Telerik Academy is the fastest and smartest path to an IT career

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“Telerik Academy is the fastest and smartest path to an IT career”

Not so long ago, there was this idea that you must choose your career as early as possible and stick to it for your whole life.

Nowadays, things are different, and you have the freedom to choose a new profession, regardless of your experience. With demand for software developers and IT professionals on the rise, more and more people of different backgrounds and ages are considering a career change.

Three people in office environment with sign Negometrix on a green background

Meet Greta, Viktor, and Lachezer - three people with different backgrounds who took the “fastest and smartest path to a career change,“ as one of them describes it - Telerik Academy Alpha with C#.

During their training at the Academy, they became friends, developed their programming skills, and today they all work at Negometrix.

Get inspired by their stories, and start writing your own with Telerik Academy Alpha.

Different backgrounds, one common goal

Greta has a Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia. 

“After working for 5 years as a structural design engineer, I decided to pursue new career opportunities. That’s when I applied to Telerik Academy Alpha.”

Lachezar Bonchev’s story is not that different from Greta’s.

“After 4 years in the banking industry, I decided to embark on a new career journey. Telerik Academy seemed the right place for me, and now I am a Junior Software Engineer at Negometrix.“

Viktor Yotov has a solid mathematical background as a graduate of Sofia Highschool of Mathematics, and he was pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at Sofia University. 

“Up to that point in my life, I have only worked as a private mathematics teacher.”

All of them had something in common - they wanted to change their lives and join the IT sector.

How did Telerik Academy Alpha help you jumpstart your career? 

Greta: It is an intensive program that gave me the necessary skills and knowledge to turn my passion into a profession in just 6 months. I attended the Academy during the first wave of COVID-19, which I consider a benefit because it gave me extra time to study. Telerik Academy for me is the fastest and smartest path to make a career change.

Lachezar: During my education, I met with people with similar ambitions and goals to mine. We helped each other, and I believe that through our mutual efforts, teamwork, constant support, and dedication, we were able to become Master Junior Developers. It also helped me become more flexible in working with people.

Viktor: Just like Greta and Lachezar, I went through the Academy during the first wave of COVID-19. This gave me more time to focus on obtaining the must-have skills to start a career in the IT sector.

How did your life change after graduating from Telerik Academy?

Greta: I started working as a software developer two weeks after graduating Telerik Academy. So without a doubt, I made my best investment! During the program, I learned a lot, but the most valuable skill I gained was how to receive and give constructive feedback.

Lachezar: Well, in 6 months, I managed to switch my career to software engineering without any prior experience. This is a pretty huge change!

Viktor: My life changed drastically for the better - I launched a career as a full-stack web developer. I have always believed hard work pays off, and the Academy proved me right.

Can you share more about your job at Negometrix, and what excites you the most about it?

Greta: What excites me the most is that I’m fully involved in the development of new functionalities, and I am surrounded by very experienced developers. They set high standards and guide me along the way so that I can grow and feel like a valuable part of the team.

Lachezar: My team works on a national public procurement platform, and every day is a new challenge. Despite being a Junior Developer, I take part in the development of new features with the guidance of our senior colleagues. Every day I discover something new that helps me grow.

Viktor: I started as a Junior Software Engineer in one of the teams, working on Negometrix’s newest platform – NX4. Only four mounts in the company and I am already contributing and adding new features.

Why did you choose to join Negometrix?  

Greta: We had the opportunity to learn about Negometrix during their presentation in front of our cohort. At that moment, I knew this was the place I wanted to work. They showed us how awesome the working atmosphere at the company is and the cool people that work there. The company is developing an innovative product that transforms the entire procurement, and it was a great opportunity to become part of the team.

Lachezar: Negometrix provides an excellent environment for Junior Developers to extend their technical knowledge and skills. Also, working in a product company allows us to dive deep into the technologies they use. The colleagues are cool and always willing to help.

Viktor: On the one hand, Negometrix has the perfect onboarding process for new developers. On the other, the company is developing a fascinating product.

What advice would you give to our new Telerik Academy students? 

Greta: Give yourself an advantage by doing the best at the final project. It is the golden ticket to your dream job! Never forget the importance of seeking feedback.  

Lachezar: Push hard from day one, complete your assigned tasks, share what you have learned with peers, and you will be satisfied with the outcome.

Viktor: Work hard, have fun, try to overcome yourself.

Are you ready to take on your journey to a successful IT career? Then don’t hesitate and apply to Telerik Academy Alpha with .C#.

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