Success Stories

Switching careers and landing a dream job in IT


Many of Telerik Academy's alumni come from different academic and professional backgrounds with little to no previous programming experience. Today we meet Dimitar Markov who managed to seamlessly switch careers and jumpstart an exciting IT job at The Coca-Cola Company.

Dimitar with his trainers during Telerik Academy Alpha graduation

After obtaining his master’s degree in International Relations from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, he worked as a technical support engineer in several outsourcing companies. Driven by his passion for technology, Dimitar joined Telerik Academy to launch his successful career as a software developer.

Launching a new career

“Telerik Academy is a great starting point for anyone who wants to jumpstart a career in the IT industry. The Academy provided me with the underlying knowledge and practical experience needed to join the sector,” shares Dimitar.

During the training, he learned to quickly adopt new technologies and acquire new skills and knowledge daily.

Finding a dream employer

“Telerik Academy was one of the best investments I've ever made. It definitely paid off – allowing me to accomplish my dream of becoming a developer.”

After graduating from the Academy, Dimitar joined The Coca-Cola Company as a Junior Full-Stack Developer and immediately started finding value, satisfaction, and, most importantly - excitement in his job.

“As far as the excitement, I found it with my current employer in the form of learning and utilizing cutting-edge technologies and the latest trends in the IT industry, always staying on the top of the wave”, explains Dimitar.

He works in the IT Marketing team and is responsible for developing the company's marketing tools and platforms.

“I was aware that The Coca-Cola Company had an IT hub in Bulgaria. After attending their presentation at Telerik Academy, I did not doubt that it would be my dream workplace. Therefore, I grabbed the chance to join the team of one of the most iconic global brands.”

Advice to the new junior masters

''Telerik Academy is the right place if you strive for success in the IT sector. But be ready for an arduous journey because greatness requires hard work and dedication.”

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