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Jumpstarting a dream career with Telerik Academy

The Bending Spoons team with Bilyana Telerik Academy Alpha Java

Here’s the inspiring story of Bilyana Georgieva (that's her on the picture with some of her colleagues). She landed her dream job after graduating from the first Telerik Academy Alpha with Java.

Taking the leap

Bilyana studied Graphic Design at New Bulgarian University, but quickly realized she was more drawn to a different profession. Thus, she dropped out of the course to join Telerik Academy and seamlessly switch her career path. 

“I’ve always been interested in math and applied sciences, but never thought of becoming a software developer. This changed completely the moment I started my studies at the Academy,” shares Bilyana. 

Being surrounded by so many motivated aspiring developers, she was determined to do her best, grow as quickly as possible and develop into the in-demand professional she always wanted to be.  

Some of the most powerful skills she acquired at the Academy include time management and learning at a rapid pace. “My studies laid a very strong foundation and now I keep building on top of them.” 

From Telerik Academy to a top Italian company

“Telerik Academy has been my best investment so far,” Bilyana says without hesitation, adding that these six months paid off shortly after graduation. 

“After a few months of job interviews, I received a great job offer from the Italian company Bending Spoons.” 

The company won the Italian Best Place to Work award, being ranked among the premium employers in the country. 

“Working along with so many smart, talented and passionate professionals would’ve never been possible without Telerik Academy. I’m extremely grateful to the Academy for all the doors it opened for me. 

Bending spoons team Telerik Academy Alpha

Finding the dream workplace

“I fell in love with my wonderful team. My colleagues are not only exemplary at their job, but they are also incredible human beings. I value the opportunity to be part of such a great team and go to the office every day with incessant eagerness and enthusiasm.” 

The company also has some exciting perks and employee care programs, such as monthly team-building activities, including two 10-day trips to exotic destinations per year (for example, she went to Cuba and Tanzania), as well as free meals at the office and other benefits. 

“In short, we’re given immense freedom and opportunities. Bending Spoons does everything possible to make us feel comfortable and enhance our productivity and job satisfaction.” 


Advice to the new students 

“Be relentless and believe in yourself. Things may seem overwhelming at times, but once you get to work, you’ll see you are capable to achieve more than you expected,” as Bilyana says. 
On a final note, she adds:

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Dare to look stupid and ask all the questions you might have. Ask for feedback and don’t take it personally. This will help you accelerate your growth.”

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