and got into the depths. We had hands-on assignments which were very practical and based on a real-world project.” 


By the end of Upskill React, you will develop a complete real-world application with React, using everything you’ve learned throughout the course. And this project goes directly to your portfolio to show future employers your skills. 

“During the program, most valuable were the practical assignments and the feedback we received on them from our mentors - experienced practitioners. Their guidance helped us learn more effectively and understand the key principles and methods from the first time,” added Ivan Jelev, Web Developer at Merkle Bulgaria.  

Choosing Upskill React 

For Deshka Ilieva, Software Developer at Merkle Bulgaria, the decision to learn React was easy.  

"In 2021, I completed the Alpha JavaScript program, which helped me to kickstart my IT career. Even then, working with React was one of my favorite things, and the Upskill React training gave me the knowledge I needed to take the next step in my dev career.” 


Ivan also recognizes Telerik Academy as a proven place for learning new skills.

"I have a good impression and lasting knowledge from the Academy's program. Choosing Upskill React was a natural next step for me. The program made it easier to master React within 3 months," shared Ivan. 

Often, the participants in our programs join after learning about the positive impact they bring on some of their friends. Just like happened with Teya: "I wanted to boost my web development skills, and I was thinking about ways to do it. One day I just shared this with friends who have studied at Telerik Academy. They said that the Academy was a great place to learn and practice with real-life projects, so I decided to join Upskill React." 

Next step in your dev career  

"The Upskill React program helped me acquire the necessary knowledge to upgrade my skills and get a new job," shared Deshka. 

And for Teya, the program was a way to boost her skills for her current work: 

"After graduating from Upskill React, I found new perspectives on how to do things on the. I apply the new skills I gained during those 3 months at work, which helps me in my daily tasks." 

Our graduates' advice 

“I would advise the people considering career development with React not to hesitate. Apply for Upskill React and get the most out of the program, give yourself plenty of time to study, and don't worry about going outside the box,” shared Deshka. 

Why-does-your-developer-career-need-React-Upskill-Alumni-Telerik-Academy-Ivan-Jelev“Even if you have started to study React on your own, as in my case, the Telerik Academy Upskill program will clarify a lot of things for you. It makes your dev work easier, and there is always something new to learn from all the trainers you’ll meet”, said Ivan. 

“Be dedicated. When you are accepted into the program, find time for preparation, look at the previous presentations and resources, and do your homework strictly. If you have any questions during the course, don't hesitate to ask. This will be the perfect time to get your answers from your trainers, learn a lot and make the best of this course,” added Teya. 

So now it’s your turn to make the best of Upskill React and advance your career. Apply for the 3-month program until October 1. 

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