To land a job a week after graduating from Telerik Academy

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To land a job a week after graduating from Telerik Academy


viktor metodiev - telerik academy alumni

While studying “Computer Science” at university, Victor Metodiev decided to join Telerik Academy. His aim was to broaden and build on top of his programming skills and to kick-start a career as a software engineer. His efforts paid off soon. Only a week after graduating from Telerik Academy, Viktor started working as a full-stack developer in the Bulgarian software company Grafixoft.

Investing in the future
Telerik Academy was recommended to Viktor by his friends, and he decided to combine it with his studies at university. He wanted to gain practical experience and skills, which will get him ahead of other candidates looking for professional development in programming.

"Unlike university courses, the training at Telerik Academy is extremely practice-oriented. This was very helpful when -starting my career right after the end of the program, "says Victor.

At the Academy, Viktor dived deep into key programming principles and practices: "That allowed me to adapt quickly to new programming languages and technologies and to be confident that I can make a meaningful contribution to any project."

Technological and personal skills
Since the very beginning of the program Victor had been impressed by the dedication of the Academy's training team. With their help, and being surrounded by students as eager to succeed as he was, Victor quickly developed both his technological and personal skills.

"During my studies I greatly improved my technical skills. But I also learned how to work in a team, how to manage my time and to solve the problems I encounter more effectively," he says.

A flying start
Fully satisfied with his standard of living and the nature of his work, Victor believes he has found his true vocation and the right place for him.

 "The work atmosphere at my office is positive and I like what I do. I am happy with the remuneration I get for my efforts," says Victor.

Continuous improvement
Today Victor is a full-stack developer at Grafixoft, where he successfully combines his work with university studies. But this is not the main reason behind his choice of employer: "At work, I appreciate the most the constant desire to increase the efficiency of the work processes, and the fact that I can communicate with experienced professionals who are always ready to help."

At Grafixoft, Victor works on a large-scale project that involves creating new functionalities and optimizing existing ones. He also gains valuable experience and knowledge by getting grasp of the different aspects of enterprise application development.

Tip to beginners
"Telerik Academy requires a lot of effort and dedication. But if you want to get a good understading of software development, the Academy is definitely the right place to do it, and it's worth it."

New admissions at Telerik Academy
Check out our current Telerik Academy Alpha programs, and ensure your successful professional start in the IT sector.


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