Telerik Academy’s 2023: Together we Grow

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Telerik Academy’s 2023: Together we Grow

Last year, we ended our annual recap with the statement that our journey is just beginning, and we are happy to have all of you on board. Yes, it sounds a little bit odd to say it after 14 years training thousands of people but when we talk skills and helping people change careers, it’s a long and winding road, as McCartney.  

But unlike the song, the journey we share together is of a positive change and a better tomorrow. 

A journey that expanded in 2023 and evolved into a mosaic of achievements —we welcomed more learners like you, celebrated the success of numerous programs, grew our team, and snagged many awards and recognitions on the way. These milestones are a testament to the tremendous efforts of our community – all of you, our students, partners, and our team. 

What milestones, you may ask? Well, let us tell you more. 

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Alpha and Upskill in numbers  

We are happy to share that 6 500 people considered a new career with Telerik Academy in 2023. 

In the last 12 months, we saw a 30% increase in learners - people seeking a complete transformation with our programs. The same 30% increase applied to the number of graduates. At Telerik Academy, it's not about simply listening to a few recordings, it's about embarking on a journey of holistic learning, hands-on experience and mentorships that propel you towards a new career whether you dream of becoming a developer (Alpha) or aiming to reach new heights in your professional journey (Upskill).  

You, our learners, are at the heart of everything we do because our mission is to make you successful. And we're so happy that you've enjoyed all that we are doing!  

According to a survey among our graduates, 94% of Alpha and 92% of Upskill learners express high satisfaction with their training. Additionally, 91% of our graduates would recommend Telerik Academy to their friends. 

In 2023 we conducted 13 Alpha programs and 6 Upskill programs. This included two editions of the Upskill UX/UI, the sixth edition of Upskill Digital Marketing, the fourth edition of Upskill Product Management and Upskill React, and the third edition of Upskill DevOps

Thus, we continued our commitment to change lives regardless of one’s age. 

"In my profession, I achieved more than the maximum and managed to do everything I wanted, yet something was nagging me. Then I found the Alpha QA program, and what I can tell you quite openly is that if you don't try, you won't understand how great it is," - shares Ivan Petkov. 

Before joining Alpha QA, he was a transportation engineer with years of experience in the field. Today, he is a QA Engineer at Tiger Technology. Read the whole story of how he and Eli (who used to be an accountant for 20 years) jumped into the field of QA here

Evolving Alongside Shifting Landscapes 

To enhance our adaptability and meet the evolving demands of the business landscape and talent pool, we've made dedicated efforts to introduce new key programs.  

In 2023, the global IT sector experienced a notable shift away from the chaotic growth of the past. In contrast to the preceding years, where quantity often preceded quality, 2023 marked a shift. 

For us, quality has always been prioritized over quantity. That's why our programs are deliberately kept small (45-50 people), enabling us to focus on each of our learners. The result is evident - 3 out of 4 organizations in our partner network state that Telerik Academy's talent is better prepared than trainees at other organizations. We believe in the chosen holistic approach to our trainings, with a focus on practical training and the combination of technical and soft skills, leads to an extremely high quality of our training results. 

As we’ve always tried to stay at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring that our offerings align with the evolving needs of the tech landscape and our partners, we launched an entirely new Upskill Data Analyst Program. As recognized by the World Economic Forum, data analysts are projected to be the sixth fastest-growing tech profession in the next four years, making this program a timely response to the growing significance of data-related roles.  

The Upskill Data Analyst program stands out not only for its forward-thinking approach but also for the expertise that went into its development. We collaborated closely with distinguished industry experts, many of whom have dedicated over a decade to mastering data analytics working at international and local companies. What sets them apart is not just their professional accomplishments but also their passion for education and mentorship. They will join as trainers and are very excited to welcome our first students in 2024.  

In addition, we are thrilled to share that we have developed and validated with leading companies two more programs with industry experts. Stay tuned for the announcements! 

In 2023 Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerged as a transformative force reshaping industries and influencing our daily lives. Recognizing the significance of staying at the forefront of advancements in language models and their practical applications, we embraced this trend as an opportunity for improvement. We automated processes to enhance the productivity of our trainers, allowing them to focus on delivering even more tailored learning experiences for our learners. We've also integrated the AI topic into the curriculum of all Alpha programs, acknowledging its cross-disciplinary relevance. Thus, we again prove that the training quality matters to us and guarantees your success. 

Onboarding New Team Members  

In 2023 our team kept growing – actually, it grew by 35% adding some completely new roles such as Chief Operations Officer, Vice President of Products and a Business Development Manager. The new roles align with our commitment to upgrade and expand our products and services to meet the needs of learners and business and to maintain high standards and set ambitious goals for future development. 

A Year of Recognitions  

In 2023, we added an additional 15 awards to our collection.  

At its very start we won “Company of the Year”, Services – Forbes Business Awards. This is to confirm that our commitment to excellence and innovation has been recognized from the outset, setting a solid foundation for continued growth.  

In the next months we’ve added more recognitions. The year ended on a high note, since we secured two more distinctions, this time shining in the spotlight of the B2B Leaders of Influence Awards! Achieving the prestigious 1st place for "Leading Organization" and securing a spot in the Top 3 for "Leading by Education," these awards underscore our effort to deliver quality education and the substantial impact of our training, not only on individuals but also on the broader landscape of the IT industry. 

All the other recognitions service as evidence of the atmosphere at Telerik Academy in which our team develops, grows, and works. Our colleagues are the core that contribute to the success of our company, our students, partners, and the IT sector.  


 It takes character to succeed  

The last 12 months proved that together, we can do more and that “The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create.” (As stated by Leonard I. Sweet). This sentiment captures our shared journey, emphasizing the proactive role we play in shaping our own destiny. It's a reminder that amidst change, our power lies in the deliberate and collaborative creation of the future we envision. 

To succeed once, it takes talent. To succeed repeatedly, it takes Character, so stay tuned for the character of Telerik Academy’s team and the upcoming developments for 2024. 

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