Becoming a Digital Marketer: 6 Telerik Academy Upskill Alumni

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Becoming a Digital Marketer: The Story of 6 Telerik Academy Upskill Alumni

Learning is a great way to stay ahead of the curve. This is even more true in the constantly evolving field of digital marketing because of the ever-changing technologies, platform rules, customer habits, and fierce competition. 

But how to choose the right learning path to gain the maximum return on your time, effort, and resources?

Well, we asked the same questions, and together with industry experts, we created Telerik Academy Upskill Digital Marketing. This intensive hands-on training will help you become a highly valued 360-degree marketing pro. 

However, don't take just our word. Hear what our alumni have to share about Upskill Digital Marketing. If you find the program interesting – you can apply for the 2023 edition of the Upskill program until January 22

Investing in yourself

The Upskill program is an excellent next step for recent university graduates who are looking for more practical experience, and this is the case with Denitsa: 

"I had no previous digital marketing experience, but I was fascinated by the industry. It was easy choosing Telerik Academy because of its reputation. After graduating from university, I decided to apply for the Upskill program and dedicate some time to prepare for the entrance exam", shared Denitsa, Digital Marketing Specialist at DigiMentals. Job, she landed soon after graduating from the Upskill program. 

Petra had a different motivation. Her professional experience was in technical writing: 

Telerik Academy Digital Marketing Petra

"I was working as a technical writer for a couple of years when I decided to cross over to the other side. I joined a marketing team and needed to gain more hands-on knowledge and connect my scattered digital marketing knowledge with the help of experienced professionals - just like the trainers I knew I would meet at the Upskill Digital Marketing program."

Today, Petra is a Product Marketing Content Development at Progress, and as she explained, “I managed to see the bigger picture with the help of her trainers”. 

Learning from seasoned digital marketing experts

In Upskill Digital Marketing, you are learning from leading practitioners eager to share their know-how and experience. They’ll guide you every step of the way while you work in groups together with like-minded professionals. And this is one of the most valuable aspects of the program for our alumni:  

"The people! Both trainers and fellow learners within the teams. The program introduces you to great professionals and allows you to collaborate and work together on relevant business cases. It quickly builds up in a diverse network", shared Milena Ivancheva, a Marketing Manager and Telerik Academy Upskill Digital Marketing graduate.  

photo of milena holding panda logo and breakfast sign

"I chose the Upskill Digital Marketing program because its trainers are experienced professionals in various fields. My goal was to improve my knowledge with hands-on skills, and the most practical and successful way was through our lecture's extensive practice, know-how and experience," explained Vladimir Nikolov, a Marketing director. He joined the program Upskill Digital Marketing back in 2020. 

The most important skill 

Yoanna Antova, Upskill Digital Marketing 2019 graduate, describes the most important skill for digital marketing as “the ability to inform and keep learning every day, no matter how much knowledge we have.” 


"Our profession is very dynamic and fast-paced, and this is the most exciting and challenging thing. Suppose we don't follow the latest trends and news in digital marketing. In that case, we will stay behind and be irrelevant, " added Yoanna, a marketing professional with previous experience who wanted to become a full-stack digital marketer and understand how to use her creativity effectively. 

Before joining the Upskill Digital Marketing program, Kalina Ikonomova had little to no digital marketing experience.

header-kalina-telerik-academy-upskill-digital-marketing-286-326But soon after the course, she took a job as a CRM Marketing Specialist at the bulgarian software company Chaos. For her, the most valuable skill learned during the 3 months is the data and the ability to understand it: 

"The program not only answers the question of How but also Why something is done in that particular way, encouraging critical thinking. I discovered the connection between the customers' actions and the results I receive because of them. When you know and understand the data, you do your job better and discover opportunities you haven't seen before."

Advice from the Upskill Digital Marketing alumni

When we asked our alumni to share their advice with the people wondering if this could be their next step, here is what we learned: 

"Telerik Academy was not just another training but a whole experience. If I could, I would join the program every year. It gave me confidence that I know what's going on, not just thinking I know. I have acquired a lot of practical knowledge, working with real cases and data, reaching out to specialists with extensive experience who come with us", shared Petra.

"If the field of marketing is the one you want to develop in, I recommend you join the program. Telerik Academy Upskill Digital Marketing provides you with the knowledge of a Digital Marketing Specialist with 10+ years of experience for just 3 months. You get access to the know-how and skills that the experienced lecturers in the program have, which they have acquired over the years and want to share with you", added Yoanna. 

We leave you with the advice of Milena about the program: 

"It’s for professionals who seek to make a smooth transition from traditional to digital marketing. It’s for those of us who tend to get “shortsighted” and need a fresh, new angle outside of the business frame your business operates in. It’s for marketers who understand why it’s important to gain new knowledge and skills."
Now it's your turn. Join Telerik Academy Upskill Digital Marketing and become a full-stack professional. Admission ends on January 22. 

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