Telerik Academy was one of the best decisions in my life

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"Telerik Academy was one of the best decisions in my life"


“To start a job in the IT industry“.

This is the goal that Ivaylo Vutov set for himself in the application form for the Telerik Academy Alpha C# program. He was 21 years old at the time, without any previous work experience in the IT industry, and still studying Computer and Software Engineering at the Technical University of Sofia (he is still a student there - class of 2021).

A photo of telerik academy alpha graduate

His application happened more than a year ago. During that time, Ivaylo was accepted at the program, went through the 6-month intensive training, and graduated in December as a Master Junior Developer.

He was ready to start his first IT job.

“I graduated from the Academy during a dynamic period of the year, especially when I look back and take into account everything that happened after that,” remembers Ivaylo.

But he wasn’t worried about his prospects because he believed in the skills and knowledge he had acquired in the Alpha C# program. “I didn’t give up or lose hope in myself. I knew that all the things I had learned would be enough to find my dream job,” adds Ivaylo.

And he was right.

In March, he joined as a Junior Software Developer - an opportunity Ivaylo is very appreciative of.

“We create and maintain a tremendous number of websites. What I like the most is that I learn new things every day,” explains Ivaylo and quickly adds that this is a huge motivation for him to “to go to work with a huge smile“ on his face, as he puts it.

In he found himself in a welcoming environment. His colleagues are quick to accept him as part of the team and are always open to questions. This office culture, together with his soft skills training, helped him to learn a lot for a short time.

“If you don’t know how to solve a problem, you can always ask someone who will immediately help you. I've learned a lot and I have my colleagues to thank for that. Furthermore, this regular communication with such fun and intelligent people inspires me to give my best.“

The most valuable skills

“Choosing the Academy was one of the best decisions of my life, and I am proud of it,” shares Ivaylo.

When we ask him about the most significant aspects of the education that helped him land his job with, he puts the programming knowledge he gained in the Alpha C# program in the first place.

“It can help even people without any previous experience to land an IT job“.

The second aspect is the teamwork and the focus on developing skills for effective workplace communication. “I believe this is one of the most important things in this sector. I have met some amazing people during my education, and we built friendships. We helped one another a lot during the program, and we still keep in touch,” adds Ivaylo with a smile.

A photo of telerik academy alpha graduate with his teachers

A message to the future Telerik Academy students

“Telerik Academy is your first step toward your professional IT career- listen and absorb all the information. Trust your trainers.”

Are you ready to take on your journey to a successful IT career? Then don’t hesitate and apply to Telerik Academy Alpha.


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