“Telerik Academy’s Digital Marketing program helped me gain confidence and made me more valuable to my team“


“Telerik Academy’s Digital Marketing program helped me gain confidence and made me more valuable to my team“

Milena Ivancheva always strives to stay ahead of the digital marketing curve. With nearly 8 years of experience in brand management, marketing, and digital communications, she needed a program to help her level up her skills. And that is exactly what she did with Telerik Academy Upskill Digital Marketing.

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“I’m always on the search for new marketing knowledge. For digital marketeers and young professionals it is crucial to be ahead of the curve in adopting new skills and getting insights into the latest trends,” explained Milena Ivancheva, Marketing Manager at foodpanda, and Telerik Academy Upskill Digital Marketing graduate, during a friendly conversation we had about her experience in the Academy.

We agree with Milena.

No matter what career path you take or at what point of your life you currently are, it’s vital to keep learning. To stay relevant, inspired, and successful - you must make a lifelong commitment to keeping up with the new trends. This will help you generate new ideas, have a fresh perspective, and shake up existing processes for the better.

That’s why despite her extensive professional experience (nearly 8 years in brand management, marketing, and digital communications), Milena decided to join the Telerik Academy Upskill Digital Marketing program. She was seeking a fresh perspective and a way to better organize the internal marketing processes and operations in her team. 

This is how the rest of the conversation went.

Before going into detail about your experience with the program, can you share what attracted you to the marketing industry in the first place?

My educational background is in visual arts and advertising. I have an eye for detail and a love for technology and business innovations. I consider myself to be creative but try to back creativity up with data! As I look back, marketing was a logical choice for me. Also, it feeds my hunger for knowledge and constant changes.

The beauty of digital marketing is that you can experiment – a lot. And you can get an immediate feedback on what works and what does not. John Wanamaker once said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” Well, in digital marketing you know.

Can you share with us how you chose Telerik Academy?

When I was doing my research on the syllabus, it was a no-brainer: the program was extensive and intensive; it was well structured and led by top-notch professionals in the respective fields.

Passing the final assignment guarantees you have a sound digital marketing knowledge as well as hands-on experience. I believe this is the key difference between Telerik Academy’s programs and other initiatives. It’s what the industry demands and is held as a golden standard.

photo of milena holding panda logo and breakfast sign

What did you find most valuable in the program?

The people! Both trainers and fellow learners within the teams. The program introduces you to great professionals and allows you to collaborate and work together on relevant business cases. It quickly builds up in a diverse network.

Another valuable aspect were the deep dives we did on particular channels, tools, and topics. This allowed me to close the gap in specific areas and gain confidence.

How did all of this help you in your career?

I gained confidence, incorporated new tools and strategies into my work. It made me more valuable in the team and efficient in my day-to-day tasks.

Why do you think other professionals should join the Digital Marketing program?

It’s for professionals who seek to make a smooth transition from traditional to digital marketing.
It’s for those of us who tend to get “shortsighted” and need a fresh, new angle outside of the business frame your business operates in.

It’s for marketers who understand why it’s important to gain new knowledge and skills. As Seth Godin says (and I paraphrase):

“The worst thing you can do is to just execute. The second worst thing is to lose will and interest to develop, learn and self-educate.” 

Want to bring your marketing career to the next level? Join Telerik Academy Upskill Digital Marketing and become a full-stack professional. Admission ends on Feb 20, 2022.

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